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August 12, 2017 18:05

Key differences between the balcony from the loggia , design features and photo

Balconies or loggias have virtually all residential and administrative buildings.But the question, what is the difference between them, only a specialist can answer correctly.there are certain criteria for the average citizen, by which it determines how to classify this "extension".But most of them are wrong, and only misleading.Try to understand what the fundamental differences between the balcony from the loggia.

But it should be clarified first, but is it really so important?If the structural element is already available, it does not alter - that is, those and will have to use.But the fact is that to the balconies and loggias different requirements in terms of operation specifics.The relevant information is set out in detail in the SNIP.That is why, to avoid the possible troubles in the reconstruction, "modernization" of the dwelling (for example, when combining the loggia with the room), it is necessary to define the terminology concerning the specific "extensions".

For example, this is not uncommon when balconies are glazed on all sides, made their interior design.The owner decides how he build his house.At the same time carried out in such additional room heating, making the removal of the general building contour, the law prohibits.


His plate (platform floor) stands for the perimeter of the structure.In fact, this hinged design that has a 1 prop (in line abutting the wall of the house).


There is another solution that is when the supports are beams (usually concrete), protruding from the wall.


In some cases, a platform set vertical posts, which serve as additional support plate.

There are other options.But the common feature - serving plate - Set.Everything else - the glazing, the presence of the side walls (partitions), type of fencing, exterior and interior trim - for the second time.


Sometimes it looks a little different from the balcony, as the options for its execution may also be different.The main feature - its 3 sides are building walls.That is, a loggia can be either built-in (part of the room), or carried (but its sidewall - a natural continuation of the walls of the room).structural differences - in the loggia is not one (like a balcony) and 3 lines (fulcrum).


way, sometimes the project is already envisaged that the heating circuit is put to the loggia, with the installation of radiators it (a more typical destination for the administrative structures).

Conclusion - if the floor slab beyond the perimeter of the building and has only one "point" support, it balcony.In other cases - loggia.