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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to Choose a heated towel rail

If you face the challenge to make repairs in the bathroom, do not forget about such important details as a heated towel rail.A wide range of heated towel rails, represented in the sale, the buyer makes you wonder.How to Choose a heated towel rail to the appliance and served for a long time I did not break?


If selected and a heated towel rail is connected by all the rules, you will always be comfortable in the bathroom.First, you need to know what is the heated towel rail, and what is its purpose.

Why do we need a heated towel rail and its advantages

Towel - a separate curved tube (coil) installed in the bathroom, most often located on the opposite wall of the bath.The tube may be formed in a zigzag form or another form.It attaches to the wall and connected to the water supply system or powered by electricity.


In the last century in the old apartments "Stalinka" and "Khrushchev," you could see a standard towel rack made of steel pipe and connected to the heating system or hot water.If the heated towel rail was connected to the heating system, such a device to fulfill its function only during the heating season, at other times it remains unclaimed, that is not always suit the user.

second option Soviet equipment for drying towels do not always meet expectations, as it was connected to a hot water supply system in the case of disconnection of hot water has remained unclaimed.Such a heated towel rail in the bathroom after a few years of operation, has come into disrepair, iron pipes were covered with sweat (cold water droplets) and were beginning to rust.Most people have tried to get rid of the unnecessary device in the bathroom, leaving that part of the premises without heating in the winter.

At present, water towel warmers have not lost their popularity.Responding to a question, what do you want of towel, you can immediately get a response - to dry wet towels.Since the bathroom - a room where high humidity prevails always, just on a hook or rack to dry towels will be a very long time, or may even remain wet.Therefore, it is important to set the device to dry towels in the bathroom.But this is not the only purpose of the device, as there is no radiator in the bathroom, it just serves as a heated towel rail and radiator.

And one more important advantage - when the room temperature is comfortable and relatively dry air, after the adoption of the soul of man is to feel comfortable and not be covered by "goose bumps."

Which towel rail select

modern plumbing market offers users a wide choice of various goods, including heated towel rails.

All of them are divided into 3 types:

  1. Water.
  2. Electric.
  3. combined.

consider more types of towel warmer, noting the pros and cons of each device.

Water heated towel rails.Advantages and disadvantages of

Water unit installed in the bathrooms of houses.It appears as a curved steel tube, ladders or arc.It connects the device to the heating system or hot water.When there is no heating or hot water, the towel rail remains unclaimed, and the room humidity increases and can even appear mold.Such devices are not always satisfied with the owners who live in apartment buildings, so they are looking for an alternative to the bathroom was always a comfortable temperature, and it was possible to dry towels.


Despite the fact that water heated towel rails do not work all year round, their ranking remains high.The instrument dials for a long time and the temperature heats up - this is one of the drawbacks, but then heated towel rail is able to retain heat in the room long period.Even one unit of standard size will be sufficient to heat a small room, bathroom protecting against moisture and mildew.

modern plumbing market offers customers a wide range of water heated towel rails.In place of the classical form of a curved steel tube, came Devices different configurations: with the letter "M", "P", a heated towel rail in the form of a ladder, with one or more shelves for drying small items (socks, mittens, underwear, towels, etc.)..


If you opted for the water heated towel rail, then there is need to pay attention to the manufacturer.The fact that the imported models need only be connected to the heating system and the domestic production - to the hot water system.Such devices will sustain long-term operation in a hostile environment, and foreign brands in the towel is not calculated.They are made of thin steel without special internal protection.Therefore it is best to give preference to the Russian model, especially that towel warmers are sold at an affordable price and will last a long time.

Electric heated towel rail.Pros and cons

Electric appliance - it is an excellent replacement of water model when you do not want to get rid of the old towel warmer, connected to the heating system or hot water.It can be installed next to the existing steam or select another mounting place, such as on the opposite wall.

Electric heated towel rail differs simplicity of installation, so it can be installed not only in the bathroom, but also in other areas where it is needed: in the kitchen or hallway.


Such a device has one significant advantage - is the ability to operate all year round.Just as the heating season is closed or turned off the hot water for the duration of repairs, rescue an electric heated towel rail.All that is necessary for the ongoing operation of the device - it's electricity.

And it's not the only thing that can boast this type of device:

  • when installing electric towel warmers do not need permission from the housing department for the installation of the unit;
  • there is no need to cut into the hot water system or heating (for connecting the water unit is necessary to invite specialists);
  • work towel warmer is independent of the hot water in the pipes;
  • install device can be independently;
  • economical power consumption;
  • attractive design and the ability to choose the right unit size and shape.

Despite the many advantages, towel still has some drawbacks, which must also be available to buy a decent model.

What are the disadvantages:

  • need for a separate flush;
  • install a special socket.

