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August 12, 2017 18:08

Types of sound-proof materials

Types of sound-proof materials To date, the problem of sound insulation premises is becoming increasingly important, how to choose the best and where.Particularly acute, this problem arises in large cities, as sources of noise and their number increases every day.As of this, every day is a growing need for high-quality sound-proof materials.Manufacturers offer a great choice, but which of them is most effective in dealing with the difficult problems of sound insulation?The article in this issue and try to understand.

For a start it should be noted that there are only two kinds of noise: air and structure.The first extends in the air and the second medium through the solids.Structural noise is largely a problem of industrial premises.With regard to air noise, it is a storm of office and living rooms.

correct choice is determined by the fact of what it is you are going to protect the noise.Basically need to protect the following types of buildings: industrial premises, office and residential premises.We have already examined the characteristics and properties of the mineral wool, will not be repeated.

About soundproofing measures still need to take care in the design process.This can be achieved by a suitable arrangement of partitions and rooms.

As for quality acoustic insulation materials, it is necessary first of all to note fiberboard.It is used in almost all varieties of rooms.Fiberboard is made from wood fiber and cement.Also they can use and synthetic fiber.In order to create the acoustic ceiling, acoustic fiberboard used.It is characterized by excellent sound absorption coefficient (approximately equal to forty percent).

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Types of sound-proof materials - Fiberboard

As one of the best representatives of the sound suppressing materials, we can consider the stone wool.Its absorption rate reaches 99%.It is also used for insulation from outside noise, virtually all types of premises.In addition, stone wool is widely used in reinforced concrete or beam ceilings.

Stone wool

Air-noise all of the above building materials to cope well.If there is a question of solving the problem of absorption of impact noise, the system is used or the design of "floating floor".The insulating material is used as the basis of this design.Already it is placed finish.Often, when creating a "floating floor" system is often used stone wool.

But the sound insulation of ceilings, walls and floor a little.It is essential to pay attention to doors and windows.As a solution to the problems with windows you can consider this option as the installation of PVC windows profile.Characteristics of sound insulation has very high.Normally the space between the two windows filled with inert gas.The most common and frequently used gas - argon.

PVC windows profile

Regarding the doors, there is usually used a multi-layer structure, which consists of a particle board and laminate.The space between the door and door frame is sealed by special gaskets for sealing.Types of modern sound-proof materials are full of variety, but it is necessary pomnitt that only get comprehensive measures to achieve a high level of isolation from external noise.

Especially for independent repair of apartment site.