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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to make the floor in the bath - a device two basic floor options

to the floor baths, especially steam, special requirements, other than living quarters.It must withstand the constant heat, high humidity, and do not deteriorate from water sheds.And still be warm and pleasant to the touch, because in his own bath often go barefoot.

options floor structure a little bit - flowing and leakproof.Leaking is constructed of wood, between the planks or beams leave a gap through which the water flows down into the cellar, and from there down the drain, or if quite simple, in the dacha, the ground under the base of the bath.Leakproof floor can be either a wood, with a tight-fitting planks and concrete laid with tiles on top.Water from it is discharged through sewage on the device I was telling.


wooden floors familiar and safe for humans.It is beautiful in itself, and retains heat well, is perfectly combined with walls, trimmed with wood paneling.In addition, the heavy wooden floors are much easier to install and do not require the bulk of preparatory work.But after each visit to the bath so the floor should be raised and dry.Tile is more hygienic and durable, it does not apply to the mold, but the basis for it is necessary to carefully prepare and take care of its insulation.For baths, which soared more often and in large quantities people and located right in the house - this is the best choice.

Linoleum and other synthetic materials in a bath are inadmissible, since the high humidity and temperature can give off harmful substances.


Even during the construction of baths need to attend training base for the floor.The soil under the future is filled with bath and compacted gravel layer 15 cm. If it is to soak the bitumen, such cushion will have more and waterproofing properties, and better distribute the load.When poor soil moisture absorbent cushion thickness can be increased up to 25 cm, and pour it under 5-10 cm of sand.


designing facilities, we must note that the floor in the steam room must be lifted from the floor washer to 10-15 cm and 20 cm above the floor of the locker room.This will better retain heat.If you intend to

wooden floor, the space under it should be well ventilated.To this end, a bath in the base on opposite sides of the pipe lay of 10 cm diameter plastic or asbestos cement, so that air can circulate below the floor.

For leakproof floor immediately determine the place where the sink is installed, this is usually the lowest place in the building.The space under the floor, too, should we conceal ventilated, and to waterproof floors should be approached very carefully.Drain is equipped with a siphon connected to a pipe with a diameter of 10-15 cm, connected to the house sewer.If the room is far from home, the sink can be derived beyond its limits in an additional tank.


Paul Wood

floor floor in bath rarely heated above 30 degrees, especially when it comes to the flowing design, which is not insulated.Therefore, it can be made from coniferous wood: pine, spruce, larch, - as they withstand high humidity, and thanks to the high content of tar, not as exposed to the fungus.An additional advantage - they do not slip when wet.If there is a possibility to use the floor the same wood as the wall - linden, birch - that is the best option (about the best kinds of wood for the bath, read here).

to flowing floor will need:

  • brick or concrete for supports, mortar,
  • materials for waterproofing: bitumen mastic, roofing, waterproofing film,
  • logs or timber section 15 * 15 or 18 * 18 cm, whichwill be engraved plaque,
  • board thickness of 5 cm and a width of 15-17 cm for the flowing floor and rough level leakproof,
  • decking leakproof floor (maximum dry) and expanded clay as insulation.


Previously all wood is treated with an antiseptic, and the ends of the lag - sealant.Boards are sanded carefully to splinters could not injure the skin.Cover the finished wood floor in the steam room is not suitable for anything, since any over time, nail care begins peels, and when heated may give off toxic substances.

Since on the joists have to a lot of weight, they additionally propped up columns of reinforced concrete tion or brick with a thickness of not less than 15 cm. Concrete backups are performed on all the rules of filling the columnar foundations.Otmost ka for those and others should be 7-8 cm. The height of the supports is the same as that of the foundation.Logs are placed on the foundation and support, covered with a waterproofing material in the case of roofing material - 2 layers.If the floor is constructed flowing, then they are placed at the same level if leakproof then sloping towards the drain.This bias is adjusted using shims.

wooden - floor - in - bath

to flowing floor boards nailed across the lag with nails or screws to fasten.Gaps between them leave about 2-3 cm, and the walls of the gap is smaller.

leakproof wooden floor is laid in several layers.Lower - draft - a member of the boards mounted on a lag, as with the case of the flowing floor, only without gaps.Above it is placed a layer of hydro and thermal insulation, then stable planks with nails or screws.They are placed so that the groove facing in the bath center or to the place where the drain is installed.

concrete floor

concrete floor cooler, and its construction is necessary to take care of the insulation.There are two options: put insulation between two layers of concrete or over, placing it on a solid substrate, which will be attached a finishing material.For

lower layer of the concrete floor in the bath solution is prepared using as the filler rather rubble, - about 35 mm.The optimum thickness -. 15-20 cm His poured, as well as all the overlap, using formwork and reinforcement.Since the layer is thick, as the valve can be used a metal grid with a mesh of 10 * 10 or 15 * 15 cm.


top of the bottom layer is laid a waterproofing of roofing material or special film and lay or poured insulation.Options may be few:

  • expanded clay (it is not cheap, but layer it can be netolstym),
  • sheets of mineral wool or basalt,
  • polystyrene foam (substandard brand may collapse with time),
  • foam (absorbs moisture and therefore needsin high-quality waterproofing)
  • perlite mixed with cement and water - very light material with excellent insulating properties.

top of the insulation layer should be waterproof again and filled the top layer of concrete.Its thickness can already be less, and is used as a filler at gravel fraction.

This layer is necessary to level carefully and pulling on the level, as it will serve as the basis for floor covering.That water flowed into the drain, mow when leveling the floor in his direction.Enough 5.10 mm per meter of floor.

concrete dry for a week or more, so to each subsequent stage can begin only waiting for the drying of the previous layer.To the concrete is covered with a network of cracks during drying of the surface of the support with a damp, sprinkled with sawdust or covering film on the first days.

The fully dried concrete foundation is laid on the tile adhesive tiles or clinker.It is better to choose a tile with non-slip mat or a rough surface.If you are afraid of getting burned on the tiled floor, the top of it you can lay a wooden lattice, which will walk on pleasant.

In a waiting room and other rooms bath floor doing waterproof, with high-quality insulation.