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December 12, 2017 00:17

How to choose furniture for the office

right to choose furniture for the interior color is quite difficult, in spite of all the variety available in the market factory production models.First of all furniture says about the taste and status of the owner's office, on its sophistication and style.Therefore, the question is how to choose the right furniture for the office?


What is important to know when choosing furniture for the office

first of all, it is taken into account when choosing aesthetic environment.Further, it is estimated the Offered comfort and functionality, and parameters such as reliability and environmental friendliness are often placed in the least.


It makes sense to consider each of the requests more:

  1. Aesthetic furniture creates the first impression about a person.It should inspire respect and reflect the social status.Cabinet of the head, where the furniture is not only a significant part of the interior, but also shows its high cost - will become a kind of "indicator" of the financial situation.Moreover, it is believed that the furniture should be of a the component that reflects the features of the master cabinet.Solid tables and chairs can not be reconciled if the director acts as a frail-looking woman.And vice versa - a representative of the stronger sex impressive size and will not look at the background too minimalist interior of his office.
  2. functionality fitments allow to characterize the master's office as a man with taste, and at the same time knows how to make the right choices.For example, disguised as a cupboard entrance to a separate room for the rest add respect for the guests, who know about this secret.
  3. feel comfortable.Most managers spend at their workplace a significant part of the day, so no gloss and type of furniture will not replace the convenience and practicality.
  4. Environmentally friendly and natural materials.The richer the owner, the more furniture made of natural materials will be in his office.Natural treated wood displace coverage of chipboard, and solid leather director's chair will replace the more simple tissue model.

If cabinet dimensions allow, you should divide it into distinct zones:

  • meeting room,
  • work area,
  • place to relax.

It is for a work area, which contains a table head, and a chair, the director will hold most of the time.It is therefore important to present good lighting.In addition, you will need a place to put the auxiliary equipment or additional cabinets.meeting area should have a long table for the desired number of simultaneous users, taking into account the stock for another two people.The separate existence of the advantage would be a place for recreation, situated in the corner of the office, it is desirable to have a window.In this area are usually a couple of comfortable chairs and a low coffee table.The purpose of this place is the head of the siesta.Most high-ranking directors attending the important guests, and conduct business negotiations in this area shows the location of the host to the guest, setting up an informal atmosphere, while during the conversation at the table to negotiate a feeling some of officialdom.This is not necessarily bad, but not necessarily in every situation.


assortment allows the majority of manufacturers to buy furniture for the office, choosing from ready-made solutions for different interior spaces.If the manager takes a high position in order to to choose where and what will be located - it is necessary to trust the experts, who will select the best options for the situation and interior cabinet with all the wishes and requests.At what furniture is unlikely to be for the office at home and at work have significant differences - often require the same set of components that are selected by the interior.

What is the situation

cabinet Cabinet of the head of any rank must first have a table.It must provide its owner the necessary degree of convenience as well as possible to disclose the nature of the owner and the scope of the company.


For example, the massive old furniture from trees are not clearly will be combined with the image of the company, working in the IT field and positioning itself as the young.Conversely, in the office, where everyone is talking about the inviolability of tradition - bright colors inappropriate Art Nouveau.Right to choose furniture for the office - is a problem, but nevertheless, if you spend enough time for the consideration of proposals from dealers, then this task is quite capable.

table Selecting

most important thing in the office of any rank - this table.Behind him are conducted transactions and negotiations, followed by the job and it is apparent that the line between the host and guest.The table should not stand out from the general decor, its color and shape required to fit a single selected style and stand out from the general scale.Moreover, the interior designers even prepared a list of criteria based on which and should choose a table:

  • Natural wood countertops and visible elements of the decor has to cooperate.
  • Optimal choice - a wood brown tones.According to the statement decorators, such a tone furniture subconsciously adjusts to peace and enhanced mental performance.


