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August 12, 2017 18:08

Concrete M200 - how is it different from other brands ?

concrete Composition M200

This stamp concrete mixture called "low" staff.It is proved by the fact that it provides a greater degree of plasticized, sulphate, hydrophobic, fast setting cement.In such a mixture is not accepted to enter any active mineral supplements.often added to the surfactant components.They have the following effects: plasticizing, air entrainment, Water repellent.

These components provide high performance, allow the use of this mixture on a very different temperature areas, and in those circumstances where it is necessary to carry out the work as soon as possible.If we talk about what the composition of the concrete grade 200 upon dilution, the main components, of course, are water and cement itself (with the above components).Also to add gravel and sand.

role of these aggregates (gravel and sand) is to create a structural framework in the future.Concrete grade 200, which make up a proportion of 0.18 m3, 0.25 m3 of cement, 0.43 cube of sand and crushed stone cube 0.9, is obtained in the form of a cementitious mixture totaling 1.76 cubic meters.However, you should know that this relationship applies only to this example.In each case, it may be slightly different.Read more on what should be the concrete M200 proportions written on the packaging.It is also important to know how to mix concrete properly.

concrete characteristics of the brand M200

As mentioned above, the characteristics of the mixture are directly dependent on any of the ingredients and in what proportions it was prepared.Concrete 200 whose composition comprises cement, water and high fillers has a number of features.So, what are they?

  • Due to the low density ensures high reliability throughout the structure.
  • Quick drying and thus the achievement of good strength.
  • has low thermal conductivity.This makes it possible to apply a very thin layer of insulating material.As a result, a substantial saving when mounting portion means.
  • High resistance to shrinkage.As you know, any building and construction after the building has a "settle" property.In this case, when using this concrete, cracks do not appear, and the shrinkage takes place almost imperceptibly.
  • applied composition may at temperatures from +5 to + 350 ° C.The properties are not changed.

concrete brand M200, in which areas are most commonly used?

Concrete M200, GOST 7473-94, can be applied in many areas.We list them in detail.The first, for which it is customary to use it, of course, the foundations of the device (usually tape), concrete screeds, pavings, all kinds of tracks and platforms.Also, it is well suited for slab, pile-rostverkovyh designs.Moreover, as mentioned earlier, during operation excludes the possibility of cracking.And all cover is reliable and durable.

The second thing that can be noted is the use of the brand in the construction of low-rise buildings, load-bearing walls, ceilings device.It is used for retaining walls and stairs cast.Third - this is improvement of access areas of houses, bath houses, garages and other areas.The coating can withstand the load of large vehicles, provides resistance to changes in temperature and humidity.Because for outdoor conditions it is just perfect.

Note!In addition to the above, the M200 mark can be applied in the regeneration of concrete pads and cast kerbstones.Details on the scope of the composition you will read on the package.