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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to disassemble the plastic window for repairs - step by step instructions

Even seemingly "eternal" PVC windows require, if not repair, regular maintenance - definitely.This primarily relates to all mechanisms used in construction, so that the time necessary to partially disassemble the plastic window from time to time.

window PVC windows from different manufacturers have some differences - in the specific fastening elements, profile type, and so on.But the general sequence of actions is identical.Thus it is necessary to understand to what extent disassemble as "scatter everything to the ground," just does not make sense.The extra work and then add an additional problem, as yet to be able to not only collect, but so that all the elements of the leaf are securely connected and sealed.

With the order "diagnostic" window, the rules of the exact definition of "sore spot" and eliminate the defect can be found here.

How to disassemble

Remove window

Of course, you should start with this.Given the considerable weight of the sash, alone this work is better not to do.Element fixing it is a metal rod, which is enough to pull out of a landing slot.The plastic lid that covers it, is removed easily, without tools.

Remove shtapiki

how - to remove - beadings This is done only when, for example, sealing the broken window unit, and "purged" from under the glass.In other cases, without having them not touch.Professionals do so - start with the dismantling of the longest bead.For this purpose, a tool with a wide and sharpened blade (spatula, knife cobbler, a chisel or something like that).

Remove hardware

Nothing complicated about it - all screws easily be turned out with a screwdriver.The tool type is selected depending on the type of slot on the head of the fastener.Some items are also covered with plastic overlays (eg, handle attachment).These parts are turned through an angle of 90 0, thereby opening access to the screws.

Removing the mechanisms (locking)

This is done, as a rule, only to replace them.Lubricant can also produce and work without this step.

What to consider

  • Since the dismantling of PVC windows made quite rare, it is necessary to lay out all removed parts in a certain order, so that later, during the installation, they are not mixed up.And even better - to sketch, write, in general, do not rely on memory.According to well-known law is required to find out that something needed for repairs on hand at the moment.But even the next day, not everyone remembers in detail how and what he did yesterday.
  • disassemble glazed windows is not recommended.When assembling the window units in the company is taking the necessary measures to ensure proper sound insulation shutters, which use special sealants and adhesives.Without knowing all the details of the technology, to carry out their own assembly quality is unlikely to succeed.In principle, such a work and does not make sense, as "packages" can not be repaired and in the case of replacement of damaged products Why take it apart?