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August 12, 2017 18:06

Shelves for flowers with his own hands

Flowers - the best decoration of any home, so their lovers are often faced with the problem of placing the pots and vases.Shelves for flowers must first be spacious, comfortable and compact, so their construction requires attention and effort.For information on how to make a shelf for flowers discussed further.


  • shelves colors: types and features
  • Shelf for flowers with his own hands: a simplified version
  • Wall shelves of wood colors: the construction of the rack
  • How to build a shelf for flowers on the windowsill
  • Combined shelf colors: wood and metal
  • Floor shelves for flowers from the window sill
  • Corner shelf for flowers: a phased construction
  • Making multi-tiered shelves for flowers with his own hands

shelves colors: types and features

shelf type that is needed to set the color depends on many factors such as:

  • number of plants;
  • room type;
  • appearance of the room;
  • plant species;
  • host individual preferences.


Therefore, choosing a shelf designed to accommodate the colors should take into account all these factors.Depending on the number of seats for the shelves are vases:

  • single;
  • double;
  • multiunit.

The first option involves the location of only one flowerpot.Such shelves installed both indoors and outdoors, for example, at the front door.On the shelves of single plants look good curly type, with a lot of leaves and flowers.Such shelves are:

  • wall;
  • floor.

Floor shelves involve the installation of a large flowerpot with plants in the form of trees.

Double shelf suitable for the installation of similar plants that feel good under the same climatic conditions, for example, in the shade.

Multiplace shelves or take a certain section of the wall or the entire wall.These shelves also come in both wall and floor.In most cases, wall shelves are small, as they are not able to withstand a great weight from the ground, located in pots, but the interior shelves perfectly accommodate several dozen vases with flowers.

Photography shelves for flowers:




Besides floral shelves are angled.This type can accommodate from one to seven vases.Also, there are shelves for flowers ceiling.They are mounted directly to the ceiling and involve placement of climbing plants.

in relation to the material of which the flower pots are divided into:

  • wood;
  • plastic;
  • metal;
  • glass;
  • combined.

Shelves for flowers made of wood most common, but not very practical at the same time.So as you know, wood is unstable to moisture and flowers require frequent watering and spraying.Therefore, prior to the construction of a shelf requires careful treatment of wooden parts, otherwise, this regiment will not serve its owner and even years.

Plastic shelves to build will not work on their own, they are sold in specialty stores.Among the advantages of this type of shelves emit practicality, a variety of forms, ease of use, ease of maintenance, and a variety of colors.

Metal shelves for the colors are resistant and relatively heavy weight.At the same time, we should not forget that the metal is a material susceptible to corrosion.Therefore, it requires careful handling by means of solutions of corrosion.Metal shelves are decorated with the help of forged parts, in any environment, they look beautiful and elegant.

Glass shelves for flowers are particularly exquisite, as make the room more airy and light.For the construction of the shelves must have certain skills of working with glass.The variant mosaic decoration shelves, stained glass or printing on glass.This type of shelving requires careful maintenance, so it is very impractical.

Combined shelves colors imply the use of multiple materials in their construction.For example, the wooden shelves are decorated with forged elements, the glass surface of the metal pipes are added in the form of a framework for shelves, etc.


Shelf for flowers with his own hands: a simplified version

This model features easy shelf construction, and low cost, as in the presence of a sheet of plywood, the cost of its construction is minimized.The size and thickness of the veneer sheet depends on the size of the shelves for flowers and their capacity.The thicker the plywood, the shelf will be more.

to build a shelf will need to have:

  • plywood sheet;
  • two nickel-plated or galvanized pipes;
  • finishing materials for surface treatment, in the form of varnish or paint.

Of the tools necessary to prepare:

  • electric jigsaw;
  • electric drill with a special nozzle;
  • roulette;
  • sandpaper.

in relation to the location of the rack location, determine the required size of the shelf and its spaciousness.Make a drawing to calculate with precision every centimeter of space.In relation to them, raschertite on the plywood shelves contours and proceed to the excision of parts.The variant of construction as a standard shelf in a square or a rectangle, as with conventional designs wavy or elliptical cuts.It all depends on the manufacturer of interior space and fantasy.


