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August 12, 2017 18:07

Finishing loggias PVC panels

Sunrooms as balconies also need osteklyat and warm inside.Finishing loggias PVC panels - is the fastest and cheapest way to clean up the ceilings and walls in this small room.Most PVC panels called "lining" - they are very convenient, economical consumption and easy to install.Due to the fact that the panels have a length of 6 meters, when cutting is virtually no residue.


  • Choice of PVC panels.What should pay attention
  • How to sheathe the loggia panels PVC
  • Preparation loggia
  • How to seal and insulate the loggia
  • Finishing loggias panels PVC with his hands
    • sheathe inside loggia
    • Count the amount of material
    • Mounting box and mounting PVCpanels

PVC panel - not only economical, but also one of the most practical options for cladding balconies and loggias.From the works of even a beginner will cope, not only to quickly perform work on the paneling of the walls, but at the same time establish a suspension PVC ceiling.The result is a beautiful room, and the savings in the finishing work can be directed to the improvement of the interior balconies.


If you want to perform the installation of PVC panels for balconies, you should start with the selection of tiles for the ceiling and walls, as well as to consider in advance what materials you should buy flooring.

So, as the primary finishing material for facing loggia we use PVC panels, as well as insulation is better to buy sheets of foam or mineral wool.This option is most suitable for unheated buildings.

Choice PVC panels.What should pay attention

construction market offers consumers a wide choice of finishing materials.A worthy place among them are the PVC panels.They are presented in a variety of colors.On sale you can see not only the usual panel light shades (white, beige, gray), but also the material imitating natural materials.Just imagine how interesting it will look your balcony, if you perform a trim flat panels PVC wood, natural stone or choose linings with patterns.

When choosing a shade panels should take into account that the material itself reflects light, so the room will always be moderate lighting.Even if you want to perform a finishing wall panels wood of dark shades and ceiling linings pick pastel - loggia will look presentable.Just in time for such panels fit wicker garden furniture.You can not overload the interior balconies, lined with PVC panels, only a couple of wicker chairs and round table - on a loggia would be nice to have a rest after a hard day's work, read a book or enjoy a cup of coffee.

panels come in several forms:

  1. Matt.
  2. Glossy.
  3. With or without seam.


In addition, pay attention to the battens with plain colors and unusual patterns.Perhaps you just born a new idea, as the following loggia sheathe balcony plastic panels.

What are the advantages of PVC panels:

  • durability.Operating lining life is unlimited.Loggia, lined with PVC panels, can stand for 10 and even 15 years of age;
  • panels are not afraid of moisture, does not corrode and does not accumulate condensation in them - just ideal for unheated or poorly heated premises;
  • panels do not absorb odor;
  • easy to care for - just wipe with a damp cloth linings with any detergent (for glossy surfaces and colored chlorinated products should be avoided);
  • easy to install.If there is a great desire, it will be able to cope with the work of a novice, the main thing - to know the technology and to comply with rules of installation;
  • panel do not fade, the color is resistant to ultraviolet rays;
  • dust on the surface does not remain;
  • attractive price.Sheathe any space, including balconies and loggias, could be anyone.PVC panels are low cost;
  • panels do not burn as made of fire-resistant materials;
  • ease of design - it is convenient not only for the carriage of store materials, but also during installation;
  • panel is absolutely not harmful to human and domestic animal health, as materials of construction for wall paneling, used for the production of food packaging bags.

Look how beautiful will look PVC panels on balconies and loggias.

Finishing loggias PVC panels, photo:




How to loggia sheathe the panels PVC

Before starting work, it is important to prepare the room properly.Since the loggia rarely organizes heating, our task - to try with the help of properly selected materials to change the temperature in the room.For example, if the street is below -10 ° C and then room trimmed PVC panels - about + 15C.As you can see, there is no need to arrange a warm floor, or additionally install radiators, because you can save at the expense of well-chosen materials.

Preparation loggia

Not just pick up and start to trim the panels, you first need to do the preparation small room.Ideal - install windows, put the heater and carefully carry out sealing of all joints.Otherwise, you can not rely on heat retention, and plastic panels will last not 15 years, but much smaller.

Since cope with glazed loggias is not always possible, this part of the job best left to professionals.You will need only a choice of the manufacturer and the number of double-glazed windows.You can buy a cheap plastic windows, make the window opening 1-2 to be able to ventilate the room, and the rest will be deaf.So you can save on the purchase of expensive double-glazed windows with ventilation system.Positioning window units should be in pairs at the corners.Of course, if there is such a possibility, it is desirable to immediately install all the windows open, especially if your apartment is "looking" to the south, west or south-west.

During glazing not miss this moment, as the installation of drainage profiles, it will help prevent the build-up and moisture into the room.

How to seal and insulate the loggia

next step after the installation of windows - warming loggia.If your balcony is equipped with a fence made of metal, such decor must be changed.Before proceeding with the insulation inside the loggia, you need to arm themselves with silicone sealant, construction foam or make cement.This part of the work should be treated with understanding and therefore a lot of patience.There was no air exchange with the street should not be so carefully fill solution, foam or sealant, even the smallest hole and every crack and crevice.

If you live on the top floor, as well as when the neighbor's balcony, located on the floor above, was left open, you need to take care of the ceiling insulation.You can use sheets of foam, but first need to make a frame made of metal or wooden slats, and then proceed to the insulation of the ceiling.Just frame and will serve as a crate for finishing the ceiling paneling.


