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August 12, 2017 18:06

Covered porch with his hands

Veranda is a traditional element of a country house.If earlier it was seen as a small outbuilding that serves as a corridor or utility room, modern veranda perform many more functions.They can be used as a summer dining room, winter gardens or seating areas.


  • Types verandas
  • Preparation works
  • device foundation
  • Construction
  • frame construction covered veranda.Installation of the roof and walls
  • Installation
  • windows Flooring
  • Interior enclosed verandas photo
  • Annex enclosed porch to the house: a video

Types verandas

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Constructional veranda is divided into 2 types:

  1. Open.Some are bearing mounted on the base foundation on which is mounted the roof.Close the veranda are only half a small eyelet.
  2. closed.Type different from the first only in that the walls are fully closed.The gap between the eyelet and the roof installed windows.Such extension with careful insulation can even serve as a dwelling.Covered porch can serve as a buffer between the street and the main room.Thanks to the temperature in the house will be a few degrees higher, even if there is no heating.

about how to make a closed porch with his hands - on.

Preparation works

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The initial stage of the construction of the porch should be designing.The complexity of this section of the work lies in the fact that the terrace will be built separately from the whole house.When buildings are built in a complex, much easier to sustain the harmony between them.In this case, you should try to look to the house porch one.From a technical point of view, the complexity is to link structural elements extension: foundation, walls, roof.

When planning the construction of an extension is necessary to be aware of one important aspect - the documentary examination.The construction of even a small extension of open type is nothing but making changes to the design of the house, which must be evidenced in the technical passport at home.Otherwise, any operations with this property, namely, donation, sale, exchange - will be impossible.To legalize the construction, it is necessary to apply to the design organization for drafting.Projects covered porches make custom-design and on the basis of technical passport at home.You can provide them with a photo enclosed porch that you would like, it will be an excellent starting point in the design.

further with project approval must be obtained to carry out works.For this purpose, the registration organization served:

  • project,
  • statement,
  • documents for real estate,
  • documents of the owner.

only after obtaining a building permit, you can start to work.Even experts in the preparation of the project, all work on the construction of the veranda you can do personally.

When developing the project covered porch to the house is necessary to make an estimate of the construction.It must be done for the planning and procurement of materials.It is better to buy at once.Firstly, it will save time, especially if construction is carried out in rural areas, and secondly, to save funds, because building materials vendors typically provide a discount for big order.

foundation device


Typically, veranda foundation device uses simple columnar structures made of concrete and brick.Their big advantage is that they are not expensive in construction and relatively robust.The disadvantage is their openness.After all, a constant flow of cold air will cause cooling of the sexes in the room, and would nullify the "no" to all attempts to heat it.Without a reliable and expensive thermal insulation of the floor, in the terrace of the bar foundation is simply impossible to live in the winter.Therefore, it is best if you plan to use the premises only in the warmer months.

For a winter garden, or "warm" verandas most suitable option is to strip foundations.After its construction the entire volume of the trench filled with clay and expanded clay, which significantly reduces heat loss through the floor.

The procedure works on arrangement of foundation:

  1. device pier foundation covered porch to the house begins with the markup.The number of columns depends on the size of the structure.The distance between them should be less than 2 m. This will allow the floor safely withstand any load.The availability of the pillars in the corners of the building.
  2. In places marked by poles digging holes the size of the required depth of not less than 1 m. At the bottom of each of them laid gravel and sand cushion, which thoroughly compacted.
  3. waterproofing layer is laid then.For it is better to use roofing felt.
  4. next stage in the pit poured concrete layer thickness of 15-20 cm. After cooling the solution of the concrete surface level and laid waterproofing.
  5. final stage is performed masonry, through which the column height is achieved the required parameters.
  6. height of the foundation pillars is calculated so that the floor level extension was about 30 cm lower than the main building.In this case, at the same height of the room you can achieve the desired angle of the roof.

