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August 12, 2017 18:05

Characteristics and types of aluminum composite panels for facades

panel Before we deal with composite panels, which is composed of elements from aluminum, it is worth briefly on what constitutes such samples.The word "composite" means that we are dealing with the production team, consisting of several components.And all of them - from different materials.

It is "a combination" of specific properties of each of them allows you to get the special properties of the final product, rendering it in a sense universal.When it comes to facing facade composite products are intended for exterior trim panel buildings.

They come in quite a large range, as the technology is constantly experimenting with different combinations of materials.Composite panels for facades are aluminum, plastic, wood and polymers, and others.This article will focus more on products with an aluminum base.


from the figure (one of the product options) understand the overall structure, but something that should be clarified.An intermediate layer disposed between the aluminum sheets may be of different materials.This is mainly aluminum hydroxide, various plastics (polymers) or a layer of mineral substances.Surface treatment is made with special compounds that form during solidification thinnest (at the level of microns) protective film.

Features composite panels

Performing cladding of buildings in the short term

First , all panels are characterized by strict geometrical parameters.Therefore, spend time on their fit, sealing of cracks or irregularities formed at the joints do not have to.

Second , due to the fact that all samples are overall, himself facing the process is very fast as 1 unit of production covers a large area at once.

length may be different, especially if they are made to order.But the sale of the panel are the most common (as the most popular, especially in the private sector) in length from 1 to 1.5 m


kreplenie_ Depending on the thickness in the range of 3 -. 7 kg / m².This allows for finishing buildings with little or no restrictions on the material from which they are constructed.Additional reinforcement of the foundation is usually not required, which also reduces overall costs for the finish.Due to low weight composite panels can significantly increase the pace of work and reduce the time of its execution.


You can use this product for any region, regardless of the climate characteristics.It is inert with respect to moisture, pressure, ultraviolet rays, temperature and aggressive chemical compounds.

Lower operating costs

Such products do not require a touch-up or restoration work.All care is their washing the (if necessary), for example, a hose.But this one.

We must bear in mind that all of them possess properties such as the ability to retain heat, absorb sound.Therefore, it does not need to engage in additional arrangement of soundproof (and spend the money).And a constant microclimate in the premises, and in any season, it will save on the heating units and appliances for air conditioning.If you calculate the benefits in the future in a few years, the economy, taking into account the relatively high and constantly changing tariffs (up) get quite tangible.


High maintainability

Given the particular attachment method, the replacement of a damaged sample a lot of time will be required.Furthermore, an additional advantage of composite panels is that in the course of repair do not have to deploy mini construction site with all its attendant "charms" - piles of bulk materials, equipment like concrete mixers and, as a consequence, dust and dirt.And when you consider that the work can be carried out at almost any time of the year without any preparatory measures, the total cost of repair is almost equal to the cost of the product itself, that is minor.

Long life

minimum, which is guaranteed by manufacturers - 25 years.


She really high, taking into account all components of the "composite".In fact, there is nothing to comment.


acceptable option This applies both to the thickness of the product and their color schemes.Customized front panels are available with a relief surface, or with any pattern.So they can blend in with any design.

panels Species

product type is selected depending on the specifics of the structure and its further exploitation.The range is significant, therefore it is sufficient to limit ourselves to mention some species.

  • Simple facade
  • Universal.
  • Refractory.
  • Class "premium" (a heat-resistant layer).

facade - kompozit_


Most of the composite panels are used for the decoration of administrative and other public facilities, while in the private sector they find worthy application.Here are the most common options:

  • cladding facades.
  • Construction of detached small facilities (sink, gas stations, pavilions and the like).
  • Billboards, different designs for exhibitions.
  • as elements of interior decoration.


It depends on many components, including, and from producer. price of composite panels starts from 1080 rubles (680 rubles / m²) .But for their purchase and installation required elements of the supporting framework (for ventilation / facades), since the use of crates of wooden slats will not ensure proper quality of external finishes.Perfectly flat base - one of the conditions attaching "composite".The cost of such bearing structure - from 525 rubles / m² .

If you know all the specific features and benefits of composite panels, then determine where they can be installed, not so difficult.