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August 12, 2017 18:06

Aviary for dogs : how to build and how to choose

dog - is not only a security guard of a country house or villa, but our true friend.If a dog resides on the street, you must arrange for her full housing in which it is to hide from the rain, wind or heat. If a small dog quite comfortably feels in a box or a kennel, is a large breed dog needs a spacious and safe enclosure.Today, the "House of Dreams" offers to consider what are cages for dogs, what to look for when buying a ready-made cage, and whether it is possible to do it yourself.

Aviary for dogs

Aviary for dogs

Types of enclosures for dogs designs

simplest enclosure design is a lot, fenced grid, metal or wooden bars.This enclosure will temporarily isolate the dog, for example, if the house guests come, or its presence in the rest of undesirable.If you want to become a cage to pet a full house, then the design shall include the main elements of conventional structures - foundation, floor, deaf and mesh walls and a roof.

Aviary for dogs photo

Aviary for dogs photo

Beautiful cage for a dog with a roof

beautiful aviary for the dog to the roof

Wooden enclosures for dogs with a roof

Wooden enclosures for dogs with a roof

By type of enclosure designs is divided into several types:

  • with a blank wall andthree mesh;
  • with three solid walls and a mesh;
  • three-mesh walls (in the case if the enclosure is an extension to the wall of a house or other structure).

If you live in a warm area or the dog is outdoors only during the summer, an aviary, and may be a structure, whose walls are entirely made of mesh.However, in this case, inside the enclosure is required to equip the well-Insulated doghouse.

According to experienced dog owners, the most reliable and comfortable for the animal housing is an enclosure with a mesh wall.In such a construction of the dog is not afraid of wind and frost, but she can quietly observe the surrounding area.In this case, the rest of the walls are trimmed with either originally built of the deaf materials - wood blocks, metal panels, etc.Aviary mesh with three walls will be comfortable for the animal only if it contains a spacious and insulated booth.

Aviary for one dog with a booth

Aviary for one dog with a booth

dog cage mesh

mesh cage for dogs

Wooden Aviary photo

wooden aviary photo

Conditionally standard enclosures can be divided into two parts - the box and place for walking.This box can be as an integral part of the design, and just carried inside.

outdoor enclosure for dogs must be equipped with a reliable roof.The roof can be both pitched and flat, as long as its roof structure reliably protected from rain and excessive heat.

Aviary with a photo booth

Aviary with booth photo

Street -range enclosure with dog

Street aviary-range dog

Aviary for two dogs

Aviary for two dogs

addition to outdoor enclosure there are also designs for homes that are indispensable in cases where in the houseappear or puppies is necessary to isolate the animal from other pets during illness or heat.

specialized in pet stores, you can find homemade cages in the form of tents, awnings, created from a strong metal or plastic frame and polyester.Usually ready enclosures, awnings are equipped with additional fasteners, handles and windows, so if necessary, they can be used as a carrying.

also home cages for dogs can do in the form of a large metal cage.

cage for small dogs in the apartment

Aviary for small dogs in the apartment

Soft aviary for the dog in the apartment

Soft aviary for the dog in the apartment

Metal enclosure for dogs

metal enclosure for

dogs How to make an enclosure for the dog with his hands

Despite the fact that today the producers representeda huge selection of enclosures for dogs, which can be bought in a store, make the home for your four-legged friend can be on their own.But for this it is necessary to take into account some important nuances:

1. The size of the enclosure

Before building an aviary, it is necessary to decide on its size.Given that the animal will need plenty of space for walking, the aviary should be as spacious, especially if it is made for large dogs.According to the standards, if the dog does not rise more than 50cm, the minimum area of ​​the enclosure must be 6m².With the growth of up to 65cm size of the dog house should be at least 8m².If the growth of your dog over 65cm, are repelled from the minimum area of ​​10m².

How to make an enclosure for dogs

How to make an enclosure for dogs

How to make an enclosure for dogs

How to make an enclosure for dogs

2. Material for enclosure

Aviary for dogs can be made from virtually any material that is resistant to contact with moisture and is highly durable.Most often it is built of wood, metal, brick blocks, etc.Wood as a material for the manufacture of dog cage appealing its environmental cleanliness and affordability, and metal and brick - strength.In addition, the design of any of the enclosure there is a grid or a metal grill.

Landlords often made open wall constructions of conventional mesh netting.However, note that an adult dog it will not be difficult to break, and the puppies may injure the cells of the wire teeth.It is much safer to use instead of a full metal grille mesh.

Aviary for small dogs

cages for small dogs

How to build an enclosure for a photo of the dog

How to build an enclosure for the dog photo

3. Location

enclosure to enclosure as long as possible natural light, its open side should be placed towards the south.It is desirable that there were trees near buildings or other objects, creating a shadow, or in the summer time the animal will not feel comfortable in your home.

In addition, the dogs - born guards.They are important to the entrance to the site is always in sight, so choose a location for the enclosure with the most convenient view.

How to build an enclosure for the dog with his own hands

How to build an enclosure for the dog with his hands

Beautiful and comfortable open-air cage for dogs

Beautiful and comfortable open-air cage for dogs

In general, the process of building an enclosure for the dog differs little from the construction of any other buildings.Just keep in mind - if you erect the base and pour the concrete floor of the enclosure, carefully Insulate it using wooden panels or other suitable materials.In addition, it is desirable that the construction was at a slight incline, becausethis will facilitate the drain of the water and the cleaning process.And, of course, take care of the gate strong and reliable lock.

Booths and cages for small dogs

lodges and cages for small dogs

Aviary with a house for a dog

Aviary with a house for a dog

And do not forget that the cages for dogs are placed in your local area and become an integral part of the site design, so taking care of the comfort of the animal,take a little time and imagination to create an attractive structure.

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