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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to cut glass

knowledge of how to properly cut glass belong to the type that are known can be very useful.If necessary, you will be able themselves to replace or install the glass or a small fragment without the help of outsiders, firstly, it's nice, and secondly it saves, because you can do without having to call the master and third such skills can be useful more many times andbe able to cope with such situations is to be ready for them.You never know what day happen to trouble, and when you useful knowledge on how to cut glass.


  1. How to cut glass with a glass cutter?
  2. How to cut tempered glass?
  3. How to cut thick glass?

How to cut glass with a glass cutter?

To begin to understand that work with any glass products is always associated with risk, so you need to prepare in advance, put on gloves and safety glasses.For this procedure you will need a glass cutter himself, a little patience and basic knowledge on how to cut glass glass cutter.If you just need to cut the glass (ie, cut off one of the edges), the task will be easy at all.Take a sheet of glass and clean it before the cutting of (if the new glass, just wipe it with a paper, if you have already used, wash, dry and repeat the action as new).Designate the place where the incision (using the token) will occur.Now it's time to determine the type of tool.

There are three types of glass cutters:

  1. Diamond glass cutter. is the best option, but before you make a purchase, please note that the price for it accordingly, and if the glass cutting only a single action, it is not worth buying.At the tip of the glass cutter is present diamond coating, which allows the glass to cut almost any type and thickness.It is easy to use, the result is almost always excellent, and the service life is much longer than normal glass cutter.
  2. Cobalt-tungsten glass cutter. most common and popular.Gained popularity thanks to a small value.
  3. Oil glass cutter. fact an improved version of cobalt-tungsten (roller) stekloreza.The difference is that the glass cutter is equipped with a small tank with oil that is supplied to the tip, making the results more accurate, but the process a little easier.Used for cutting thick glass.

When the choice is made, proceed to the glass cutting.In fact, the process is very easy and simple and if there is at least a modicum of knowledge and skills can cope for a few seconds.Glass must be evenly put on the table or any similar object, and then just walk through the glass cutter target marker bit crushing it against the glass.If the glass is not dorezalos, do not worry, just break it (the structure is already broken a lot of work and it will not be).If you need to cut a few sides, just repeat the action.Well, that's all, and now you know how to cut glass glass cutter and, accordingly, are fully prepared to do so.If you need more information about how to cut glass, a video posted on the page will help you to understand this problem in more detail.

How to cut tempered glass?

If you have heard that the tempered glass lends itself to cutting, but do not know how to cut tempered glass, can not seek such information and immediately forget about this venture.Tempered glass can not be cut.In fact, it can be cut, but it loses all of its properties, and usually fall apart before the completion of cutting.The only way to get you the tempered glass of the desired size is cut normal glass, and then harden it (you can use the services of specialists).

How to cut thick glass?

glass cutting method depends on its thickness.At the appropriate level of skills and knowledge on how to cut the thick glass, it is possible to cut even ordinary glass cutter, if the thickness of no more than 10 mm.It is difficult, but still possible.In practice, the cutting of thick glass is almost indistinguishable from the conventional cutting, the same process, the same technology, but the care and attention needed more.In addition, you need to use any oil glass cutter or diamond.