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August 12, 2017 18:05

The sequence of repair of an apartment with his hands

Each of us would like to know about, in what order to do repairs in the apartment.This issue is considered important because all steps should always be thought out to the smallest detail.


  1. sequence of repairs in the apartment

sequence of repairs in the apartment

Now we call the milestones and actions that you should be sure to stick with it.Namely:

1. Planning for repairs .This includes the nature of the finish, as well as a set of important measures aimed at repair.With the help of a competent design project prepared you will be able to more profitable to emphasize the dignity and hide flaws of a room;

2. Dismantling.This important step should be thoroughly planned.It can confine itself in the usual removal of the old layer of the adhesive and the fighting, and perhaps reach razdvizheniya partitions, as well as the change of doorways.That is, it depends on many circumstances.You have to remember that only the correct sequence of repair apartments with their own hands will help to avoid many problems.In addition, you can create a truly welcoming and very comfortable accommodation;

3. Communications Laying .You will need to take care of changing the electrical wiring, as well as heating and water pipes.The best option is to do it before the new finish.Because you run the risk of damage to many of the details;

4. You should definitely determine scheme running water, as well as select a suitable material.Moreover, it is important to choose the correct angle and tilt sewage to prevent its premature clogging and other unpleasant moments which may arise.You need to think about how to properly perform the welding and installation of polypropylene pipes;

5. After can change the active window, door , as well as other elements of the room.Remember that most dusty work should be done at the beginning of repair.The very same goes for finishing a sequence.This ceiling - below the walls, floors.In the implementation of high-quality alignment of walls you have to remember that the very small bumps, that is up to about 5 millimeters, you can align putty.If the irregularities are greater, then it will be easier to work with gypsum plaster.If the deviation You must not violate this important sequence.You should know that the key to success in painting, as well as fillings and any surface is an excellent primer.Because it is a primer layer will determine the degree of adhesion of your putty and paint to the prepared base;

6. Next comes the turn tie their own hands .You can choose any tie, namely, modern floating, and tie with expanded clay and dry.All depends directly on the wishes and possibilities;

7. Next, proceed to perform repairs with ceiling.There is nothing complicated, especially if you are a little versed in the repairs.

This sequence of your repair can help avoid many problems.Fully observing all the rules, you can not only make perfect repairs, but also save money and time on its implementation.Good luck!