Since the electric towel rail is installed in the premises with high humidity, you must install a special socket with a lid.Besides, is not allowed to set the socket on the cold wall, which collects condensate.It is desirable that the plug is mounted on the wall, and also a separate wiring is hidden in the wall.These increased security requirements do not always get to perform.Also, when installing an electric towel warmer, it is desirable to connect the outlet to a separate ground wire.In the houses of old-fashioned grounding is not provided, so the only valid option is to conduct a separate line (RCD).

towel warmer Photo:




Combined towel warmers

for sale can be found combined models, which combine the functions of the electric appliance and the water.These units are very beneficial because they can work in 2 modes.It is very convenient, especially in the summer, when the central heating is not working.

When you select the unit for the bathroom is recommended to pay attention to the universal model - double-water heated towel rail.Its peculiarity is that one coil (circuit) can be connected to the heating system, and the second round - to the hot water system.When the heating is turned off, the unit remains in operation by hot water circulating in the system.Among the disadvantages of this type of device, we note high demands on the operating pressure in the system.

All-purpose towel, there is one drawback - not everyone can afford to install in the bathroom towel rail combination, as its value is 2 times higher than the price of a standard water appliance for drying towels.


Towel with temperature control for a long time have gained popularity among consumers.The main feature of this device is that the user can adjust the heating temperature if necessary to quickly warm dry place or thing.Temperature ranges from +30 to + 70 ° C.You can choose a model equipped with a timer.So you do not need to monitor the process of working towel warmer, simply turn the device into the wall outlet, set the thermostat to the desired temperature, and you can no longer return to this question.The unit is self-pick the desired temperature and then shuts down.As soon as the temperature begins to drop, the unit will start to heat up again.It is very convenient, because you can save on electricity consumption.


Browse popular models towel

When the task in front of you, pick a heated towel rail, it is important to understand not only the terms of the connection of the unit, but also to get acquainted with popular models.

offer to study characteristics of the devices for heating and drying bathroom towels:

  1. Towel Sunerzha.On sale you can find water and electric units.Varied design towel Sunerzha company can satisfy any customer.You can pay attention to the classic model of the device, made in the form of a ladder - a heated towel rail will not take up much space in the bathroom, it can be positioned on the wall next to the mirror or on the side wall.Elegance, functionality and beautiful appearance - this is the basic credo of the company that cares about its customers.When choosing a radiator model should pay attention to the quality of the steel, the size and color of the unit.

Towel Sunerzha:


  1. Towel energy - are reliable units made of stainless steel.The company produces an ENERGY 2 types of devices for drying towels: water and electric.Each model is commendable.You can purchase the classic model of "serpentine" in standard sizes or to pay attention to more practical and functional models in the form of the letter "P", with attachments (hooks, racks and so on.).You can find a suitable heated towel rail for your bathroom, even a compact unit able to cope with the tasks: warm room, dry towels and small things.Made contemporary towel warmers from high quality materials with corrosion protection that extends the operating life of the device and save the family budget.The manufacturer gives guarantee on the towel warmers - 5 years.

Towel an ENERGY:


Nuances selection towel

When choosing a unit for heating the bathroom and drying of textile products, it is important to consider not only the connections and the size of the device, it is necessary to study the technical characteristics of the device.So, when buying a towel warmer water, you need to determine the level of pressure in your plumbing system.Normally, this number should not exceed 4 atmospheres, but as practice shows, towel warmers cope with their tasks at an operating pressure in the system, ranging from 2.5 and ending 7 atmospheres.It depends on many factors: the area, number of floors, etc., and communications statusBuying a machine, you must know the operating pressure of your system, plus the need to add a few units in the case of unforeseen situations (eg hammering).Learn all the information about the work of the towel warmer can be, if you study the data sheet carefully.

to install water towel warmer in the one-story house (cottage, house), you have the option to choose any liked model because private homes water system pressure is typically less than 3 atmospheres.

material of which are made of towel is important.Thus, the popular stainless steel towel warmers.Devices can be painted in different colors (usually light and dark), chromed or polished.The last option is considered to be more resilient, but because of the high cost of buyers do not pay attention to them.

Imason Color Scanner

Stainless steel towel warmers are popular, so when choosing a towel warmer must be very careful not to buy a fake.To this did not happen, when you buy towel warmer note on the pipe joints, they must be of high quality and smooth.

Towel steel more suitable for family houses, villas and apartments with individual heating system.If you install such a device in an apartment house with central heating, then after a few years of operation, the unit will fail, since it is not designed to work with water containing salts, impurities and other substances that accelerate the corrosion process.

When replacing an old unit with a new one should pay attention not only to the technical characteristics of the towel warmer, but also take into account the diameter of the pipe.