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August 12, 2017 18:05

Installation of ventilation in the sauna with his hands - the rules , devices, circuits, and video

ventilation , sauna need to organize a normal ventilation in the premises of such a specific purpose is obvious to all.Every reader wants to deal with the device templates and features ventilation systems installation in the sauna, he knows a priori that its lack of a negative impact on the effectiveness of the procedures and shorten the service life of all components is about 3.5 - 4 times.

Like all works on installation of ventilation to perform with his own hands, and technically correct - the theme of this article.

norms and requirements for ventilation scheme in the sauna

key to success - not only in the carrying out of meaningful technological operations at every stage of its installation.Master should be a clear understanding of what needs to happen in the end, all will he be able to perform with his own hands, as it takes time and how much it will cost the unit of the ventilation system.


basic requirements

  • Permanent air supply (fresh) from the outside.
  • temperature constant in the premises, including a high - in the steam room.

ventilation systems in the bath and sauna are very similar, but there is a fundamental difference.It is a method of heating air.For it is a dry sauna.Therefore blind copying schemes without considering the peculiarities of their work - a meaningless exercise.

Rules and Regulations

  • ventilation device in the sauna almost all the rooms have a modest size.With regard to the rooms with small dimensions need to be guided by a ventilation scheme that it can provide air updates approximately every quarter of an hour at least.For the sauna is considered a marginal rate.
  • In the process of design and installation should consider and rule out all risk of drafts, or on the contrary, areas with stagnant air. [/ Box]

Typical ventilation scheme


is considered the most effective, but expensive.Need valves, filters, diffusers, noise suppression device and a number of other circuit elements.An example is shown below:



For devices with their own hands - the easiest option of ventilation.


But this applies only to the installation process, as quality air exchange can be achieved only when the precise engineering calculations.In addition, the disadvantages of such a scheme very much.For example, dependent on wind direction and strength.

Air handling

From the point of view of "efficiency + + final cost of the installation with their own hands" - the best engineering solution.

With ventilation organization under this scheme and we will understand more.

Does it make sense to install ventilation in each room one by one and the same scheme?If the steam supply and exhaust - the best option for the changing room, lounges (including expenses) is enough to organize a natural ventilation.

Structure and working principle

scheme If the reader will understand the principle of operation of the ventilation in the sauna, the task of the author is made.Any host to cope with the mounting system with their own hands, without attracting specialists.Further general guidance on charting and technology work will be given.

Ventilation holes

applied to the pair, they must be mounted at the bottom of the walls in the furnace area.Why?Firstly, the cool air coming from outside, will heat faster.Secondly, such a feature of the scheme excludes it from entering the area where the person accepts the procedure.If

between the flooring and the door leaf in the process of mounting the box to leave a small gap (about 50 mm), it can further increase the efficiency of air between rooms.



receiving opening air channel output, regardless of the chosen scheme, always arranged directly opposite the supply, that is, on the opposite wall of the room.Depending on the specifics of its "receiver" can be two (in the steam room - sure).The first - at least 100 cm from the floor level, the second - for the removal of air from the outside sauna - the ceiling.Both are connected by a box.To eliminate the influence of wind rose and the height of the sewer pipe in the hood should be to mount the fan.

circuit feature is that the two channels - the inflow and discharge - Install adjustable flap.They are also called gates, dampers.It is with the help of such devices is provided to maintain the necessary microclimate in any room.

appearance of condensation on surfaces, stale air in the rooms - are clear signs of improper installation or failure in the operation of the system.

How does the ventilation system in the steam room


All valves and doors are fully open, the fan is turned on.Enough 5 - 10 minutes in the sauna air is completely renewed.


doors and exhaust duct dampers are closed and the supply channel remains open.This ensures rapid heating of the room to the desired temperature at minimum fuel consumption for the furnace.

adoption procedures in the sauna

flap hood ajar, but only at the lower hole.What gives?Circulation flow begins, and the heated air and remains in the vicinity of the ceiling.Consequently, in the steam temperature is maintained unchanged.Nor is it stops air renewal.As a result of the scheme - the most favorable microclimate with good fuel economy, that is, the full implementation of Article 1.1 requirements.

Common errors in the ventilation device with your hands

  • Mounting only one hole for the exhaust air from the sauna, though a slide gate, under the ceiling.This lack scheme is fraught with the fact that the heated air will be quickly removed to the outside.Consequently, the complicated process of regulating the temperature in the steam room and dramatically increase fuel consumption.
  • location of all holes (inflow exhaust) at the same height from the floor.The effectiveness of the scheme is difficult to judge (though minimal ventilation will), but that the draft provided - definitely.
  • channel cross section drawing less than the inflow.Air exchange in the sauna is difficult.How to choose the best option for any ventilation scheme?The recommended ratio: 1 m3 of the room - 24 cm² duct section.

scheme described above - is the most convenient for the performance of their own hands, and its effectiveness in the sauna confirmed by practice.Dear reader can doubt that, taking into account all the features of its device it will work effectively.Good luck in the designing.