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August 12, 2017 18:06

Instructions for roofing of metal

Instructions for roofing of metal

roofing technology of metal has its specific subtleties and nuances between its assembly with the right approach can produce their own hands each.

Currently, it is a metal one of the most common roofing materials, with which you can make as a cold and warm roof type.

This material is a metal sheet with a corrugated surface, and is the optimal solution in the regeneration of the roof of various buildings.

Meanwhile, depending on the shape of the roof, its configuration and number of skates during assembly of the universal roof using additional material of metal components.

In addition to its high practical properties, this type of roof structure attaches to almost any attractive appearance, as can be seen in the photo below.

A prerequisite for such an arrangement is a minimum roof slope of the roof of metal.

Subject to conventional technology and installation rules of the metal roof can be arranged with their hands.For more information about how to do this described in the video below.


  • Some features
  • Carrying out the necessary calculations
  • Preliminary work
  • isolation device
  • Stacking metal
  • Tips and tricks

Some features

Metal is quite versatile building material thatIt allows you to best protect the interior of the house.

From it you can do almost any roof configuration and shapes.In addition, this material leads to improvement both warm and cold roofs.

In cases where a warm roof installation, it is absolutely necessary to be a special way to insulate all skates.

This solution will equip the house one more additional space in the form of the attic, which is quite suitable for everyday life.

Also, when applying a warm roof will need to provide effective protection against moisture and condensation.

This will require all of its elements correctly waterproofed using for that purpose special materials.

When working, be aware that the roof of the metal and the frame structure must comply with SNIP.

During installation of this type of roof, insulation must also hold the right valley.Isolate the valley should be their top.

When the insulation of roof beams, the material is placed on the surface of the eaves to the ridge surface.

All joints waterproofing material should always be carried out only on the surface of the beams with minimal overlap.Also, the material web in any case should not sag.

Waterproofing of roofs

important point is insulation, which also provides for the snip.

For these purposes, you can use very different material, however, experts recommend to opt for basalt wool.

addition, roofing of metal and requires a vapor barrier arrangement.All these activities should be done for both warm and cold roofs.

Before you start working with his hands the corresponding need to calculate it right with all the subtleties and nuances, which suggests home construction.

Conducting the necessary calculations

Like any other building material, metal roofing should be to begin to calculate in order to represent how many sheets and additional elements of the roof is required in the process of installation.

As a rule, the full width of the galvanized steel sheet is always greater than a certain value of the working width.Therefore, to correctly calculate all and to estimate, it is necessary to know exactly all the dimensions of the working area.

In addition, consider the size of the surface of the roof near the chimney, the presence of the valley, abutting additional elements, angle, and the total height of the rafters construction.

resulting value can be obtained if the maximum length of a sheet divided into all its work surface.One result of that work, be sure to round up to the running figure.

To find the required number of sheets for one row, measure the total length of the roof slope is taken into account his height considering overhang of the eaves, as well as the size of the sheets overlap each other.


All these indicators should be folded together and thus get that length, which is required for the work.

Additional material for the space outside the pipe is calculated based on the area and size of space for the pipe.In the same manner, the value of the valley.

Taking into account all the other additional elements, including the sheets abutting the ridge and eaves, as well as the angle and height of the slope.

When calculating the material you need to remember that you must provide a minimum roof pitch of metal.To perform calculations with your own hands is recommended to have a number of the drawings.

Such calculations are made for warm and cold roof in accordance with SNIP.Types of roofs made of metal, can be seen in the photo below.


Preliminary work

Beforehow to start the installation directly by the roof, you need to carefully consider not only the process technology but also the requirements that are painted in the SNIP.

at hand must be the drawings, as well as by the rules of safety instructions when carrying out this type of work, which must also be read carefully.

The roof of metal

Based on preliminary calculations carried out, you must purchase the material in the required quantity.Also, additional elements for arranging the valley, a place near the pipe, eaves and so on.

necessary to have on hand and the appropriate tool, including professional.

Roofing of metal has its own specific features during stacking and therefore to perform work with their hands should be approached responsibly.

more detail about the process described in the video, which is available below.

Also, as it prescribes the instruction at the preliminary stage the scheme of laying all the elements, including locations outside of the pipe and the valley.

necessary to check the angle of the rafters in the squareness of skates and their contiguity to each other.


rafters, from which made the frame roof, must be located in the same plane and to be treated with special antiseptic compounds.

