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August 12, 2017 18:07

Interior zodiac sign

On the whole person, his mood, physical and emotional state affects the whole environment. People tend to be where more comfortable and cozy, where the sense of security and peace.And, of course, this is a fortress for every human abode.Therefore, the creation of the interior of his house must be approached not only in terms of fashion trends or your wealth - so that in your house reigned complete harmony, listen to your heart, and state of mind, if not strange, to that promise you the world and the stars.And we try to help in this, advising everyone to create their own unique interior zodiac sign .

Aries are very optimistic people, they are sociable, always in a good mood, but often stubborn and aggressive.The main thing for the house of Aries - is to feel the warmth and comfort, he did not get along in the cool atmosphere.

Aries by nature maximalists, so small room cluttered with furniture, they are not satisfied.They do not like to limit myself in space, so interior zodiac sign Aries

be original, soothing colors, but with a few bright accents.Aries fit parquet floor, soft and warm carpet, curtains strict design, a minimum of furniture, colors and accessories.The room, for example, they may be satisfied with a sofa bed, large TV and original furniture set.And in the dining room for them for a small dining table with a semicircular seating area.

Aries choose light or minimalist classic style, and the most appropriate colors for the interior of Aries - gold, orange, brown, bright red, blue and warm shades of color.

Interior zodiac sign for Aries

Interior zodiac sign for Aries

Despite the softness of nature, Taurus is notable for its hard work, confidence and reliability.First blood for the bulls - this is their fortress, to which they are treated with great trepidation.This is one of the most sensual signs of his life is based on the harmony of almost everything.

Taurus loves to embellish their surroundings.People of this sign to create an interior suited creatively, encouraging their unusual arrangement of furniture, an interesting combination of colors of the interior.Elegant curtains, silk sheets, a luxury bed, decorated with decorative pillows of different sizes, and certainly all of this must be of good quality and luxurious appearance.Taurus - restless romance, therefore, quite normal that the interior of this zodiac sign is sometimes embellished with ribbons, delicate napkins, cute trinkets ekibanoy, candles.

For Taurus ideal country - the same interior in the style of the country, as well as registration in the Egyptian style.Favorite colors for interior Taurus: brown, beige, pastel colors, as well as olive, green, emerald green.

Country - interior zodiac sign for Taurus

Country-interior zodiac sign for Taurus

twins - one of the most artistic and non-permanent signs, that also affects the design of the home.For an apartment or house is not suitable Gemini simple furniture that they quickly get bored.

Gemini love big and spacious rooms.For convenience, they will define the TV on the wall, will get a bed that is easily transformed into a sofa, a large table will turn into a small nightstand.Kitchen set consists mainly of hanging locker that does not clutter the area.Interior rooms complement their hanging shelves for books, various collections of decorative veshchichek and figurines.The twins lot of friends, so they tend to combine dining and living together for frequent guest receptions.In the dining room, as a rule, can be a bar.

for Gemini is uniquely suited interior in high-tech style.A color scheme can be full of yellow tones, all shades of blue and green.

Trendy interior for the zodiac sign of Gemini

Trendy interior for the zodiac sign of Gemini

Cancers by nature gregarious, but very fond of solitude.To mark this house - the most valuable and expensive in his life.This creates a zodiac sign for the interior of the soul, it does not stand out, but always so attractive and welcoming.Cancers love all kind of sophistication and mystery.

Everything else, Cancerians are very domestic people.When it comes to repair, it is often delayed for a whole year, and that, and more.These people are very diligent in any work and scrupulous to the home decor.Interior design they will be sustained in the rigor in smooth lines, nothing more.To please them may also be leather sofas and armchairs, expensive fluffy blankets, plush carpets.Crayfish prefer a spacious, bright dining room with large dining table.

Cancers suit exquisite palace and Rococo style, simple and exotic.Also pertinent Spanish style.Preference should be given to such colors for the interior as white, yellow, pearl.

Interior of the zodiac sign Cancer

the sign of the zodiac Cancer Interior

People born under the sign of Leo, like everything beautiful and sublime.They are endowed with royal style, domination, nobility.Lions genius to create the interior of the monastery.They choose from a variety of different styles unique by creating your own personal stamp.

Leos love the bright and luxurious space.People of this sign by nature kings, so they express themselves in the interior contribute to the lush curtains falling down, high huge bed with a veil or a sofa, in the shape of a semicircle, large elegant and original chairs.Authenticity and quality play an undeniable role in the Lions' preferences.Nobility, reliability and good quality, and the bold and bright solutions - that the priorities of the people of this sign.In Lviv surpasses physical energy, so many of them have in their home gym or sports center.Lions are very fond of the mirror, they are impressed by the interior of the glass.

Style Art Deco is the best fit to Leo.He is considered the style of pop stars and elite.The colors for Lion: gold, purple, orange.The colors of the sun.

The interior of the zodiac for Leo

interior of the zodiac Leo for

Virgo - this is an example of cleanliness and neatness, discipline and accuracy.People born under this sign have a sense of taste and color.Not satisfied with the Virgin or that the subject goods, so it will be immediately expelled from the interior.Virgin reasonable and practical.The rooms all thought out to the last detail, everything is kept in its place, so the Virgin so essential hallways and furniture panels with a variety of shelves.

The living room Virgin suited harsh furniture with clean lines, a bedroom set for Dev - with a mild pleasant to the touch linen, curtains of organza or beaded.Virgin will not abandon the decorative elements and bright parts.

