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August 12, 2017 18:07

Bed array of their own hands

Wooden beds of solid exhibited for sale at a high price.If you disassemble the component prices, most of the payment is charged for the manual production, the material itself and the fixture will not exceed 25% of the total.


  • How to make the bed from a file of their own hands
  • Stage assembly beds made of solid wood
  • How to mount the external panel on the bed frame array
  • final stage of the manufacture of an array of bed - dressing
  • Makingbeds made of solid beech
  • Japanese style beds made of solid oak
  • How to make a bed of oak massif.Nuances of working with the material

collect their own hands sleeper couch, it fit the size of the man will not be difficult with the initial skills of carpentry.Calculating the design wizard will take into account all the individual characteristics: length, width, compatible with the interior, compact arrangement of the room.

How to make the bed from a file of their own hands

  1. You must first create a drawing or sketch of the future product.If the farm has a mattress, the size adjusted to it, given its location in the frame, as in the cell.The inner frame size must match the dimensions of the mattress.If a mattress is purchased later, to ask about possible models in advance, their size and thickness to determine the type and take it as a basis for the design of the bed.
  2. undecided array.For the production of durable and luxurious beds selected from an array of oak, beech.Planned cost-effective and reliable option - recommended an array of pine.
  3. for headboard and footboard selected finished wood panels of the frame material.The size and shape of elements determine its area.


materials for the manufacture of solid pine bed:

  1. boards with section 25 X75 mm for transverse mounting.The number of elements depends on the length of the board.
  2. Board section of 50x200 mm.6 units.
  3. Board section of 50x100 mm.
  4. Beam 100x100 mm.
  5. Bruce 50x50 mm.
  6. slats / wood veneer 25h75 mm.
  7. strap with a width of 100-120 mm.Length 2 units = bed width, the length of the other 2 units = bed length.

necessary to prepare the tools and fasteners:

  1. Hacksaw on wood / miter saw.
  2. screwdriver / screwdriver for fastening.
  3. drill / chisel.
  4. sander / sandpaper number 0, 1, 2.
  5. clamp.
  6. hammer with a head 50h120 mm.
  7. Mallet.Wooden or rubber.
  8. Roulette.
  9. Elbow with markings in centimeters.
  10. simple pencil or crayon.
  11. corner of a metal or alloy legs.Number of 8 units.
  12. Screws, nails for wood 100x100, 25h75 mm.
  13. Plastic caps in the color of wood.
  14. putty for wood.
  15. Evrobolty / adhesive for wood.
  16. colorless varnish on acrylic base for wooden surfaces.


Stage assembly beds made of solid wood

  • harvested legs.Their height is selected according to personal preference: one like the low beds, others prefer a high sleeper bed.By selecting the height of the legs, is added thereto bed height of the side panels.Made our bed the legs of timber 100x100 mm.From them, saw off pieces of the desired length.
  • drilled holes at the corners of each side.
  • noted the same distance on each leg.For this label on both sides of each leg attached corners.It fasteners for joining the side panels.
  • blank is manufactured to the foot and the head.Take a length equal to the width of the mattress blank with the addition of 30-50 mm on each side.


  • sawn side bars.The length of each workpiece is equal to the length of the mattress net feet wide.
  • start manufacturing mattress frame.It is collected from the wooden longitudinal veneer.It is recommended to maintain the distance between the slats from 30 to 60 mm.The length of the bridge shall be equal to the width of the frame.Laghi nailed or screwed to the frame are connected.To strengthen the structure is replaced by a beam on the structure.In this case the slat fits into the recess of the support plate.Straps attached to the sidewalls of bed panel.

How to mount the external panel on the bed frame array

  • Turn up the bottom of the frame.
  • On the side is measured the total length of the structure.The length of the board for the bed sides shall be equal to the total length.Two panels made with the same dimensions.Select the connection is received from a personal experience.Some glue panel of the bed frame.Others use a long, but more reliable method of attachment - "sit down" on evrobolty finishing elements.


