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August 12, 2017 18:06

Internal sliding door with their hands - detailed instruction

sliding doors are rather unusual element that is largely able to decorate the interior of any apartment.Having decided to establish such a door, you must first of all assess whether it meets those conditions, which are available in your apartment.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like all things, sliding doors has its own advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into account.

The advantages include:

  • space savings;
  • nonsusceptibility drafts;
  • ease of opening the valves;
  • availability automation capabilities;
  • no need thresholds.

Disadvantages of sliding doors:

  • insufficient level of sound and heat insulation;
  • inability to use the door as input;
  • higher price of locks and hardware.

Mechanism - sliding - doors


In all structurally sliding doors are composed of a roller mechanism, rails and door leaf.

sliding doors can be of the following types:

  • door coupe;
  • cascading doors;
  • door-accordion;
  • doors with multiple wings (two to four);
  • radius.

acquisition of necessary materials

In that case, if you decide to self-install the sliding door in the first place, you need to decide on its view that allows sales consultants to orient you regarding the type and quantity of items,which should be purchased.As a rule, all sliding accessories sold together with the door leaf.

System - to - sliding - doors

Installing doors

choose the type of doors and buying everything you need for it, you can begin the installation.As an example, let us take the simplest to install and the most common single-wing sliding door.

So, installation of sliding doors made in the following order:

Perform layout for the guide.To do this, the door leaf should be assigned to the opening and make a few marks on the top edge.Then, the label on the lift height and the guide roller mechanism.The spirit level is horizontal check marks to avoid inadvertent door opening or closing thereafter.

circuit - krepleniya_mehanizma - razdvizhnoy_dveri

Under labels set guide so that it is slightly distant from the wall.This is necessary so that when the door is not moving clung to the wall or trim.For some types of doors and also guides mounted on the floor.The length of the guide should not be less than twice the width of the door.

Insert the retaining bolt into the roller carriage and make the guide roller mechanism.For the suspension of single door steam rollers required.

At the top of the door leaf to install bracket roller carriages.Their attachment is made at a distance of 3-5 mm from the edge of the door.

Lift the door leaf, you must screw the bolts into the bracket mounted on canvas.This operation is best carried together as one person should support the door in the raised position, and the second is to twist the screws.Check the levelness of the upper edge of the door and put it by twisting the bolts.


slopes and a doorway can be hidden using the casings for these instructions and transoms.Roller mechanism hiding trim strip, hinged on the outer part.

Set the canvas with all the necessary accessories.

As can be seen from the described workflow, install the sliding door is not such a complicated case.The only condition is that all operations are carried out carefully and slowly.It is also desirable that all the work was done together.