Finishing loggias panels PVC with his hands

If you have to sheathe the loggia panels to then dock the corner profiles (45 ° angle), then you need to purchase a special device - miter box (plate with holes for trim parts at an angle).Hacksaw so high quality and perfect corners it is impossible to dock.You can buy an inexpensive device made of plastic.

sheathe ceiling and outer wall of the loggia plastic panels:

  1. Please make a frame for fixing the panels to the ceiling.To do this, take a metal flow guides (CD).
  2. fastening element - nails, dowels in the 500-700 mm in the blind holes in concrete fastener diameter of 4-6 x 60 mm.
  3. No need to try to strengthen the metal profile is too deep and often, because the crate will not be a significant burden.
  4. If you work only with screws, then they must be fixed at a minimum distance from each other.
  5. In no event it is impossible for the construction of the ceiling frame to use wooden slats.As much as they may be well impregnated, and all openings are sealed carefully, the slightest moisture can break the entire structure.Then your job will be spoiled, PVC panel can lead or bulges to it and drags along all the trimmings.
  6. between strips of metal profiles to the ceiling by means of the construction adhesive (colorless silicone sealant) glued foam sheets.
  7. last and final part of the work is the most time-consuming - it is necessary to drill holes for the ceiling profile in each fence and then cut the threads (M3-M4).
  8. Then you need to make a crate, to which you can attach a PVC panel.
  9. between profiles just lay the next layer of foam.


  1. If you are advised to attach to the ceiling profile metal dowels, it is better not to listen to such recommendations.From experience we know that in a few years (3-4 years) fixing will weaken and become mobile the whole structure.So it is better to "put" the profile of the screws on the CD.


very important in the construction of the frame, note the following: furring strips should be held in every corner, to subsequently appeared "suspension" angle.

sheathe the loggia inside

When interior design lodge is first necessary to make the remaining crate walls.In our case - it is 3 walls for balconies.The ceiling and the wall, where the windows have been prepared.

remaining wall is necessary to insulate the same way, and that wall, which communicates with the living quarters, remains the same.It can not insulate.

can make crate of timber on the inner walls, as the use of fastening dowels nails.If you live in an old house, but still raw, it is best to "put" crate on CD profile.The distance between the attachment must be exactly the same as on the ceiling.

scheme simple crates you can see in this photo:


Count the number

material Now that the crate is ready, you can begin the calculations of material.First we find out how much you need to purchase a PVC panels for installation.We will need all 3 types of panels: angular, straight and dihedral (typically coal), and the inner triangular (triple angle).If plans to sheathe windows and doors, then you need to buy a triple outer corners.If you do it will seem a daunting task, just obsheyte these openings in the usual profile.

Please note: Some specialists recommend the use of several types of profile: start, finish (to insert the last strip) and a guide.This is the scheme of work, if you plan to revet external surfaces.And because we have solved all the problems outside and warmed loggia, it will work on a lightweight system.

How to distinguish PVC panel:

  1. Direct (a box in the form of "U" letter).Fastened to the sheathing on a stick or cross method.To direct furring strip is attached through a wide side of the sidewall.
  2. simple or standard angle.This profile 2, interconnected at an angle of 90 °.It must be mounted on the outer or inner corner.Sometimes you can replace it with a straight box, if laid end to end panel.
  3. Triple area required for installation of the external, internal and triangular angles (angle 90 °).If you adapt himself, that without these parts can and do, replacing them with ordinary boxes stacked under a certain degree.

Mounting box and mounting PVC panels

Start with mounting rails at the corners.When using a drill with a nozzle inserted flat washers (size 4-6 x 20-24 mm).So we do crate.Make sure to mount sit tight, and the box has not started to crack.Otherwise, delamination may occur over the entire length battens.


Now we can go to the most interesting part of the work - installation of PVC panels.Some people are so addicted to this process, which is jokingly called the installation panels "adult designer."

What we need to do:

  1. First cut the panel size desired us.
  2. then inserted into the lower hole at the bottom of the box (slots), adhere to our board with his free hand.
  3. Then gently turn down her so as to be able to insert the top of the panel into the hole at the top of the box.
  4. Easy "slap", the characteristic sound of a click-and the board is in place.
  5. If asymmetrical boards, then they must be pristavlyat as closely as possible and to strengthen the flat washer, then insert the new panel.
  6. How to work with openings, we learn a little bit later.And now it is important to put aside the past 2 boards.Penultimate is not inserted, and cut off the final along (on the panel width) and subtract the height of the tongue.Then we take a silicone sealant and release a few drops in the box to the place where it will be mounted finishing strip.Now we have to insert the last board.
  7. Leisure hole to install a previous panel, but it is good to "the village", it is necessary to move a little bit finish panel.
  8. Set everything in its place and do not touch the place where the panel is "sitting" on the silicone.After a few days of PVC cladding panels will be monolithic, and that in the box remained empty - it's not so scary.


openings remaining issue in exactly the same way as the panels lining the walls.The final touch - provide normal ventilation.To do this, choose the right place (on the right or bottom left corner) and drilled 15 drill holes (diameter 20 mm), install the grille.This will be enough to let air out of the balcony, and the inflow can be achieved, if you open the window to ventilation.

How are working on finishing loggias PVC panels, watch the video: