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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to choose a stretch ceiling correctly


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How to choose a stretch ceiling right photo .Red and pink stretch ceiling Choosing a suspended ceiling for good apartments at reasonable prices.

now getting increasingly popular ceilings.They vary in color, texture, original in design performance.The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtension ceilings appeared in the 60s.But a wide release and application they have found in 80 years.Their advantage is that thanks to the tensioning ceilings can obtain any configuration and tilted in different planes.They are made of an elastic film, based on heavy-duty vinyl.They are used in the repair of apartments in offices, shops and bars - their application range is limited.The great popularity and demand due to a combination of aesthetic appeal and ease of installation.the market is presented in a wide range of colors and materials to choose the correct tension ceiling will not be difficult.With their help, you can quickly change the interior of the apartment, just a few days.

features suspended ceilings

They have good sound insulation properties, do not burn, due to its anti-static properties do not collect dust, which is sprinkled with the usual ceiling.This is especially important in hospitals, catering department, where increased demands on health requirements and the necessary sterility.This ceiling does not require additional care, which saves money and effort for another decoration - a guarantee under normal use for 10 years.These ceilings provide an ideal flat surface that looks like a solid ceiling.

Mounting tension ceiling photo Such ceilings are a special frame, on which the film is stretched and which is fixed or on the perimeter of the walls, or on the ceilings.Therefore, the ceiling plane turns out perfectly flat and smooth.

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Installation of a stretch ceiling to hide in her communication - air, gas, water, remove the wiring.Thanks to a layer of air between the tension and the main room ceiling insulation are greatly increased, a layer makes it possible to apply additional thermal insulation materials.Also lamps, the ceiling can be built of fire safety systems and alarms.When using these ceilings enough to remove dust and dirt with a sponge dampened with soapy water and clean water.When stained or heavily soiled, use ammonia or liquid for washing glasses.Stretch ceilings have water resistance and inertness to chemical agents.They did not settle condensate, no corrosion, which is particularly advantageous for the application of these ceilings in swimming pools, laboratories, bathrooms.By the advantage of suspended ceilings true that they do not fade and does not lose its original color, not afraid of blows, do not crack easily dismantled and that allows you to install them again if necessary.Variety of color and texture allow to realize a variety of design proposals.

Installation of suspended ceilings under any angle photo blue / blue stretch ceiling Establish ceilings at any angle, in any room configuration.They allow both sharp and smooth transitions from one plane to another.Widely used multi-level ceilings of various colors and textures.This technology and excellent performance, provide an opportunity to build tents, arches, arches.

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Design of stretch ceilings very diverse, different lots of material textures. Glossy ceilings are perfectly smooth mirror surface due to the high reflectivity of light.This type of ceiling visually increases the size of the premises, which is important for small apartments.On the glossy surface does not accumulate condensate, so these ceilings are suitable for use in rooms with high humidity. Matte ceilings visually create the effect of a conventional ceiling ideally equal, unlike the glossy, such ceilings do not reflect light.Therefore, it is the best suited for the premises. Stretch ceilings satin similar in appearance with a matte, but the surface is less textured.This type of ceiling can be used in any interior. texture of stretch ceilings , as mentioned above, the most diverse, this ceiling, made under a tree , marble , metallic , ceilings chameleon etc.Now designers are using original and innovative solutions that allow you to get the effect of a starry sky, popular and artistic ceilings.

When using stretch ceilings to avoid mechanical damage to the web and to avoid contact with things that can cause this damage.

Installation of suspended ceiling should do pro.Only in this case the guarantee is provided.

Ease of installation and ease of care, the ability to hide all defects, allow the use of suspended ceilings in a variety of areas.A range of colors and materials give the room personality and original form.It remains only to go to the store and choose the right color and texture for interior apartments.