Construction frame

circuit device , a wooden veranda ,

The frame is constructed of logs with a diameter not less than 120 mm or a timber with a cross-section of at least 150x150 mm.Of these upper and lower fabricated piping and uprights.A compound of structural elements occurs via "direct" lock.For the novice builder, had never had dealings with a tree, a castle will not be wisdom.Done it quite simply:

  1. necessary measure by the end of the timber segment, which is equal to its width.Get a small square.
  2. Then, drawn by hacksaw line slot is equal to half the depth of the thickness of the timber.With
  3. end with an ax repulse half timber and get the groove.
  4. On the other end of the rod do the same groove.Putting them in a way that the slot fell on the pillar foundation.
  5. Fix the connection piping on the pole by means of the anchor bolt.

further procedure of works on the construction of the frame:

  1. When installing the sill cut slots for sexual lag.If the width of the porch is not too large, the lag is attached to the base of the house and the beam sill.If the width is large, they should be laid on extra foundation pillars.
  2. When installing piping necessary to protect the wood from moisture.The binding site of contact with the concrete of the foundation brick pillar necessarily fit ruberoid gasket.
  3. Installation uprights necessarily need to align them on a level so as not to have problems with the installation of the roof.
  4. All frame elements are connected by bolts.Fasteners better to take the stainless steel, so will avoid corrosion.

Building closed veranda.Installation of the roof and walls


As for the construction of the porch is usually used is not too powerful frame, the weight of its walls and roof should be as low as possible, so as not to cause additional stress on the foundation.So, for the walls using battens or edged boards.When mounting each of these materials has its stacking technology.Wall paneling nailed to the castle, tightly fitting slats to each other.Boards are fixed overlapping, so as to avoid large gaps between them.

the inner side wall insulation layer is laid.As the latter is better to use rockwool.This material has low thermal conductivity, low hygroscopicity, and is fireproof.On the outside wall of the room can be finished with laminated hardboard.

order of work on the construction of the roof:

  1. Mounting roof starts with installing the rafters.They are fixed on the upper harness.The angle of the rafters should ensure the normal gathering deposits from the surface of the roof.
  2. Once the rafters are installed, they are stacked plank lathing.
  3. to consider when choosing a roofing material than is covered by the main building.For the whole house looked harmoniously, usually veranda harbor the same material as the roof of the house.The most reliable and relatively inexpensive material is slate.When it is necessary to consider laying angle of inclination of the roof.The smaller, the larger the width should be overlapped.
  4. Often the veranda roof is made of roofing material.The advantage of this material is its ease of installation.As a result it is easy to fit a low weight and does not create additional load on the load-bearing structure.For laying of roofing material boardwalk is mounted very tightly to minimize gaps.
  5. then rolled canvas roofing necessarily overlap vertically.Overlaps must be at least 15 cm. The layers of roofing material are fastened with galvanized nails, after which the joints are further pressed wooden slats.

Installation of windows

closed - design - role - playing - heat insulator

windows in the enclosed porch is a necessary element.To improve conservation heat in the room is better to install metal windows.The advantage of such systems is that the hollow profile, from which made the window frame has a low thermal conductivity, which is beneficial to heat loss.In addition, plastic windows are equipped with 2-D and 3-pane glass, which is similar to bad passes heat.

When installing windows to take into account the properties of the wooden frame.It can be expanded with the absorption of moisture.Therefore, the window is set to the technological gap.Otherwise, it's just straight out.

Installing windows on the frame is made by means of anchor bolts.The gap between the frame and the window is filled with foam.


The best option for a covered veranda floor of the floorboard 30 mm thick and 120 mm wide.Wooden boards on the joists with a lining of thermally insulating material.Before each of the decking boards carefully treated with antiseptics and varnish.After laying - reveal the varnish or paint.

Interior enclosed verandas photo

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Annex enclosed porch to the house: a video