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August 12, 2017 18:07

Gardening Equipment : variety of techniques to work on the site

Every person engaged in agriculture, knows firsthand how physical forces take the spring and summer cottages of work.Looking at the raw earth on the uncircumcised shrubs and fallow beds, imagination and draws a picture of the distant past, in which the peasants were forced to plow his own hectares of fields.

However, not all so sad, because nowadays most of the work can facilitate modern gardening equipment.However, before you fill up your arsenal of garden tools, you need to decide on their appointment and functional features.This will help you today, and "House of Dreams", telling about the various types of equipment for the garden and the garden, to help you cope with the work at the site.

Gardening equipment

Gardening Equipment

equipment for cultivation

If machinery for the cottages and the garden in the first place you need for plowing and cultivation of the land, then look at the modern motor-blocks.The function of this equipment includes hoeing and tilling, ridge formation and cultivation of the soil.By type of walk-behind tractor unit can be diesel, gasoline or electric.

This device is convenient by the fact that, with the use of special nozzles and removable mechanisms, it can be used as a collector of hay, lawn mower or a car for cleaning snow and leaves.In addition, if you connect to a walk-behind tractor trailer, it will turn into a mini-tractor, without which it is difficult to do in the areas remote from the home or business extensions.

garden Tractor

Mini tractor garden

Gardening Equipment tillers

Gardening Equipment tillers



Tractor garden photo

Tractor garden photo

good helper in the care of large areas is also a cultivator.The function of this device consists in loosening the soil and eliminate weeds.Cultivators to classify weight and power:

  • The most lightly units weighing up to 30 kg and a capacity of four horsepower.With their help it is possible to engage in loosening the soil between the rows and beds.
  • weight exceeds 50kg medium cultivators, and their capacity is about 6-7 hp.Units of this group are designed to operate between shrubs and trees, as well as loosening the soil to a depth of 10cm.
  • heaviest weight exceeds 90kg cultivators.Units of this type are only recommended for use in areas with an area greater than 1 hectare.
Tiller for cottages and gardens

Tiller for cottages and gardens

equipment for garden and kitchen garden

equipment for garden and kitchen garden - tiller

Garden machinery - tiller

Garden machinery - tiller

small appliances to give

Small appliances for questioning

Gardening Equipment Careshrubs and trees

most important tool for the care of a garden, planted with trees and shrubs wide, is drinking.Regular hand saw, rather, refers to the inventory, but its power will be indispensable varieties and reliable assistants for each summer resident or the owner of a private house with a plot.

Electric saws are divided into household and professional use.Domestic saws are designed to remove dried or thick branches.Depending on the power, this unit can operate continuously from one to five hours.However, the main function of professional electric saws is felling or sawmill.To care for the suburban area of ​​small and medium-sized enough to be household electric saw.

Garden tools and equipment

Garden tools and equipment

Gardening Equipment chainsaw

Gardening Equipment chainsaw

also the necessary equipment for the garden and the garden, where there are tall trees, includes a device such as a pole pruners.Pole pruners - it aggregates, which are used to form the crowns of trees, as well as for their circumcision.According to the type of device they are petrol, electric and cordless.The main difference between electric and battery models shown in their environmental safety.

addition pole pruners, form the crown of trees with branches not thick, you can use brush cutters, which are also used for cutting shrubs.

Equipment for the cottages and garden

equipment for garden and garden

Gardening Equipment for the care of shrubs and trees

Gardening Equipment for the care of shrubs and trees

equipment for lawn care

Perhaps the most necessary for the technique landowners are units whose functions are in the care of a lawn.These units primarily include lawn mowers and trimmers.

The main function of the mower is uniform mowing.According to the type of device they may be self-propelled or non-self, as well as the petrol or electric.Owners of small plots area (six acres) needed small appliances for the house, which is compact and relatively small capacity.With regard to the selection of lawn mowers, the small plots is better to buy electric models, while the only petrol units are suitable for large areas.

Technique for cottages and garden lawn mower

equipment for garden and garden - lawnmowers

Gardening Photo Equipment

Gardening Equipment photo

trim function, as well as lawn mowers, is mowing.However, unlike the first devices, these devices operate almost silently and are ideally suited for the treatment of not only flat and free surface, but also for trimming lawn edges, ground handling, decorated with decorative elements and paths, in addition to this, with the help of these trimmers can be very accuratelytrim the bushes, from which the hedges are made.

Note, however, that the electrical equipment for the garden, including lawn mowers and trimmers, have one major drawback - the dependence on energy supply.If in your area there are power outages, then choose the rational model of the mechanical units.These devices are equipped with special knives, cut the grass at a given height you.To save your own time, it is better to choose a model with integrated grass catcher box, which allows you to immediately collect the grass clippings.Another advantage of mechanical mowers and trimmers shown that due to the absence of the motor is almost impossible to break.However, the disadvantage is the need to exert physical effort to carry out their work.

Trimmers care site

Trimmers care site

Trimmers for lawns and shrubs

trimmers for lawns and shrubs

Technique for cleaning

area cleaned grass clippings and debris is perhaps the most pressing issue of each summer resident, because, as a rule, in the midst ofgarbage season is an impressive place on the site.However, this problem is easily solved with the help of a special shredder.Crushers, shredders or garden, there are several kinds:

  • universal - recycle waste of various types and sizes;
  • shredder - can process only shoots of plants, weed debris and branches.

Regardless of the size of the plot, more functional and comfortable garden equipment for the garden shredder is versatile.

garden shredder

Garden shredder

garden shredders viking

Garden shredders Viking

Garden shredders grass , debris and branches

Garden shredders grass, debris and branches

This is not all gardening equipment that could be useful in the work of truckers.Depending on the size and destination area, for a comfortable caring for them should pay attention to such units as trenchers, garden vacuums, venting, etc. aerozatoryIn a separate group can be identified snowplows, but about it we'll talk closer to winter ...

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