  • evroboltami When connected, the preform is drilled through holes.Apply a panel to the frame, gently combine the sides and corners.Pencil marks are applied to the attachment points to the frame.Configure the socket bolt.They perform no looping, with a maximum depth of 15-20 mm less than the width of the timber.
  • Install panel.Secure.Check the connection manually.
  • shpaklyuyut bolt heads or closed plastic flap.

Tip from the pros: when assembling furniture, solid bed is the most reliable connection bonding panel to the frame, followed by bonding evroboltami.In this case, make tie as follows: coat with glue the frame and the panel, fix the connection clamps.Allow the glue to dry.Fix connection evroboltami.

final stage of manufacture of the bed of solid - decorating

  • forms the lower rim bed.It is made from planks.At the ends of slats make a 45 degree bevel.
  • Install stiffeners of timber 50x50 mm to give the structure greater stability of the bed.
  • Gather rim.Connect elements glue for wood and furniture nails.
  • ready to install the head.Do stiffener board of 50x100 mm.Cut off from its two segments.The length of the segments is selected above the total height of the bed structure, but 50-70 mm smaller than the head parts.
  • Fix clamp ribs on a bed.


  • reams nest Wizard.At the edge of the through hole is performed.The leg is done not through.
  • Krepjat base of the head bolts, tighten their fixing washers.
  • Come up with a form for the headboard.The most simple and easy to manufacture - rectangular.For this furniture panels obpilivayut size.For the decoration of the head is decorated with carvings, carved stick ready plastic or wooden ornaments, trims.At the head at will put a small shelf for a desk lamp and small things.Bed of solid wood, beautiful photo with elements of decoration on the back and on the headboard will help to determine your preference for decorating his bed.
  • After finishing the assembly, construction oshkurivayut sandpaper number 2. the Finish sanding produce number 0 or grinder.Covered with a special varnish.
  • Allow to dry and re-cover.

Council.Save natural look and leave the texture of wood as a decoration will clearcoat based on acrylic.Whitish liquid dries, it becomes transparent, leaving the beauty of the material in sight.

How to make a bed of solid beech in

Japanese style Japanese style lovers will enjoy a simple, well-planned, with clear lines of the bed design.The color is selected by preference, but it is advisable to use a coloring in dark colors: black, steel, purple, emphasizing elegance and rigor of the design.


  1. Beech board 50 mm, length 7.5 m -1 unit.Cost $ 42.
  2. DBP 160h80 - 1 unit.Cost $ 13.
  3. Bar 50x50 mm.Number - 2 units.Cost $ 9.
  4. Plywood 150h70.Number - 1 unit.Cost $ 4.
  5. Bruce to 20x10 feet.Length 1.5 m. The cost is $ 15.
  6. Parting leather substitute for back 1900h1000 see. Cost $ 36.
  7. Sintepon or foam for the backrest.1800h900 see. Cost $ 10.
  8. finished bottom of the rack and pinion.Number - 2 units.Cost $ 50.
  9. spring mattress 1600h2000.The cost depends on the manufacturer and filler.For orthopedic mattress - $ 180.
  10. middle of the beam for the sliding racks for a maximum length of 2 m. The cost of $ 35.
  11. Sandpaper mesh number 8 for the grinders.Cost $ 2.
  12. Camorezy 10 mm with large caps 20 pcs.It costs $ 0.7.
  13. Screws 50mm.The number of 20 units.The cost of $ 0.7.
  14. Bolts-screws 8h120.Number 4 units.Cost $ 3.
  15. Mordant for wood.The color of choice.Number 2 of the package.Cost $ 10.
  16. yacht varnish.1/3 bottle.Cost $ 10.
  17. Brushes.Number 2 units.The cost of $ 0.3.

Total $ 468.


can reduce the consumption of the economy through the purchase of a mattress model or choose instead kozhzama polyester.For comparison, a classic Single beech cost about $ 750-1000.


  1. elektrorubanok.
  2. screwdriver.
  3. machine for grinding.
  4. manual planer.
  5. Two bits 8 and 10 respectively.
  6. Hacksaw.
  7. Triangle.
  8. staple gun.
  9. Roulette.

