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August 12, 2017 18:06

Room for a teenager of 12 , 13 , 14 years .Interior Design

Getting an interior room planning for the girl - a teenager of 14 years, it is necessary to take into account the opinion of psychologists, who argue that it is impossible to ignore the wishes of the child, no matter how extreme they may seem to you.Because otherwise your "surprise" may not make the impression on which you expected, starting the repair in the nursery.

room design for teen girls in bright colors

Photo 1 - Design of the room for teen girls in bright colors

But the co-decision after a careful study of specialized sites and photos from magazines, not only help to create a single point of view on thisquestion, but spiritually you pull together with her daughter, will make clear her tastes.

Room for a teenager should be functional

Before choosing finishing materials and the purchase of furniture, maximum attention should be paid to the zoning of the space.After all, the child is not just resting in his room, but also engaged, meets with friends and friends, giving time to his hobby.Therefore, the interior should be, at least visually divide the work area, seating area, clothes storage area and things.

teen girls room design

Photo 2 - Design of a teenage girl room

If there is at least a minimal possibility separate the recreation area from the other side of the room.As a partition, you can use stationary racks, cabinets for storing clothes or light, portable screen, Extension as needed.For a very small space, you can buy a bed-transformer, which during the day is easy to turn into a bookcase or a vertical panel with a folding table.Such a model will certainly have to taste teenagers who appreciate extraordinary things.

sure to scroll to the child corner in which he could devote time to his hobbies .And they can be very different from embroidery and weaving beads to computer games and communicate in social networks.Try to plan with her daughter, which is to store its multiple disks box with jewelry and makeup, glossy magazines.Do not forget about the big mirror, because adolescents at this age, a lot of time paying their appearance.

The interior design of the room for teen girls

Photo 3 - room interior design for teen girls

And, of course, need to consider the organization of the workplace, which must fit into both the computer and a shelf with books and notebooks.

Select finishing materials for teen room

fundamental to select should be two criteria: sustainability and practicality.That's why choosing the finishing material for walls, better to buy cheap paper wallpaper, than to give preference to plastic panels, which does not allow the walls to "breathe."

room design for teen girls

Image 4 - room design for teen girls

more expensive will cost you wall coverings made of bamboo, sisal, cane or cork.In addition to the beautiful texture of these natural materials in the vast majority have excellent heat and sound insulating properties that allow your girl to freely listen to their loud music room, without disturbing the rest of the household.A good solution would be and plastered walls, the color of which can, if desired, be changed frequently.

room design for teen girls

Photo 5 - room design for teen girls

The floors decorate the room for the girls?Undoubtedly, for environmental superiority belongs natural wood .Therefore, solid wood or parquet covered with high-quality varnish will be optimal in the children's room.But the abundance of the carpet is not welcome, because its thickness is accumulated too much dust, which has to breathe.Especially do not accept this option, if a child is prone to allergies.For the same reason, we have to give up in favor of the suspended ceilings plastered surface.

What color to choose for the room a little girl

If little girls love pink Barbie-color, tastes of teenage girls are much more diverse.

Room design for girls of 12 , 13 , 14 years old

Photo 6 - room design for girls of 12, 13, 14 years

Selection of color solutions should start by defining a common style that will dominate the room.So, if the child is interested in a maritime theme , in his room will dominate all kinds of turquoise, blue-blue tones, shaded silver and gray details.Emphasize the uniqueness of maritime style and the individual elements of decoration: plastered walls decorated interspersed with real or decorative shells, twisted cords on the striped curtains, clock in the form of a steering wheel, seascapes on the windows.

Room design for girls of 12 , 13 , 14 years old

Photo 7 - room design for girls of 12, 13, 14 years

For glamorous ladies can be used in the interior bright, stunning color, glossy finish, plenty of mirrors and shiny details.Do not be amiss to use for finishing the interior of these fabrics like silk and brocade.Appropriate for "glamor" style all sorts of rhinestones and crystals, colored feathers and pieces of fur.

Design glamorous rooms for girls

Photo 8 - Design glamorous rooms for girls

Techno-style , with its abundance of iron racks and strict geometrical shapes attract more girls with a mathematical turn of mind than romantic persons.His fans categorically reject the presence of all sorts of souvenirs or commemorative trinkets.But a huge amount of austere metal fixtures, plenty of computer technology, strict blinds instead of curtains welcome.Cool colors (gray, white, metallic) can be slightly diluted with bright spots of burgundy, red, ultrazelenogo.It is unlikely that we, the parents, seem comfortable this room, but the order to direct it, often quite simple.

Room design for girls in lilac shades

Image 9 - Design of the room for the girls in lilac tones

But even if you do not like the interior of a room, who chose your child should show tolerance.Indeed, in this case, you achieved the title of "advanced" ancestor and love your son.His tastes in this age, so are not constant.Maybe I should just wait a little longer?

Design for girls room in blue tones

Photo 10 - Room design for girls in blue tones