  • garntirur All furniture must have either the same color as the head of the table, or else may be a two-tone design in the decor.
  • chief countertop table is characterized by a greater thickness than a simple office desks.The difference is at least two times in favor of the first.
  • Optimal dimensions of the table are as follows: length - 1,2-1,6 m, width not less than 1 m away from the nearest social companion to the head should leave at least 1.2 m
  • table is so behind the head..nobody went.As a rule, the work area is placed in such a way that the head was sent to face the door, the table should stand against a wall, sideways in relation to the window.
  • Table height must be a level to hand freely placed on the countertop surface and the elbows are not hung.
  • useful option will be the presence of regulated metal supports at the table.It is necessary to optimize the position and height of the countertop at the head of need.

Which chair optimally select

second part forming the shape of the head and his image, becoming chair in which he holds office hours.It represents the highest degree of ergonomics and often made of expensive materials.As the table when choosing a chair, too, must take into account a number of criteria, which must have a good seat:

  • presence of five-way bearings and wheels with rubber base for smooth and silent movement.
  • adjustment mechanisms that are available in a position to handle any function without getting up from his chair.
  • seat height adjuster with shock absorber in order to reduce the load on the foundation.
  • Regulators height armrests that allow to find the optimal position for the hands.
  • armrests themselves must change their height position, and in addition be able to be set at an angle for a more hands relaxation.
  • good chair in addition to the anatomical backrest equipped with retractable roller under the waist, to reduce fatigue during long working days.
  • lower edge of the seat should have a thick layer of filler and a rounded shape.
  • The angle between the backrest and the seat should not be greater than 115 °.
  • upholstery chairs, consisting of high-quality leather or PU-leather.The latter should not be confused with kozhzamom as PU-Leather is an eco-friendly product based on natural leather, but unlike the first, ekokozha has better tactility, is more resistant to abrasion and has good hygiene indicators, such as steam and air as well ashygroscopic.At the same time distinguish the products made of natural and eco-leather to the naked eye is virtually impossible.In fact, the product of PU-leather quickly became popular because of its low cost and high quality.Thanks to it becoming a real buy showy stylish chair, without resorting to special expenses.


  • rolling mechanism must automatically adjust to the weight of the person sitting in the chair and allow small rocking.
  • color chair shall conform to the overall color scheme of the situation.Light colors are allowed in those cases, if the situation is made in the same color scheme, but it is important to take into account the fact that the bright material is more easily soiled.

The most important thing when choosing - is personally try out the chair.The market presents a wide range of chairs, but not all models are able to give the owner of a decent level of comfort.At the same opinion that "the better - the more expensive" is not always justified.According to the reviews, even the models from the same manufacturer, to a lesser price category won by the comfort of more expensive, so the choice must be done because of their preferences, and first of all should pay attention to the German manufacturers.In the home office furniture that you need to take the same basis components, but not necessarily the same price level.If you are not expected to receive important guests there, the atmosphere is quite capable to do and the more modest, the taste of the owner.

Wardrobe: style or functionality

Sliding doors are convenient in that they allow for minor amounts put in a huge amount of things.In addition, they often performed and a decorative function: for example, for doors or mask the safe passage into the next room, the presence of which is not supposed to know everything.
Sliding wardrobes have conclusive advantages:

  1. Individual designing, allowing to place there not some shelves under standard clothes and accessories, but at the same time and to arrange storage for valuables and a minibar.
  2. wide range of colors that can blend in with any interior and trim.
  3. saving interior space thanks to a variety of performance form factors.
  4. part of the performance windows as mirrors or frosted glass that can increase the space visually.Folds cabinet should have a width of not more than 90 cm, otherwise the design will start to experience heavy loads.

Sliding wardrobes have become an integral part of any interior and are gradually replacing ordinary cabinets due to its convenience and functionality.

desk height pedestals

This item frequently furniture set is an optional accessory Adjacent to the table leader.Its purpose is to store a variety of paper, small office and personal items box which are often equipped with a mechanical or electromagnetic lock.Extension tables are optional for the table, and have several smaller height in order to stay below it, or else they are placed perpendicularly.

Cabinets have in their structure a few boxes that make up an even number.Sometimes there are versions with one large drawer in the middle which is used to store documents, and smaller in volume boxes are located on the sides.
In general, side cabinet is a good design decision, as needed for the head piece of furniture.Furniture for the office, a photo with variations that performance, perfectly illustrates the need for it.