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August 12, 2017 18:05

Production carpentry clamp his hands - materials , advice , process

Clamps are used for dense pressing some surfaces to each other (a contraction, adhesion).Accordingly, carpentry clamps are used when working with wood, wooden surfaces.Those that are found in the retail trade, the frame often made of light metals, and these clamps are often bent and become useless.Yes, and sizes of clamps no more than 2 meters.What if it is needed to press the large "surface"?After all, when bonding, for example, sheets of plywood overall quality of the connection depends not only on the pressing force, and the pressure evenly over the entire surface.

Of course, you can use several clamps.But still it does not guarantee a perfect result.As an option - to buy a sliding model, but its price makes to think about other options.And they are.Consider the two, since they are the most simple.


Production clamp and materials

For making homemade clamp (universal, not only the carpentry) with his own hands, we need the channel.Its length depends on the maximum with what "dimensions" of material to work with.We must also think about the long term, if we use this clip have often.Along the centerline of the channel bar is necessary to mark places for holes.They will be inserted bolt welded to a small piece of sill (fence).With the welding apparatus cut holes easy.For a more dense "landing" stop this "nest" is necessary to make teardrop-shaped (like a keyhole for the old door locks).

Clamp - joinery - 1 For a small segment sill welded bolt.bolt head size should be such that it can be inserted into the socket.All ready to stop.Now you need to find a thicker screw, weld some "eye" for him at one end of a long channel, and the clamping device is ready.

Clamp - joinery - 3 This homemade clamp is convenient to use when working with dimensions details, for example, in the manufacture of doors.However, you can use the two small clamps and bonding of large surfaces.

In this case, you should use the flexible hose.Its material should be rigid enough, and the plane - slightly curved.Its ends are pressed against the two small clamps are glued to the sheets, and she inserts a plane uniformly presses the entire bonding surface.

embodiment of the manufacturing clamps independently, there are many.They are made on the basis of the purpose for which they need (for a permanent job or "on time"), and what the size of the details will have to stick together.