With the help of an electric jigsaw saw out the desired shape.For details make the layout for the installation of pipes.With the help of an electric drill holes required size for the installation of pipes.All wooden components must be treated with sandpaper or a sander.

Veneer parts cover with special materials that increase their resistance to moisture and antiseptics that prevent the formation on the surface of the shelf fungus or mold.The following procedure is to cover them with the help of paints.

next step - fixing structure on the wall surface.On the lower part of the shelf, attach the metal bracket and drill the holes through which the fixing them to the wall with screws.Watch for structural strength and reliability of connections, because it is on these factors, the safety of people is dependent near the shelves.

Wall shelves of wood colors: rack structure

should make the drawing, by means of which the workpiece will be cut before the construction of this model.Shelving for flowers has dimensions:

  • length - 60 cm;
  • width - 23 cm;
  • height -. 70 cm


It easily accommodate up to ten flower pots, since the rack consists of three levels.To build a shelf for flowers will need to have:

  • six wooden planks with a length of 200 cm and a cross-section of 3,5h5 cm;
  • two bars, 200 cm, 2x2 cm section;
  • several tens of nails with a length of 2.5 cm and 4;
  • finishing materials in the form of varnish or paint.

addition is necessary to prepare a tool as a saw, hammer, sander or sandpaper, and roulette.

thin strips required for the production of shelves and racks of bars to produce the rack.The first stage involves cutting pieces of wood on the details of the eighteen elements.Their manufacture must measure 60 cm of length of the board.

make markings on a bar along the length 70 cm, it will turn on the four elements in the form of pillars.From timber residues should cut it out elements, the length of each 23 cm.

Put the workplace all the racks, place them parallel to each other, do the markup in place of fixing the first, second and third shelves.Their height depends on the type of plant height and to be placed on them.Each shelf consists of six bars.Shelves are joined end portions using pieces of timber by 23 cm. Their fixation is carried out with the help of nails and a length of 2.5 cm. With grinder treat end portions and the sharp edges of the stack.The finished product cover using an antiseptic, varnish or paint.


How to build a shelf for flowers on the windowsill

This type of shelves perfectly fit into any size for the window.For its construction will need to have:

  • two wooden strips;
  • few glasses, the amount of which depends on the size of the window.

choosing glass, take care that it be tempered, and its thickness was not less than 0.5 cm. Since the severity of vases with flowers significantly affect the strength of the structure.For manufacturing

vertical rails perfect tree, its thickness affects thickness of the groove into which the glass.This model has a shelf particular advantage: it is able to pass through a light, so that all the plants will receive it in full.If

shelf thickness of about 40 cm, the groove will be the size of 15-20 cm. In this case the required rail, 35 cm thick. The combination of wood with glass shelf makes this not only practical, but also beautiful.In addition, to ease the burden on the shelf, we recommend that the lower part of it is also made of wood.Such a shelf for flowers on the window is able to accommodate up to fifteen flower vases.


Combined shelf colors: wood and metal

This shelf is a wall and consists of a welded metal pillars and wooden partitions, which are placed flowers.

to produce shelf will need to have metal rods, 10 mm in diameter.At arrangement of outdoor options, we recommend the use of metal parts.Before the construction of the shelves is necessary to determine its location, and in accordance with this option, the size is selected.

propose to consider the construction of a shelf with dimensions:

  • lateral contour length - 90 cm;
  • width - 20 cm

This option implies the presence of the four shelves with an interval of 30 cm On a shelf perfectly fit small flowers and plants suitable for the high top shelf...

