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August 12, 2017 18:05

Most modern materials for the construction of a private house - Overview

building materials growth of individual construction led to the appearance on the market a variety of materials, including those that were once unheard of.The range is so wide that even experienced people are often lost, not knowing what to choose.Try to understand what modern materials are attractive not only in terms of cost, but also the feasibility of using it in the construction of private homes.

As a rule, individual developers are guided by the following indicators:

  • price of materials (including, and lining);
  • opportunity to the maximum to perform all operations with their own hands;
  • the total weight of the structure, because of this depends largely on the type of foundation and its installation costs;
  • cost of finishing;
  • durability;
  • frequency current (capital) repair.

considering some types of new materials, focus only on their specific features.

First , comprehensive information on each sample - not a topic for this article.People interested in the details, will be able to get acquainted with all the "ins" and "outs" yourself on our website in the section "Building materials", which are described in detail almost all popular.

Second , many shortcomings are relative, as the manifestation of defects caused by often-quality products, and violations of the technology works and ignorance of basic things (for waterproofing, thermal expansion, compatibility and so on).Let's start the review:



timber Of all the material "wood" categories professionals recommend to give preference to these products.

  • strict geometry greatly simplifies installation and konopatku.
  • Decorating almost does not need.
  • Excellent exterior of the house.
  • good microclimate.

Experts say the main drawback glued brusa- need additional insulation, or heating will be significant costs.Details of the tool bar, click here.

Logs cylindered

With the above advantages, this material will require several large construction costs.Most likely, it is necessary to involve experts, at least at the stage of construction of a log house.Read about the construction of logs in a detailed review.

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Stone artificial


In all respects, good stuff.But it's pretty intense to absorb moisture.Therefore, when you use it you will need a high-quality waterproofing.This implies the need to apply plaster, which limits the choice of species facing.

aerated concrete


specifics of its application is that the artificial stone is fragile.This causes difficulties when mounting attachments and furnishing objects (cabinets, shelves and so on).Just because it is not zabesh nail and screw (with sleeve) not set - will not stay.Only anchor bolts, and is not always convenient.

of foam can be built in 1, a maximum of 2 floors, and then, with the reinforcement design.Comparison of foam concrete and aerated concrete - perhaps, you did not know.


polystyrene Of all the artificial stone is considered the best.The properties (water vapor permeability, environmental safety), it is much like wood.Its main advantage - practically zero thermal conductivity.The material itself is an excellent insulator, and additional work will not have to be carried out in this regard.

Another difference from analogues - in polystyrene never be got fungus or mold.But given the low cost of production (approximately 1 000 rubles / m³), ​​it is this stone can be recommended as one of the best building materials.Incidentally, the "bricks" can be made on the spot, without spending money on rent of transport for delivery units on the site.

frame technology

Construction of "sandwich" panels largely profitable.This house is always comfortable, and heating costs will be small (in the year about 26 500 rubles).But the service life of products is less than 20 years (and this is the maximum).A renovation of the building can get a "pretty penny".With its many advantages, this house is different durability.It is, rather, a variant of a quick solution to the housing problem, but talk about the fact that many generations will live in it, is not necessary.In fact, talking about it, and reviews of the owners of frame houses.


few comments

Almost all commercially available modern building materials are the best option for building your own home.The choice depends on the preferences of the owners and their financial capabilities and climatic conditions in the region.But if all of us think about how much is the annual stay in the structure?But this money, and not small.Of course, if you follow the technical condition of their homes and not live in it on the principle of "the day has passed, and ...."

Therefore, counting the cost of construction, it is useful to navigate and at what investments will be required to operate (primarily heating) and the maintenance of the house in a proper form.The above comparative table, though not covering the entire range of products and includes approximate figures, but the overall impression of the annual expenditure on it is possible to make.

understood model project home for a small family.Prices are in rubles.

Material Estimated costs:
construction operation main article
4 500 000 100,000 heating
2 500 000 85,000
Aerated 2,850,000 72,000
panels "sandwich» 3 150 000 135,000 repair

Accordingly, when choosing a material you need to look not only at the cost estimates for the construction, but check with the experts, what it would cost operation of the house.

to determine the material for the home, you should immediately find out what type of foundation is suitable for site-specific, based on the soil characteristics and the occurrence of water reservoirs.The cost of equipping the base of any design can "eat" up to 45% of all the money that will be spent.That is, it is possible to save one, but in another play.

Speaking of the foundation, it is impossible not to mention the non-removable type of formwork.Now there are several varieties of these products.The use of products from expanded polystyrene can significantly save on the insulation of the basement (technical) facilities and extend the structure of the base service.on such construction costs - from 150 rubles / m² - a fully justified.