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August 12, 2017 18:08

Using elektrodolbezhnika

The use and purpose elektrodolbezhnika use and purpose elektrodolbezhnika

Designed for sample timber under the rectangular slot for the purpose of fixing parts.The main part of the instrument - consisting of a small, sealed joints, slotting cutters chain.To obtain different slot sizes should only change the plate, which is attached slotting circuit.To mount the socket edges were smooth, prior to the need to clean and sharpen the blades, then you can prepare the machine for operation.The next stage of the use elektrodolbezhnika- fastening parts or boards on the bench, setting it on the machine and turn it on.

Before you get started, the workpiece or the bar is fixed in the grip of a solid and simple pencil markings are applied to the surface of the wood, and then with a knife do the risks.If the hole should be large and deep, we must first choose a wood chisel and only after that a chisel to smooth out the surface.Prior to the need to pay attention to the sample timber located near the edges of the transverse fibers.

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big blind holes are made in the following way: using mallets drive a chisel blade, then slightly tilted to the opposite edge of the beveled side of the blade and lift up.Nadlamyvayutsya timber and separated from the array of several pieces.Then, at 2-3 mm from the retreat to make a hole and all repeat.It is important to remember that in the finishing edge recesses each time for 1 -2 mm depart from her, and put the bit facet to it.In the case when it is possible to raise the blade bit the side where the chamfered should raise unstripped wood surface fabric.

If necessary, make a through-hole, the sample timber should be carried out simultaneously on both sides, gradually reducing the intermediate layer.Then, at the edges sanded opened braid straight narrow chisel.While working with electro-dolbezhnikom very important to follow some precautions.These include, in particular, to ensure serviceability of wiring, the correct mounting slotting circuit correct supply timber using a fixed machine.In that case, if the machine is not fixed, it is necessary to ensure reliable fixation of the bar.You can not start work with ungrounded machine - this is your safety first.

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