Array Processing:

  1. boards a plane are treated to the full alignment of the surface.Finishing alignment produce electroplane.
  2. Process electroplane piece of timber for the bed legs.
  3. bed dimensions are calculated taking into account the size of the mattress.Undertake two boards length 2070-2080 mm - the width of the board, taking into account the size of the mattress.Rear board with a length of 1600 mm, is installed between the side boards, cut the tree to the wall.The front board with a length of 1680 mm including the corner cut.The legs are cut by 300 mm each.
  4. done bevel on the front panel 45 degrees.Aligned exact angle using a hand planer.
  5. The design of the bed legs into play corners.Bar sawn into four segments of length 300 mm.
  6. On each leg is marked middle of the product.
  7. Each leg is cut at an angle width of the board.This depression is necessary for a snug fit.
  8. produced polishing wood with a flat grinding machine.Initially, the rough edges are ground, and then the rest of the surface.
  9. samorezov design is going into one.
  10. flush with the inside of the legs with bar attached, performs the function of reinforcing ribs.
  11. To strengthen and support the reliability of the middle rail mounted iron plates.
  12. The back of the DBP is applied to the back beam, prihvatyvayut its screws across the bottom, with the possibility to bend the beam and leather insert.
  13. Pave foam.Begin with the bottom edge of the pinching between the beech board and DBP.Leave the edge of the turn-up of 20-40 mm.
  14. pulls the top foam leather.Pre his iron inside out.
  15. headboard is attached below.Fix the lower part of the leaf leatherette and pull it up, fixing on the back side of the backrest staple gun.
  16. Cover the rear side of the back sheet of plywood, a little less than the size of the backrest.Krepjat its short screws with wide heads.
  17. collected wooden structure covered in two layers of stain well prokrashivaya cracks and joints.
  18. is treated with varnish.If applying streaks appear or drop their brushes sandpaper easy movement, without much pressure.On top put the second coat of varnish.
  19. assembly finishes fixing ribs.Krepjat extreme edges, stretching them while fixing.For non-bonded stiffeners acquire a broad construction webbing and fix it with the help of fins.


quality connection bed beech heavy, but sturdy, no creaks from time to time and use, aesthetically pleasing look and serves for many years.

Beds from solid oak

Oak bed has many advantages:

  1. One of the most durable materials.There are models of bed, have retained their original quality for over 200 years.
  2. Serve interior decoration, have a beautiful appearance without ornaments.The rich texture requires no additional finishing and decoration.
  3. Over 50 years perfumes the room with natural volatile production, positive impact on health and mood.


Oak array acquired on construction markets, forestry or timber yards.

Before shopping, make a drawing of the future box and ask the board cut in size.On the special equipment cuts obtained smooth, splinter-free and wavy edges.The specifics of working with oak requires the private possession of good semi woodworking machines.

How to make a bed of oak massif.Nuances of working with the material

  1. sure to follow all the template elements: headboard, footboard, side walls and frames.For this purpose, any cheap material OSB, MDF, particleboard.
  2. Lek is cut with a margin of 30-50 mm at the perimeter.Allowance allows accurately process the ends of the cut.Oak - solid material when cutting and grinding hard places are aligned on special equipment and by hand until smooth, and it "eats" up to several tens of centimeters.
  3. places with defects of branches or cracks formed in the processing of necessary special putty putty.
  4. To connect components using natural or semi-synthetic joiner's glue.Then for reliability fasten screws with large heads.
  5. Oak boards are not painted.Cover the stain in the color of the material.Oak has a natural protection against rot and mildew.
  6. rest of the process of assembly and connecting elements similar to that described in the "bed of pine."

Working with oak - not for beginners in carpentry.Those who wish to have in your bedroom only an oak, but there is little understanding in the manufacture of furniture yourself, stores offer a wide range of models, production on their own individual project.

Buy the bed of solid oak from the manufacturer:

  1. Belarusian wood from 550 to 890 $.
  2. Bog oak from Karelia 800 to $ 1,500.
  3. Stone Oak from 3000 to 10 000 $.