As you know, there are two main types of roofing, namely hot and cold.

should provide stacking layer insulation between the rafters directly to a warm roof.Unlike warm roofs, cold insulation installation is performed by the overlap of the house.

In any case, the principle of all the major work on the construction of the roof with the use of the same metal, and must be carried out in accordance with SNIP.

isolation device

For any kind of roof, which will be used for covering the roof truss structure, a prerequisite is a preliminary laying of waterproofing material.

To properly calculate the amount, you need to know exactly what the general area of ​​the roof.

This insulating material is required in order to maximize protect a future layer of insulation against moisture and condensate, which is usually formed under the influence of low temperatures.

in very different material intended for these purposes can be used as such an insulating layer.

selected as a waterproofing material must be placed over the entire space sloping systems, including the valley and a place near the pipe.Carefully adjusted each corner of the roof slopes.

In the place where it will be abutting sheets of film together, it is necessary to make a small margin.Fixing of the insulation layer can be done with wooden slats.

also at a preliminary stage necessary to properly insulate the space between the roof.For this purpose, based on the design of the roof, thermal insulation material is selected.

for cold-type roof settling it directly to the ceiling surface with its outer part.

In this case, you can use almost any material, from foam and mineral wool, expanded clay and finishing, sawdust and so on.

In turn, warm type of roofs is necessary to carry out the installation with their hands on construction of ramps or tiled heater or roll.

Some types of heaters that can be used for the roof of metal are shown in the photo below.


Next lathing is done in all the roof space, including the valley and a place near the pipe.Particular attention is paid to every corner of the roof structure of the core.

All elements crates should be stacked correctly and securely as possible.Thus, the roof will be fully prepared for the installation of sheet metal.

more on this narrated video posted below.


Stacking metal

Typically, metal roofing to strengthen their hands start from the base of the ridge, which will completely cover the surface of the slope.

Basic sheet metal is placed in such a way that it appeared a short distance directly behind the cornice.

mount each sheet metal is performed by means of special screws.Installation of each successive sheet produced with the mandatory overlap.

When placing metal sheets in such a way, you should periodically monitor their angle and evenness with respect to the eaves.

Coating metal tile roof

At the end of the end should be fixed special items, installation of which is carried out with the same pitch in sixty centimeters.For

ridge arrangement, typically use curved elements which are assembled by rivets.Angle joints of sheet metal is sealed by means of seals.

valley elements are stacked at the end of work.At the same time attention is paid to the sealing of all joints of the valley.

Before you put metal roofing near the chimney, the latter should be qualitatively plastered.All space outside the pipe and tightly connected with the waterproofing.

Metal tile is cut along the contour of the pipe where it passes the line of stamping, taking into consideration every angle of the bypass.Next, you with your hands fixing special aprons.

During installation aprons need to overlap at least one wave crest of the sheet metal, and the angle at the same time was a straight line.Also

using developing are additional elements as necessary ventilation and skylights, as well as any other technological holes.

For more information about how to make installation of their own hands roof of metal, described in the video below.Finished versions of roof metalocherepitsy shown in the photo.


Tips and tricks

Tile is universal roofing material that can be applied to the arrangement of the different types of roofs.

This ensures reliability of the entire roof structure and is characterized by its durability.

Despite the fact that the weight of the sheet metal is relatively low, raising them to the place of work is recommended with special lags.

storage of this material is best equipped to carry out on the shelves.

If necessary, navigate through lists metalocherepitsy, this is best done in the intervals between waves, because otherwise you can damage the material.

angle stacking of each subsequent sheet should be closely monitored and checked.

Upon completion of all installation work is supposed to be a kind of metal roofing pie consisting of several individual layers.

When the fixing of each sheet metal, this should be done only in places of contact with the surface of the waves between the crates.

Each sheet should be as tightly drawn to the surface of the crates.

In that case you need to perform the cutting of sheet metal, then this should be done only by using special punching Electroscissors.

use for this purpose grinders is prohibited, as a protective coating on the sheet in this case can be damaged, leading to later corrosion.

roof of sheet metal is the best choice for a private house and make sure it is possible, if you look at the photo.