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August 12, 2017 18:05

Cement particle board

Due to such important properties as strength, durability and safety, cement particle board is a common material that is used for a variety of external and internal construction and repair work.The use of natural raw materials in the manufacturing stage of the plate makes it possible to construct objects without causing any harm to human health.


  1. Application of cement-bonded boards
  2. Specifications DSP boards
  3. Dimensions and weight
  4. Benefits
  5. Disadvantages
  6. Video

The composition of boards DSP includedfine wood shavings, Portland cement, water and special additives that inhibit adverse effects on wood and cement.This material is produced in the factory in compliance with the requirements of sufficiently serious that the final product meets state standards.

Application of cement-bonded boards

Scope of cement particle board is quite diverse.The main focus is the interior decoration.The thin sheet is used for crates walls, ventilation, chimneys and fireplaces.Of the more thick plates make interior walls, the foundation floor, kitchen worktops, window sills, etc.

cement particle boards are also used for the external cladding of private houses and low-rise buildings.If you use this material as a permanent formwork, it will give a construction site added reliability and durability, thanks to the good resistance of plates to various climatic influences.

Specifications DSP boards

  • Composition: wood chips - 24%;water - 8.5%;Portland Cement - 65%;additional impurities - 2.5%.
  • Thickness: 8-40 mm.
  • Density: 1300 kg / m3.
  • bending strength: 7-12 MPa.
  • Hardness: 55 MPa.
  • heat capacity of 1.15 kJ / kg * ° C.
  • Flame spread: not available.
  • Fire resistance: 50 minutes.
  • Frost: 50 periods.
  • Toxicity: zero.
  • moisture content of 9%.
  • Warranty period: 50 years.

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions and weight DSP boards:

Benefits One of the main advantages of this material is environmentally friendly.Unlike similar analogues it is completely safe for human health.Features and specifications of cement particle board show a good resistance of the material to temperature and moisture influence.Therefore, it can be used in absolutely all climatic conditions.DSP is very easy to external processing and special coating allows to give the interior and exterior of the house is enough original appearance.

Another important advantage of this plate is its reasonable price.Due to which the scope of the DSP increasing day by day.A lot of positive feedback on this material only confirm the selection.


However, such products have certain features that are somewhat limiting its scope.Firstly, it is too high density and consequently, weight.The weight per square meter of cement particle board is about 14 kg, which greatly complicates the lining of the building at high altitude.There is also a disadvantage is the relatively low flexural strength.Although the level of strength of longitudinal deformation is high enough.

You can view photos and videos of using cement particle board in various construction and repair works.By comparing the final outcome with the use of similar products of plate, you will see the effectiveness of this material, as well as be able to consider the use of DSP boards for their construction needs.