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August 12, 2017 18:05

Organization of ventilation in the building with their hands - output circuit with a wall , window, as well as other variants

make your stay in their home as easy as possible - the natural desire of each of us.Ventilation of a private house - one of the components of comfort.And when you consider that the flow of fresh air - it's not just the health of all family members, but also the safety of the property (reducing the risk of condensation, mold, mildew), this question can not be called a minor.About how to self-organize in a private house adequate ventilation, including with access to the wall - the theme of this article.

in 1 Start by answering a few questions.some of them may seem to someone too primitive, or even pointless, but if the order and deal with the ventilation company in a private house, then thoroughly, from scratch.

most common errors when installing the system (and as a result, its low efficiency) just due to the fact that the "general" subject everyone knows, but at least "semi-professional" versed in the subject a few.

What is ventilation? This flow of air masses from one private home to another area.


  • should point air intake from outside (from the street), and the second - for his exit to the outside;
  • airflow should be organized in such a way that it passes through all the rooms, that is, the process air cover every single room.For larger buildings (industrial and other purposes) can be mounted several independent systems - across sectors, floors and so on.With regard to the private house of a common (if properly chosen scheme) is enough.

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What type of ventilation for private homes is preferable? This is understandable, given that the speed of movement of air masses directly affects the comfort.After all, few of us like to constantly feel the presence of drafts.

  • Forced ventilation.The flow rate of the air flow when drawing included - from 3 to 5.5 m³ / h.
  • Natural.It is the same parameter of 0.7 - 0.9.

Conclusion - is most appropriate for the natural ventilation of a private house.It provides a proper comfort.

Before the owners of wooden houses the ventilation issue, as a rule, do not.The walls of log, log houses, by definition, "breathe."Therefore, regular airing is enough to refresh the air in the premises.But the owners of buildings from cellular concrete or bricks you need to think about how it, and under what scheme to organize their own hands.Especially, the finishing materials are used mainly in low (if not zero) vapor permeability.For example, penoplex as insulation.

As defined in the preparation of the ventilation circuit in a private house?

  • Places installation of devices (and ease of installation with his own hands) for fresh air intake and exhaust flow out.
  • Location, duct configuration.
  • channel cross section (calculated according to the required air exchange).These parameters can be specified on a special table, as they are "tied" to the main dimensions of a specific room.

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There is a certain relationship between the flow rate and duct section (its bandwidth).Consequently, the lower profile, the higher the speed.Therefore, for some facilities forced exhaust installation is a must, as the installation of large boxes from the aesthetic point of view has some limitations.

Proper organization of ventilation in a private home means the movement of air masses in the direction of the most smoky (contaminated) premises - san / nodes and kitchens.It is in their own hands and fitted hood.

type of window units

If they are made of plastic, the sealing openings complete.Wooden frames are small cracks, gaps and the like, so in some cases it's enough to not be engaged in arrangement of special zones (installation of devices for the fresh air intake).But if the window construction in a private house made of PVC, it will have to make their own hands.

ventilation scheme with their hands

Recommend some only correct scheme impossible.All homes are built on different projects have different number of floors and other features.Therefore, given the circuit - is just an example.Putting whether additional fans on the hood and the influx - solved individually for each house (rooms).One thing to note - any scheme drawn up for a specific project, and her best option - combined.That is a reasonable combination of forced and natural tributaries and branches of air masses, depending on the size and specifics of individual rooms.

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Ways to improve the efficiency of ventilation in a private house

Ventilation valve

at 8 Window. establish their own hands on already installed windows will not work.But if PVC blocks only to be ordered, it is necessary to specify in advance the manufacture of windows is with such valves.

Wall. Another name - the infiltration of the valve.They are mounted in cases where the replacement of windows with new ones, with controlled ventilation / slots impractical.In fact, this device - pipe with a circular cross-section.To install it with your hands have to "pass" through the wall.On both sides of the valve - lattice, the inner - adjustable.This makes it possible to control the air flow and to choose the most appropriate ventilation mode.Setting supply valve is described in detail here.


at 10 o Such devices it is advisable to mount in the area of ​​window openings, or directly behind the radiators, and in all the rooms.The outside air is heated and becomes faster (battery), and infiltrators cover easy curtains so as not to catch the eye.

Valve mainly provide inflow (m³ / hour) of air in the volume 50 and 100. It is possible, in a large room will have to put not one but at least two devices.


at -13 Option 1 - when attaching the blades to the door unit is necessary to provide at the bottom of a small gap (about 15 - 20 mm).If everything is done with his own hands, such a system - not a problem.

Option 2 - acquiring the door, you need to pay attention to the design features of the web.There are models in the lower part of which is already available so-called "downcomers lattice".

If installed in a private home other door models, they can be converted, if desired, by acquiring lattice separately.Another question - how much it is advisable to engage in a modernization of the new doors?

Features of different types of ventilation of rooms in a private home


  • need (depending on the size of the room) from 30 minutes to an hour for air quality.
  • At low temperatures outside the windows, slopes, window sills likely condensation.
  • The longer the open window, the greater the heat loss.

at 9


understood that the flap swings open completely.

  • Enough from 5 to 10 minutes.
  • condensation, cooling the air in the room is possible.

full airing

open all windows and doors.It is recommended in particular cases, with caution (particularly in children), and for several minutes (not exceeding 3 - 4).

If simple ventilation system does not provide adequate comfort in a private house, it is necessary to explore other options.

a -15 example, ventilation system with heat recovery.

It is useful to understand and types, varieties of fans, silencers, models of cooker hoods and other devices that can be installed.But this is a separate and quite voluminous threads, so the author considers it possible to restrict the information given.

It is sufficient to understand the principle and operation of ventilation in a private home, and the possible organization scheme of its own hands.