Virgin suit white, light blue, light green, cream, light brown or purple color in the interior.

The interior of the zodiac for Virgo

the zodiac Interior for Virgin

Libra - one of the most volatile places.They are very sensitive to changes.Symmetry, clarity of forms and lines is a key factor in creating the interior design.They are good in calm, measured conditions.In Libra well developed intuition and a keen aesthetic sense, they always know how to properly arrange the furniture in the house.

Libra prefer the ease and weightlessness in the interior, so choose the transparent air curtains, hanging glass shelves.Libra is characterized by duality, which is manifested in the desire to equip all the pairs, for example, two bedside tables, an even number of pillows and chairs.

dwellings Libra impressed Egyptian style, as one of the most emblematic.And the interior is made of Libra may be in pastel colors, coffee with milk, light green, purple and blue.

Interior horoscope for Libra

horoscope for Libra Interior

Scorpio - the sign of a very powerful, his presence without a word always reminds himself.People of this sign feels surroundings on the subconscious.They are always aware of the most expensive design ideas.

Scorpio craves a kind of mystery and enigma.He likes soft lighting, opaque curtains.The dark velvet upholstery also have Scorpio on the soul.Sofa with built-in drawers for storage of personal garments would be quite practical.On the other hand, Scorpio loves bright and spacious rooms, so it is not stingy on the change of scenery.

Scorpio impressed by the style of Baroque dominated by precious metals, lacquered wood, flowing shapes, as well as African style in the interior . Scorpios are equally suitable as a warm, soothing colors and rich red, orange, black.

Interior Horoscope for Scorpio

Interior Horoscope for Scorpio

Sagittarius is very developed the desire for freedom, they do not advocate the monotony.Sagittarius - a sign rather chaotic, and this may be reflected in his home.The interior design of Sagittarius can combine antique and modern styles.They love art and prefer the interior of other cultures.Many Sagittarians have their own collection of antique books, figures, statues.For their storage need a nice wardrobe with shelves symmetrical or home library.

Sagittarians love natural wood furniture.Bedroom Sagittarius looks very comfortable and cozy.On the walls hang rooms Persian carpets.The main condition to create the interior of the zodiac sign - convenience.For Sagittarius quite fit a sofa in the corner, ottomans, lightweight portable chairs, coffee table.

Sagittarius fit interior in the Chinese style made in all colors of the rainbow.The most predominant shades of blue and green.

Bright interior zodiac sign for Sagittarius

bright interior zodiac sign Sagittarius to Capricorn

people flexible, conservative, they do not seek to dominate others.Preferences interior according to the zodiac Capricorn - is the convenience, practicality and rigor.Furniture in Capricorn will be soundly and functional and the tone of the walls, furniture and curtains - not catchy, and non-irritating.

If this closet, you will certainly roomy and Mighty.Furniture - solid and stable.They like to equip the house with the latest technology.Typically, people born with this sign, if possible, turn your fortress in a real museum.Open shelves in the interior - also for Capricorn.So they will be able to show their trophies symbolizing the achievement of certain goals.

For Capricorns most suitable or classic colonial style in the interior, but always with a modern twist.Registration can be done in all the shades of brown, reddish, gray, blue.

Interior horoscope for Capricorn

Interior horoscope for Capricorn

Aquarius - the sign of a very far-sighted.They are always interested in something new, incomprehensible, from the world of fiction.Aquarians like to surround yourself with the things of the future and do not like boredom.It is in the interior you can find furniture Aquarius most bizarre shapes and unusual colors.

Their kitchen undeveloped modern furniture and appliances, equipped with latest in appliances, tableware.Soft corners, cabinets, desks, chairs, built-in appliances - all of the latest and unique design.For example, apart of automatic or adjustable light curtains with the remote - it is also a passion of Aquarius.People of this sign deliberately equips the entire interior of feng shui.They are all supporters of natural and natural, such as linen or bamboo curtains, woolen blanket, parquet on the floor.The living must be aquarium or decorative fountain.

The style of eclectic Aquarius impressed.This style is defined by unpredictability, lack of any rules and obsessions.At the same time, the representatives of this zodiac sign prefer decorating in ecological style.They love the shades of blue - from turquoise to dark blue, gray, metallic.

Interior for Aquarius

for Aquarius Interior

People.Those born under the sign of Pisces, sometimes behave indifferently, they often want to be alone.They are impressionable, deeply perceive the emotional state of others.Therefore, the abode of Fish - a place where relaxing, you can immerse yourself in a wonderful dream.

Fish always choose comfortable furniture.They are the most preferred materials of wood, as well as love to decorate the home with antiques such as antique chandeliers, vases, pictures, clocks.Their essence impressed aquarium or fountain, as the element of Pisces - water.People of this sign with great love belong to the interior of the bathroom is their favorite place in the house.Fish love all pleasant to the touch, soft furnishings, curtains soft, silky bedding.

Pisces suitable interior design in the style of the Empire, or oriental style.Colors to fish: white, yellow, blue and green.

The interior of the sign of Pisces

in sign Interior Pisces

We are confident that this interior horoscope will help many signs of the zodiac to arrange your life so as to live in it was the most comfortable in the first place for themselves, as well as stylish, fun,varied, and can be - safely and size, as a family. equip its interior through the zodiac and enjoy life!

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