Connection racks used with the welding bars to each other, and already on the frame is installed a wooden structure, holding flowers.

number of elements for the binding should be sufficient for the construction of four tiers of shelves.Welded construction after the production of colored paint and coated with anti-corrosion solution.

is followed by the process of sawing wood pieces in length of 60 cm. Further strips are stacked together and secured by a bar whose length is 20 cm.

To fix the structure to the wall using screws.Watch for structural strength and reliability of fastening.The interval between the fixation fasteners shelf is a maximum of 50 cm. This is followed by coating with paint or varnish wooden surfaces.Once they are completely dry, shelf ready for its intended use.


Floor shelves for flowers from the window sill

original and practical solution is to manufacture the shelves for flowers, with the sill of plastic windows.This material has high strength characteristics, is not affected by moisture and is easy to care for, so is able to serve as a shelf for years.

To do this will need to have a shelf:

  • standard plastic window sill, length 390 cm;
  • three tubes coated with zinc;
  • nine flanged fasteners;
  • two brackets.

first step is to make an incision the plastic sill into three parts, each length is 190 cm. These parts must be drilled in such a way that they did it three holes for galvanized pipes.Two holes are located at the edges, and one - in the middle, a little push forward.All preforms holes must be drilled in the same place.Otherwise, the regiment will curve.Next is

three cutting tubes which must have the same length.The design is attached with screws, tightening flanges.Set shelf floor occurs via the same parts.Lower locking tubes by means of screws and flanges.To increase the strength and stability of the shelf is necessary to pull the top brackets attached to the wall with screws.

Corner shelf for flowers: a phased construction

Corner shelves for the colors used for the installation of one or more pots, in the second embodiment, it is necessary to do a corner shelf in a rack.

To make a standard shelf for placing a flowerpot require the presence of residues of chipboard sheet, tube, preferably made of galvanized steel and fasteners, which will help to interconnect all the elements and secure the shelf on the wall.

This regiment is going is easy, just cut a sheet of chipboard desired size and shape and make it an opening for the installation of the pipe.Flanges and screws to help interconnect the wooden and metal blanks and brackets - lock the shelf on the wall.The following procedure coloring shelves in accordance with the overall design of the room.


Making multi-tiered shelves for flowers with his own hands

This model involves the installation of shelves a large number of flower pots, but it takes a minimum of space.Making such a shelf is important for the owners of small apartments or houses.In this case, the shelves form does not prevent the ingress of light to any of the pots, so that the flowers are in almost the same climatic conditions.

main components of a shelf stands outdoor platform with four legs on which the fixed rack made of chrome pipes.These racks hold four shelves located at a different height from the floor.

to build a multi-layer shelf for flowers will need to have:

  • plywood with a minimum thickness of 1.5 cm, preferably with the presence of water-repellent;
  • few chrome pipes, with a diameter of 2.5 cm, a total length of 5.1 m;
  • seventeen flanges for pipes;
  • five threaded inserts;
  • four furniture legs;
  • few screws and self-tapping screws;
  • five furniture screws;
  • furniture edges in the same color with the trumpets;
  • aerosol can, for painting designs;
  • putty for wooden surfaces.

This regiment is to be sustained, as it will support the weight of not only flowers, but also on wet heavy soil, located in pots.

Also need to have tools like:

  • jigsaw;
  • tool for cutting tubes;
  • screwdriver;
  • electric drill;
  • sander;
  • screwdriver.

This stand will please its masters not only beauty and functionality, but also the practicality and elegance.

Using drawings shelves for flowers, Saw plywood and prepare the items for lower shelves:


All Templates treat using grinder.For details, which is located below make holes for the installation of furniture bolts.In the blanks in the form of shelves, measure the place in which they will pass through the counters and areas for mounting flanges.To drill the holes for the pipes, it is recommended to use a drill bit with a diameter of 2.5 cm.

To smooth the surface of the shelves, use sawn wood putty.After it dries, use a fine mesh for grinding.Next, paint the shelves using an aerosol can of paint the color you want.After complete drying paste over the end portions of the shelves with the help of furniture edges.