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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to make a machine for the production of cinder blocks with their hands - drawings and video

definite plus use in the construction of artificial stones - the possibility of their independent production.Are no exception and cinder blocks.As far as it reduces the overall cost, it is easy to understand if we consider that the feed - one of the cheapest and most available, and the need for the delivery of products on the site is no longer, as the production is organized in the place of work.From what we can gather the machine for the production of slag blocks, how to do it with his own hands, and we will investigate the proposed article.

Note!Prior to machine manufacturing, it is necessary to decide, first, where it will be located (the free space on the site, in the annex, and so on), and secondly, with its performance.These factors are interrelated, but it is on the basis of their analysis, you can choose the best option design.

With this in mind, experts recommend to make drawings of their own, according to its own size, but do not copy other samples.And it's hard to do, if you know the machine device and how it works.Table

Considering the total weight of the concrete and the matrix solution, and vibration during manufacture of blocks, only the metal used as the material.The photo shows a number of possible options for the table.

Art - 1_

His task - with the help of vibration to provide a seal solution, and this is achieved the desired strength of the artificial stone.A method of "control" vibrating table - manual or electric.

Features manufacturing

much influence engine power does not have the vibration.Enough to take the product from the household appliance, such as washing machines b / y.The main thing - to provide optimal shift of the center of gravity, which causes fluctuations countertops.How to do this depends on the capabilities and skills.


first - with bolts, which are arranged perpendicular to the axis of the shaft.Wound on them nuts regulated amplitude and vibration speed.

second - setting goals, in which the center of gravity shifted.

If there are difficulties associated with the process of designing a specific model will be out of place to read articles on relevant topics (eg, what is the eccentric and how it works), to remember the lessons of physics.

countertop mounted on the frame by springs.They are easy to pick up, for example, from the decommissioned equipment.Coaches clearly not suitable, as they must be sufficiently rigid and strong.

When assembling the table you need to pay attention to the fact that the table top should be placed in a strictly horizontal plane.Otherwise, after downloading it spill over the side of the solution, and cinder blocks are obtained with a curved top.

Since much easier to work with a mobile machine, the frame must be fitted with wheels.


Art - 4_ photo easy to see where it is installed.

manufacturing Features:

  • working part - plate - must be strong.Therefore, the metal is taken at least 3 mm.
  • dimensions should be chosen in the parameters of the matrix.The plate should be slightly less than the size that when squeezed the solution flowed out.


Everything described above, in fact, ensuring proper process.But the form - the main design element.On how well it is made, and depends on the user experience, and the speed and quality of production.

Linear shape parameters and performance characteristics depend on what kind of units (the emptiness or full-bodied) and any required size (all sizes of breeze blocks listed here).In this overview, the container is designed to load in it the initial mass.It is in the form it will harden and gain the necessary strength.For homemade matrices best material - wood.It can be thin or planed boards or sheets of laminated plywood (waterproof - FC, PSF).

device simplest form shown in the figure:

Art - 5_

Assemble a working structure will not be, as well as make drunk under the dividing wall.For their manufacturing many suitable materials having a smooth surface - metal, glass fiber, and the like getinaks.

Features manufacturing mold

Art - 6_ If the production rate is not a determining parameter, it is possible to make collapsible.This will greatly facilitate the recess finished cinder block.Simple homemade matrix can be used for the manufacture of artificial stone and without vibration table and compact carry by hand.In this case, the strength of cinder block may be slightly smaller.This simplified production technology involves loading a liquid consistency of the mortar.

All surface parts forming an internal cavity (bottom, sides) box, should be treated vlagoottalkivayuschey paint.This will prevent them from sticking to the concrete mass and increase the service life of the matrix.

If you want to manufacture hollow stones, it is advisable to fasten the bottom of the box "pins" the appropriate configuration.

And what kind of configuration to choose, it is clear from the figure, which shows the possible options of breeze blocks:

Art - 7_

If enough just round ducts and vibration table is not used, it is possible to get them later, banal introduction into the solution (in certain places) cylinder.Usually used ordinary bottle (shown above).It is understood that adherence precision, uniformity of distribution of the grooves over the entire face area is not guaranteed stone with such technology.

going monolithic design for manufacturing stones on the vibrating table.From this sample simply "shake" rollover template.In this case, it is more expedient not to collect the form of wooden elements, and use the sheet metal of the welded box.Recommended thickness - not less than 3 mm.If you rely on the standard cinder block, the parameters of the matrix - 19 x 19 x 39 (cm).At the bottom of the metal box attached by welding "blockouts".

Art - 8_

To facilitate the process of excavation units from the matrix, these elements should be given a conical shape.How to do it?For example, the grind of metal blanks on the lathe, use a pipe cutter, treating them accordingly.This applies to all items regardless of the section - it is a circular (cylindrical voids) or rectangular (for the slit-like).In any case, "blockouts" should be narrowed upward.Methods of manufacturing at everyone.The main thing - the result.

Note! Void should not take more than โ…“ of the total artificial stone.

To improve performance, you can make a matrix, cassette-type (one of the options shown in the figure):

Art - 9_

Since the general assembly of the weight increase significantly, it will necessarily be equipped with handles for easy moving.

for "fixing" of information recommend to watch the video instructions for the production machine:


to the machine design process more understandable, should be exhaustively acquainted with manufacturing technology at home blocks.Then there will be no ambiguities, will be able to make their own drawings and a table and matrix assembly will go much faster.