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August 12, 2017 18:05

Calculator wallpaper room

Ceiling height (m)

width of the room (m)

length of the room (m)


number of windows

Before you start pasting wallpaper always necessary to determine the required amount of material.Experts advise to buy products with a small margin, because in the course of work a few paintings can be ruined, and over time the surface may deteriorate and it will have to refresh.

Because of miscalculation often a problem of excess waste and spent money, or the lack of material.We help online calculator for calculating wallpaper which allows you to quickly and easily calculate the right amount of material.When calculating the following data are recorded:

  • ceiling height (in meters);
  • length and width of the walls (in meters);
  • number of windows and doors.

How to calculate the amount of wallpaper on the room?

All information entered into certain fields online calculator.By clicking on the "Calculate" button the program displays information from the required amount of product.

standard dimensions of windows and doors shall be deducted from the total payment since the openings, of course, is not pasted.Consider also need about 10 cm on each strip of wallpaper, are cut or glued overlapped.

wallpaper produced several kinds: paper, vinyl, fiberglass, etc. Depending on the species, the length of a roll can be 10.05 meters, 5.5 meters, 25 meters, width - 52, 70 and 106 centimeters..In this case, the calculator for calculating the wallpaper on the room allows you to calculate the standard size canvases with width - 52 cm and a length -. 10,05 m

should know that certain types of products have a pitch (rapport) with a repeating pattern.These data can be found on the packaging.For such products need adjusting.If a single color fabric, then note that the fit of the pattern is not required.

more accurate calculation of the amount of wallpaper on the room can be made if, in addition to make room drawing or 3D plan.Then each leaf is expanded separately and determined the required number of materials.

When buying a product you need to pay attention to a series of games, as the hue and saturation may vary.Also, the larger the width of a repeat, the more waste remains after pasting.Colour Wallpaper require docking and fit.For wallpaper with a large figure calculations need to adjust.

Location in furniture sets of furniture affects the calculation of rolls of wallpaper, as in order to save for large furniture fabric can not be glued.

Calculation Table Wallpaper

Skilled craftsmen after calculations on the calculator write data.Such a table calculating the wallpaper will be useful when working.Control over expenditure of materials and additional funds will provide an economical and competent use of the product.

When calculating the wallpaper on the room area are given the most essential options that allow you to find out the right amount of coating material.