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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to choose the attachments for motoblock - types , purpose and price

Although walk-behind tractor and cultivator is different from power, weight and a range of other options, but its scope is severely limited.In fact, this "machine" is intended for plowing (tillage) soil.But if it is equipped with additional accessories, it becomes a truly universal.

What exactly buy equipment to expand, everyone decides for himself on the basis of what kind of work is expected to perform the motor-block.Their illustrative list is as follows: cultivation, transportation of goods, digging roots, hilling, cleaning of the territory.But that's not all, as manufacturers are constantly expanding range of attachments.

talking about milling cutters does not make sense, since they are included in the basic package and can either work with the wheels or installed in their place.


Assigning the name implies - to enhance the reliability of "coupling" with the ground.If the standard set, they are not provided, then in some cases it is advisable to buy - the problems with plowing, hilling will be much less.



plow If the area has a decent size, then loosen the soil using cutters - long and tedious.For a small suburban area plow, perhaps, not necessary, but for small-scale farming is well suited.We are not talking about large fields, but for a few tens of acres this device will come in handy.

Special cutters

shaped like crow's feet, hence their common name.In areas with hard ground with small size of the territory it is to replace the plow.For example, in the country.


you do not need comments - the name speaks for itself.These devices differ in size, so easy to choose the best option.



potatoes assortment of attachments such as large.Unlike hiller - blade design.He lattice-type, so the land it does not linger, and sifted, leaving the root on the product.


To attach some additional devices (eg, the same plow).The fact that not all the available models coupling.Therefore, this item, if plans to expand motoblock may not necessarily need.


rotary equipment.Set the front or tillers, or rear.By the way, not all models fit, so you need to specify its applicability.



thing to carry something very useful, but not suitable for all models.The following should be taken into account.

  • power motoblock.Pull it additional weight or not?About his choice here.
  • Dimensions and weight of the cart.If it has, and the unit weight is large, it is unlikely to get involved in the carriage on rough terrain.The fact that this "train" will be able to climb up the hill - the big question.


Trailer Adapter

design feature is that the frame is "broken", which facilitates the discharge process.Plus - the seat for the employee and the hitch.For the garden is not exactly necessary.And for a large area, with heavy use of very convenient.


or may be in the form of a knife (for dozer type) or a screw.The difference in principle.In the first case the snow raked in the second - leans back.

Domestic snow-plow


aerator intended for "passive" soil oxygenation.The operating principle is simple - the product penetrates the ground with sharp "needles", leaving a plurality of holes, which are filled with air.

Brush for cleaning the territory, not only from the debris.She is quite capable of dealing with a small cover of fresh snow.


attachments Once again it is worth noting, dear reader, that this is not a complete list.In addition, each type of attachment differs a variety of designs.Naturally, all of the design features, as well as the price can not be indicated.Therefore, specific data for each type of equipment should be checked at the point of sales.But in order to navigate a bit, the individual items indicate your approximate prices (in rubles).

  • lugs - 2 870.
  • Kartofelevykapyvatel - 1 850.
  • Hillers - 1 700.
  • Plough - 3 990.
  • Mower - 14 000.
  • snowthrower - from 14 650.
  • trolley - 15 000.