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August 12, 2017 18:05

Make a simple vibrator for concrete improvised instruments with their hands

vibration 1 with concrete solutions in a degree encountered almost everyone.None of the construction or substantial renovation is complete without this material.However, it does have a feature without which it is impossible to ensure long-term operation of the design.

The process of "mixing", regardless of where the prepared solution (in production or on-site) is accompanied by filling a mixture of air bubbles.The longer it to a certain extent, the more porous the turn solidified casting structure.Various methods and "tools" used to seal the concrete mass.For example, piercing its bayonet with a shovel or a piece of rebar.

one task - to remove air (as well as to expel the liquid surface) of the solution, to achieve its higher density and, consequently, the strength of concrete.But such "manual" methods may give some effect, when it comes to small volumes of material.And if it is a strip foundation, but still with a lot of buried?It is in order to make this work better, vibrators are used.

Such products are commercially available.The cost of the manual model (electricity) starts at 2 300 rubles.But is it always advisable to buy it?

First , where then do it?In contrast, for example, by an electric vibrator - tool is not for permanent use.

Second , and if he needed it at the moment, and to the nearest specialized outlets too far?

That is why we have to think how to get out of the situation in a particular situation.And of course, there is an idea to do something like a vibrator for concrete with their hands.We will understand that we can "adjust" the fact that there is almost every good host.


This tool will replace a shovel or rod, as work is also in the "shock" mode.It need only be made of a thick wire rod, which is in the process of pierce fill mass.

Electric drill

vibration 2 It uses a rotational movement of the working part.It is made differently.For example, the same pin with welded at the end of "bar" ( "T" letter).Use wire and wire inside (for the speedometer of the car).You can make a wire shaped tip.It's not clear if konstruktsii- sense, I think the owner will choose himself, "what and how" would suit him.

There are also more complex structures of the working part.For example, use a tube in which the bearings are pressed and subsequently inserted metal pin.Descriptions of these homemade on the Internet quite a lot.It seems that the authors of these articles do not take into account that the situation has changed.No one will spend time on the production of these "inventions", requiring, by the way, and welding, if easier and faster to buy a vibrator for a small, even by today's standards, the price.These homemade relevant were 20-30 years ago, but now hardly anyone will do it.

That's why we only suggest how you can quite easily and quickly get out of a difficult situation, without cluttering the text with long arguments and detailed drawings.

In the manufacture of the vibrator of the auxiliary means necessary to consider some points:

  • Vibro 3 Power e / tool.In industrial products is not less than 1 kW.It is understood that the "kitchen mixer" will not work;
  • composition and consistency of the solution.This refers not so much to what has been used as a filler, and its size fractions.The same gravel can be both large and small.In addition, working with it (any size) is more difficult than with pebbles.Depending on the brand of cement, and the ratio of solution of the components can be thick or not.In determining what to use as tips on tools, these details should be taken into account.Otherwise, nothing will or not, or e / engine burn.