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August 12, 2017 18:05

Overview of desktop mini lathe machine tool - choose the model at an affordable price

turner All Lathes, depending on their characteristics, conditionally divided into several groups - standard industrial, household, cutting, "combined"."Mini" -HIGH in its structure and operation are not much different from their "big brothers", although their features and somewhat limited.However, it is the best option for home use because the data table lathe machine mini does not require large areas and can effectively be used in any room - garage, annexe, a small shed and so on.

asking the price of a particular model, you need to focus not only on its value but also on several other points.

What to consider when choosing

  • intensity operation.
  • What (in size) of the blank is supposed to work (turning diameter).This is determined by the distance to the caliper.For home use as little as 30 - 40 mm.
  • required accuracy.
  • machine features to email / network connection (single or three-phase, 220 V or 380 V).It is possible to provide the necessary voltage for the machine installation site and whether it makes sense to lay a new "line"?After all, this involves additional costs.
  • What materials generally have to work.According to this criterion power is selected.Typically, this feature is the "mini" model does not exceed 0.4 kW.
  • Graduation limb.The smaller it is, the more accurate adjustment can be made.
  • rotation speed (rev / min) and the possibility of its regulation.It should be understood that the processing of different materials (eg, wood and metal) is required to exhibit a different speed.
  • Availability reverse in the spindle.Otherwise it is necessary to spend time and "shift" belt.
  • Quill.The larger the diameter, the smaller the vibration part.
  • Functionality (jobs).
  • engine type.Asynchronous have more resources.
  • installation place.Weight majority miniature models varies between 14 - 95 kg.If you are planning a systematic movement (transportation) of the machine, then you need to choose a model with a smaller mass (no more than 45 kg).This machine is easy to move by hand.
  • Additional equipment.This is not only a guard (cover), a pallet, but also various devices allowing to perform any complicated operations.

Accordingly, each owner can decide which machine it is better suited for a particular purpose.Still, most buyers are mainly determines whether the acquisition of a rational combination of two main factors - functionality and cost.Unfortunately, the domestic machine tool industry more focused on the issue of industrial application units in recent years, so the market today are found mostly "mini" -HIGH imported.To have an idea of ​​how many will have to pay, and as a result can "get" a look at some best-selling models.


Mini machine in China.If we consider that we have in many ways has developed a negative attitude to the products «made in China», the machine - a pleasant exception.First of all - it is universal and is perfect for machining of various materials, not just metals (eg, wood, plastic).

Pro - 350

0,35 kW provide the opportunity to work with workpieces up to 180 mm.Infinitely adjustable speed and rotation of the shaft at 3 000 rev / min can achieve extreme accuracy.The total weight of all the devices is not more than 54 kg.


  • threading;
  • internal and external processing material forms both the cylindrical and conical;
  • sharpening instruments;
  • resurfacing.

cost - from 51 000 rubles (depending on the configuration).

Quantum D140x250 Vario

Producer - Germany.The possibilities of processing slightly lower, although power - 0.45 kW.Dimensions preforms - up to 141 mm in diameter and 250 mm length.RPM is controlled electronically, the spindle is reversible.Below and frequency - 2500 rev / min.


cost - from 42 000 rubles.

Proma SM-250E

machine Czech production.Able to handle the same items (140 and 250 mm), as well as the previous model.But power is somewhat lower - 0.23 kW at a frequency of 2 000 r / min.But this machine has significant advantages - small size and weight (about 23 kg) and cost.For use in their yards or in a small studio - the best option.


Price - from 27 550 rubles.

among Russian models can be identified under the brand "Handy" and "Corvette."However, the minimum cost of such machines - 39 000 rubles, which is what makes Czech counterparts more attractive.

Useful tips

  • When purchasing a used / have a mini-machine, check all available documentation on it.If the seller can not provide it, it is better to abandon the purchase, even assuming that the price asked for it minimal.Why?In case of breakage face great difficulties in defining the specification required parts, without which it ordered from the manufacturer (or dealer) is not possible.We'll have to look for it yourself, on the model.And if it is quite massive, how to be?
  • Second hand lathe it is necessary to check on the performance even before the acquisition.The point is not whether it is included or not, whether the spindle rotates uniformly, without jerks.The main thing - the processing accuracy, the amount of error.It is possible that some parts already prohibitive production, and then the repair will have to invest so much that it will probably be comparable with the purchase of a new product.