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August 12, 2017 18:05

Decor bedroom

Bedroom - a place of rest.Nothing should be there to remind of the work routine of the office.If you can not remove the laptop or computer desk, you need to zone the space, separate working area with the help of the screen, or to place it behind a cupboard.


  1. Colours
  2. Wall Decor in the bedroom
  3. Curtains
  4. Photo decor bedroom with his hands

The bedroom is not the place of business papers and accounts, otherwise it will turnoffice.Everyone wants to have a cozy, warm room where you can relax after a hard day, to escape, to forget about the problems and concerns.To create a dream room, the designer does not necessarily call.It is possible to realize their own wishes and ideas.Keep in mind that the decor of the bedroom with their hands should be aimed at creating a welcoming, pleasant atmosphere.


color of the walls in the room will affect the overall health and mood.Yellow creates a feeling of happiness and satisfaction.Green is associated with nature, foliage of trees, it is neutral.

blue color reminiscent of the blue sky, causing sedation, appeasement.Blue has no place in the bedroom, you can get depressed by it.But the walls, even painted the right color, without decorative elements seem to be boring and bare.Small drawing skills, the ability to hold a brush in his hand to help rectify the situation and make the bedroom wall decor original and spectacular.

wall decor in the bedroom

ideal way to decorate the room becomes a fresco.Picking up a picture that is ideally fit into the style of the room, you can feel like an artist and get to work.Preliminary work - putty, primer will require work and time, but the result is worth it.The mural will give the room a special elegance and originality.

But if this is the case with the work tight, and invites experts do not want to, you can go lighter way - to use for decoration bedrooms with their hands family photos.Persons favorite and native people will always carry a good mood.Photos are good because they can be changed depending on the time of year, events.


finishing touch to the interior gives the window.Curtains have not only an aesthetic function, they protect against noise and dust, aggressive sun.They may be to match the walls, furniture, or stand out bright contrast spot.The main criterion in choosing the right curtains becomes your own taste.Succumbing to the fashion trends, you can get a nicely decorated, but do not fit into the overall look, the window.

important element of the decor of a window in the bedroom becomes a pelmet, it looks noble, majestic.Heavy brush grabs, cords reinforce the impression of stability, the quality factor.With pelmet can successfully hide the flaws of the window opening.Original photo decor ideas for the bedroom you can see on this page.

Photo decor bedroom with his hands

small room requires special attention.There should be no clutter decoration elements, otherwise it will seem quite tiny, small bedroom decor needs special taste and sense of style.A small picture at the head, a few photos in frames, wall lamps, mirrors to visually expand space.

For decorative wallpaper in the bedroom, choose light colors, horizontal image "pull" room, vertical, make it higher.Wallpapers better to take the mat, excess shine tiring and annoying.Fabric texture gives a feeling of comfort, warmth and cordiality.That this is achieved, furnished bedroom.