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August 12, 2017 18:05

Folding table with his hands

optimal solution to give a folding table.It can be installed in the garden, on the terrace or in the courtyard.At reception guests need only expand the countertop, and large dining table is ready for use.A small furniture can be conveniently stored in the house or in the barn.Craft folding table with their hands not hard, just need to prepare the required tools, materials, and perform the work according to the step by step instructions.


  1. Materials
  2. assembly folding table
  3. nuances of
  4. Video manufacturing folding table with his hands


To build a table with folding tabletop recommendeduse high-quality timber and board.It is necessary to procure additional fastening, lacquer and primer for wood.The main materials used for the work include:

  • board for legs: 8 units 730h45h45 mm;
  • boards for the frame under the table top: 2 units 550h45h20 mm, 2 units 950h45h20 mm;for hinged parts: 2 units 350h45h20 mm;
  • rail-bearing plywood: 3 units 450h40h27 mm;
  • veneers for worktops: 1 unit 985h585h18 mm;2 units for folding portion dimensioned 985h530h18 mm;
  • sheet of plywood for the shelf: 1 unit 885h481h18 mm;
  • cross rail made of plywood: 1 unit 440h40h18 mm;
  • side rail-bearing plywood: 2 units 450h40h18 mm;
  • hinges (hinges): 4 units for folding tops 60h34 mm;4 hinge for folding legs 80h41 mm;
  • screws made of stainless steel;
  • boring machine for metal shelves.

Before starting work, you need to prepare the legs and frame for assembly.On the tool bar, used to create the frame are cut grooves with a width of about 2 cm, at a distance of 3-4 cm from each edge.Drilled holes for connecting components and attachment to the frame legs.

themselves legs are cut crosswise, as shown in the photo.This will firmly establish the frame and to eliminate its bias in the future.Produce good folding table to help and quality tools.To assemble the need to prepare a drill, a circular saw.

assembly folding table

wire connections harvested elements as follows:

1. going frame under the table top: slots elements combine, locations of slot joints are fixed with screws with hexagon socket.

2. On the frame set previously prepared legs (Phillips drank).

3. Regiment is cut, the corners are cut.To plate is firmly on the inside of the legs (about 22 cm from the bottom of the feet) set on one metal dowels.

4. Gather side (sliding) of the support: the grooves on the tool bar installed boards are fixed with screws with hexagon socket.

5. Painted footboard, rails and tabletop.Previously it recommended sanded and primed wood countertop.

6. going internal jumper for the shelves.Skip to main the beam bolted side.On a shelf with holes for fastening the support rails, it is important to monitor the evenness of their location.

7. The base jumper is screwed to the frame of the table, set 3 support slats.

8. Loops attached to the supports jumper retractable legs.

9. Gather three parts tabletops: they are also connected to the loops.

10. The table top is fastened to the frame.

At this stage, folding table made of wood will be completely ready.

accompanying drawings folding table will help to study in detail and reassemble the product correctly.It is important to bear in mind that the processing of materials should be carried out immediately prior to connection.After the coating is not as effective as some sites simply do not get treated.

nuances of

to a folding table was really practical to give, should take into account the size of the stools that will complement a dining group.In particular folding chairs can be stored compactly on the inside of the stand.Therefore, these materials and parameters of the folding table can be changed if necessary.The circuit assembly may remain the same.

for quality of work is recommended to carefully examine the accompanying lessons to familiarize with video tutorials.When performing the assembly, use a tape measure to conduct thorough and metering points required for fastening elements.

Video manufacturing folding table with his hands