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August 12, 2017 18:07

Gutters for the roof materials and installation

rain and melt water drained from the roof, can be called an enemy №1 for the house foundation.The devastation caused by excessive moisture, can be catastrophic - year after year, getting under the foundation and subjected to constant cycles of thawing and freezing, the water not only destroys the very foundation of the house, but also washes away the soil beneath.As a result, after only ten years old house gives the drawdown and on the walls of cracks.If you do not prevent this process, the building will decline and collapse in a short time.

solution to this problem is quite simple - drains to the roof together with the blind area rainwater and melt water away from the foundation.This is what will be discussed in this article, in which we will study in detail drainage systems: the material used for their manufacture, and installation principle.

Installation of drainage system

Installation of drainage system

material to drain

Modern industry produces drains of the two types of material: plastic and thin sheet metal.The differences between them substantial - steel requires a special anti-corrosion and decorative coatings, and plastic in this treatment is not needed.Hence the differences in price - metal gutters are more expensive.It is not only the lack of them.The protective coating of metal drainage systems is susceptible to mechanical damage - as a consequence, the emergence of all sorts of scratches and dents leading to corrosion.If you do not produce the timely processing of the damaged areas, these gutters will last not long.

metal gutters

Drains metal

As additional protection gutters of thin steel sheet using the zinc coating - galvanized gutters last longer and slightly damaged the decorative outer coating have virtually no effect on their life.If you have decided to equip its metal roof drainage system, it is necessary to acquire the product is made of galvanized steel.

much less of a problem arises with the use of modern plastics - plastic gutters is much more durable and does not corrode the process, as if you have them or scratched.The only disadvantage of drainage system of the modern plastic is its brittleness at low temperatures - whatever additives that alter the properties of plastics, not added to the original manufacturer of the material composition, completely rid of plastic drains from this disadvantage does not work.In winter, when the drain bounce, made of plastic, a crack, and loses tightness.But this can be tolerated - especially to destroy it, no one will, and experience that will break the gutter fell from the sky fragment of the meteorite is not necessary.

plastic drains

Drains Plastic

Elements of drainage system and their purpose

roof drainage system consists of 6 components.This is primarily gutter, pipe, various twists stub funnel and fasteners.Chutes collect water drained from the roof slopes, and direct it through the funnel into the gutters, which, in turn, conveyed to the ground in its special receiving waters.They are removed and the excess rainwater and spring moisture away from home.

Appointment anchorages think no need to explain.Here and so everything is clear - for fixing gutters using special brackets that are installed under the roof, and for drain pipes as fixatives used collars of appropriate size.

all sorts of twists and turns, as a rule, equipped with a pipe for drainage - they serve to move closer to the wall of a building or to bypass obstacles on the walls in the form of gas pipes.Also, the rotation is set at the bottom of the downspout to prevent spray water on the basement of the building.Well cap - they restrict the flow of water in the wrong direction - as a rule, they are placed at the end portion of gutters.

Drains for photo roof

Drains Roof photo

How to calculate the amount of materials needed

Calculation gutters - it is quite simple.Start to consider the necessary materials needed to gutters - their number should match the total length of the slope of the roof, from which you intend to collect water.Further, based on the length of ramps, selected the required amount of water waste funnels - as a rule, for every ten meters of ramp set a funnel.If the roof is longer than it is necessary to organize several unloading points.

How many funnels, pipes and so provide for drainage of the roof system - they need to be driven by the total length of the distance from the roof to ground level and, accordingly, the number of discharge points.

with turning the situation is more complicated - they must be calculated on the basis of the features of the building facade.You figure it out - installation of gutters will put everything in its place.At least, the missing elements can always buy more.

Now brackets and clamps.Everything is simple - for each meter installed gutter need one bracket.With fastening downpipes things are a little different - usually enough just a couple of clips, but in some cases they may need and more.It all depends on the height at which there is a roof.The principle is simple - each individual section of the pipe should be mounted at least in one place.

Gutters roof system

Gutters roof

In general, the calculation of drainage system is done quite easily, and does not necessarily involve for the work of experts.Similarly, simply executed and immediate installation of the system.What we are going to do next - will deal with the question of how to make the gutter with his own hands.

Installation gutters

system The basic principle that performed the installation of drainage system - is the presence of slopes and leaks.Adhering to this principle, set solely trough.For pipes is only one condition - the tightness.

Let's start with gutters - the principle of installing them is virtually the same as for installing the sewer system.To ensure a fast flow of water through the channels, they must be installed with an inclination towards the funnel.As a general rule, so that the water flowed fast flow, provide enough bias 2-3 °.This slope is almost imperceptible to the human eye and does not spoil the overall picture.For reinsurers this bias can be increased up to 5 °, however, the appearance of the building may be affected in this case.

should also pay attention to the direction of assembly parts gutters - need to collect them in the course of the movement of water or drainage funnel.Each succeeding trough should be invested in the previous - thus obtained overlap provides a tight seal.Additionally, you can use a sealant.

fully engaged elements of gutter system is provided by the manufacturer - you only need to properly collect them.Like all other modern systems, exterior drains represent a kind of designer who, in addition, the manufacturer learns to use.Buying elements of the system in specialty stores, you can ask the seller assembly drawing - it will greatly simplify all the work.

In general, the gutter system installed is pretty simple, the only disadvantage throughout this case - it is the height at which it is necessary to carry out the work.Without forests or construction scaffolding can not do.And remember two basic principles - integrity and inclines: if you follow them, then you will succeed the most appropriate!

drains Unusual

designers Fantasia truly has no boundaries - they have managed to figure out how to diversify even such detail as the drain.Stoke as a watering can or a whole maze of drainpipes, resembling a serious laboratory can decorate the building is not worse than the decorative trim.

Creative roof gutter

Creative gutter roof

Unusual drains in a labyrinth

Unusual drains into a labyrinth

We hope that you get answers to your questions about the roof gutters.

author Vladimir Belov

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