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August 12, 2017 18:05

Making floor screed - operating procedure , practical tips and videos

During repair work in the home is often raises the question of the need to the surface is new, for example such as a laminate on the floor or in the same room or around the house.To date, choose the type of flooring is not working.But before you proceed directly to the laying of flooring, you need to fulfill a number of conditions that are common during such work.Their meaning is leveling the floor - because only then coat lies flat and will look beautiful.

Ties made or monolithic, and national teams.The first type couplers made using different solutions (plaster, cement, or special mixtures thereof), the choice depends on the humidity.The second option - the use of special building tiles or dry screed.


Procedure floor screed

first phase of work - preparation of the floor surface.It is necessary to make a preliminary rough surface leveling, try using the tools at hand "to chop off" all the irregularities (bumps, residues of cement or concrete).It is necessary to remove the old tie, if it was clear from the dirt floor.If possible - vacuum.After that, the floors should be thoroughly cleaned (maybe several times) and allow them to dry thoroughly.All available slots must first be filled.

next stage - priming clean surface.It is necessary to do so in at least two layers.The first layer - primer for sex.The second layer is used as a mixture in which the composition has a sugar (for example, "Betonkontakt"), it must have the binding properties.This layer will provide a strong coupling ties with the floor surface.

third stage of the work is to correctly identify the horizontal, or "zero" floor level.This will require the building level.Operation is simple: you need at a height of 1 to 1.5 meters at any point of the wall mark, which is selected at random.Then this point is uniformly projected onto the walls of the room.It is with the help of a spirit level accurately maintain a strictly horizontal line around the perimeter of the room.In other words, it turns the plane strictly parallel to the horizon.It was on her, not on the surface of the floor, and should aim at laying the screed, as even the most flat floor can have any bias.

After that is necessary to determine the shortest distance to the surface of the floor, making measurements at different places of the room.Where the minimum distance, the floor height is greater.Navigate to need her as screed must have a certain thickness (at least 3 cm).

leveling screed Along the walls is necessary to lay strips of any material, it is desirable that it was the roofing material.Then set the guide L-shaped evenly throughout the room (use normal profile area)."Tens" Enough.The distance between the corners from 1.5 to 2 m. Their solution is fixed to the floor and gently leveled using level.

Objective - to ensure that the level of all parts was strictly "for zero."After tight corners were attached to the floor, pouring the solution begins with the simultaneous alignment of its surface.It is necessary to smooth the joints of adjacent bands.

It is important to "take care" of the tie in the drying time: moisturise 3-4 times a day.Complete drying occurs within a couple of weeks.Walk on the new floor can be within 4-6 days, but the "load" should be no earlier than three weeks.