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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to choose a good grinder on wood ?

w - 1 Wood - perhaps the most used building material.However, its surface treatment manually - a complicated matter (in spite of compliance), which requires a lot of time.Sander will be indispensable to any host.Especially the owner of a private house, where there is always something to do, not to mention the repair, the ongoing their own.

What models sanders wood found in the sale, the criteria for assessing the appropriateness of their purchase and selection rules - it not only tells the proposed article.

Types of grinders


most common machine, as these models are considered universal.While using them to polish wood and fail, to carry out basic operations (alignment, elimination of various defects in the surface, and so on), it is well suited.As a rule, larger at the household level is not required.Grinding machines of this type are used for the treatment of not just wood, but other materials - plastics, metals.It is only necessary to establish the most suitable belt.

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Professionals use this type of product only for initial (aggressive, rough) wood processing.But for the average "home handyman" - the best option.That belt sanders are purchased more often, so this type of CMM is to understand more.

The principle of operation of the Working

polishers - abrasive belt, in common parlance "pelt".She pulled on the moving rollers forming a closed loop in the ring.The degree of treatment depends on the tree, the set with which the grain web.About marking sandpaper here.

Key Features

  • Options ribbon, which is installed on this model grinder.Its standard width (mm) for class "appliance" 760 samples for professional CMM can be 1 000. As the length of the following categorization - 457, 533, 610 (mm).
  • Power (kW).Within 0.4 - 1.2.
  • rollers rotation speed (rev / min) - 150 - 500.

What to consider when choosing a belt sander

  • specific use.If you need a grinder "for all", it is advisable to purchase a model with this (760) belt width.In the case where the aim is merely to smooth out irregularities or processed comparatively small area is sufficient and less expensive sample with abrasive cloth, for example, at 400.
  • presence centering mechanism.This "in tune" tape even easier to work with a grinder, because it does not have to constantly manually correct slides with support elements fabric.
  • Possibility tape speed control (roller rotation).This will apply in the processing of workpieces with any web grain sizes given kind of wood.
  • Dimensions paintings, which can be installed on the CMM model.

If the grinder selection is not too much trouble, the relative tape this can not be said.This is the question many people baffled.The different varieties of used consumables?


grain size

This characteristic is expressed in its density (pieces / inch).The higher the figure, the more "subtle" wood processing can be performed.Therefore it is recommended to start with the installation of the tape with a parameter of 65 ± 15, and ends with "fine-tuning" of the sample material with a density of 120.

type of abrasive grains are

zirconia and alumina.Begin processing the first type tape is desirable.Her "particles" sharper, so they are better suited for rough work.Including - stripping machine grinding metal against rust, in some cases - for sharpening of household tools (chisels, knives, even axes).As a result of not avoid the appearance of scratches on the surface, for its "fine-tuning" required to change the sanding belt on the canvas with an aluminum coating.Consequently, hand must always be set from the two types of materials.

Price belt sanders - 3 690 rubles.

Vibration and deltoshlifmashinki

Such models allow for a more "sensitive" (in fact, finishing) wood processing.The difference in the working part of the geometry.In the first case - a rectangle in the second - the triangle.Deltoshlifmashinki used infrequently, on the most difficult segments.For example, a timber for stripping sharp corners of recesses in the ground and so on.


What to consider when choosing

Range of depth and processing speed.The wider the range, the more types of wood species and other materials you can work this sander.

Price - 2250 rubles.

Machine eccentric

This allows the CMM to polish the wood to a state of gloss.The disadvantage is that the treatment will have to hard segments in another way, as the eccentric sanders are effective only with the correct geometry of the surface, and pre-stripped.

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What to consider when choosing

  • oscillation amplitude (up to 7 mm).The figure is higher, the more rough treatment can be carried out.
  • power.

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optimal parameters for domestic models are considered to be 7 mm and 0.75 kW.These provide CMM performance.

method of fixing a work item.There are two possibilities - with clamps and landing on the "Velcro."What is the difference?

«Clamping» CMM, as well as consumables for it will be cheaper.Minus - to replace the work item takes more time.Is it basically up to you, the reader.

fastening- machine with "Velcro" easier to reinstall the consumables, but higher cost.Negatives - not just a "tool" for such models.You may have and look.

Price - 3610 rubles.

Brush model

Assigning the same as tape machines.However, they are used in cases of necessity rougher treatment - removal of oxides, rust, old paint.In private homes, they are often used for cleaning parquet boards.Under certain skills with this sander can "wear out" furniture.

w - 10

What to consider when choosing

  • diameter shaft.The speed of rotation is inversely dependent on this parameter.
  • weight.The optimum value for the consumer model - 3,8 ± 0,5 kg.
  • Types "tools" used.On the grinders of this type, except for brushes (steel or nylon), optional abrasive, polishing cloths.Here, it should be thoroughly and understand in relation to a particular model.

Price - 6890 rubles.

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Before selecting a sander for home use, you must decide where and for what purpose it will be used.If it is bought at "all cases", that will be enough and a model of the tape.The owner of a private house, which is necessary to perform various kinds of work with wood, it is advisable to have at least 2 types of CMM.

unequivocal recommendations for the acquisition give meaningless.Buying a particular model grinder - a question that requires an individual approach.And what features of products to pay attention to and what to consider, described in some detail.

Useful tips

  • rough wood processing it is recommended to conduct against the fiber at an angle.The exact (grinding) - along them.
  • owner, who for several hours a day engaged in work with wood (in fact, it is a semi-professional use or CMM), you should choose grinders under the brands «Bosch», «DeWalt», «Makita».In other cases, when the irregular surface treatment of wood, enough models of domestic class - «Kress», «Skil» and the like.
  • All grinders are characterized by a variety of ways for dust extraction.What is more appropriate - in the reader's choice.However, the author considers it necessary to note that the CMM to set a disposable dust bag (container) it is better not to acquire.It's like a household vacuum cleaner - end "bags" supplied and have to look for, where to buy them.