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August 12, 2017 18:06

What is graffito , or carving multilayer plaster

sgraffito from Italian means literally - "scratched".In decorating the interior sgraffito began to be used only recently, although the principle of sgraffito was used from time immemorial - rock paintings in caves, pottery of Ancient Rus and the ancient Indians of North America, carving ganch Central Asia - it is all examples of sgraffito.In Italy, in the XV- XVII centuriesIt was used to decorate the exterior walls of buildings.

What is graffito in our time - is not nothing but a thread on the multilayered plaster.At the present time is used more in sgraffito decoration, as this method allows, by simple means, to create complex decorative and artistic panels.Sgraffito can be called a monumental decor.Clarity and relief pattern, and the absence of semitones can create full ornamental compositions which permanently retain its original appearance.

sgraffito - 2

sgraffito technique

Technique sgraffito consists of three stages: application of plaster patterning circuits and vytsarapyvanie.Materials and methods of applying the plaster the same as for conventional plaster color.In the hardened, but still damp plaster base layer is applied to the color.

After applying the stencil pattern contour, start vytsarapyvaniyu.Vytsarapyvanie need to take place before the drying plaster, after drying the plaster becomes brittle, and the work of little use.


sgraffito can both monochrome and multicolor.For multicolored sgraffito applied several layers of colored plaster, and subsequently scratching the image on the marked path.It turns out multi-colored pattern, which can be called "kontrrelefny", as its terrain is not convex.

The sgraffito technique can perform complex artistic compositions, and small ornaments.Given the strength of sgraffito, it is often used for facades of buildings.The interior of the graffito technique is used to make large panels and simple finishes, such as cornices or arches.