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August 12, 2017 18:06

Instructions for the production of wooden beds with drawings and photos

Today, many home care about environmental issues, including safe and healthy furniture made from natural materials.The most important is the furniture in the bedroom, and especially - for a bed on which a person spends a third of his life, resting, is charged with energy to be active.Of course, the beds are made of natural wood can be bought at the store, but this furniture is very expensive, and the desired size, shape, color, pattern is difficult to find.Therefore, for many there is a question about the manufacture of wooden beds with their own hands.Make it easy, but the product will fit your needs and will be much cheaper, because you would pay only for materials.

Consider the production of the simplest model of a wooden double bed.

necessary materials and tools

number of materials that are needed for making the bed, depending on its size.But before you make a drawing and determine the length and width of the bed, you need to know the exact size of the mattress.We purchased the mattress is usually the standard size.If it for some reason does not suit, the mattress can be made independently of the two layers of foam with a thickness of 125 mm: less dense lower layer (35 kg / m3), high - more dense (not less than 45 kg / m3).The length and width of the foam in this case, you can take the one that suits you.For example, 200 cm and 150 cm. In the ready wear layers sewn to size mattress.Thus, the mattress will have the following dimensions: length 200 cm, width 150 cm, height 25 cm


following materials will be needed for a bed this size:

  • board 250 × 30x2 cm for the side walls - 2 pieces;.
  • board 200 × 30x2 cm for the front, back, sides and headboard - 3 pieces;
  • timber 200 × 4x4 cm for four carriers, and supporting legs - 5 pieces;
  • rail 150 × 4x2 cm for strip coating and mounting boards headboard - 25 + 2 units (can be replaced with thick plywood);
  • screws;
  • glue joiner;
  • varnish stain.

bed plan - clickable

not do without the proper tools:

  • screwdriver;
  • drill;
  • jigsaw;
  • cutter;
  • hacksaw;
  • plane;
  • sandpaper;
  • measuring instruments - measuring tape, steel ruler, square;
  • pencil.

few tips

After preparing the tools and purchase the necessary materials, you can start marking and sawing lumber.Thus it is necessary to follow a few rules:

  • must first make a drawing bed, pointing to the exact dimensions of all its parts;then it is desirable to make a list of these components and the amount of material to them;
  • line that will be cut, it is necessary to mark a cutter or a pencil on the line;
  • in the manufacture of several components of one type and size should first cut it out one item, and then use it as a template;
  • saw cut surface must-sanded.

manufacturing technology wooden bed

Determine the location for the supporting bars on the front and the back.To this end, the length of the wall is divided into three equal parts and make the appropriate markup.The depth of planting of the mattress is 5 cm. Couple this figure strips thickness (2 cm) and carrying the longitudinal bars (4 cm).Received 11 cm, which, measure from the top of the walls in the ground marking.


Screw the inside of the two support bar.When choosing screws, consider the thickness of the bars and the board, so as not to spoil the front surface of the product.


Screw the support bars to the side walls.To do this, measure from the top of 7 cm boards (slats and mattress thickness of planting depth) and draw a line with a ruler.The support bars are screwed along the entire length of the side wall, retreating from the edges of 6 cm. The edges of the reference beam fasten two vertical segment bar 4 cm thick, so that the indentation to the edge of the board was strictly 2 cm.


Attach the front wall of the additional boardfor the head.Pre promazhte edge adhesive and perfectly leveled blanks.From the outside the head strengthen the three strips that are glued and screwed screws.The shape of the head can be chosen according to your taste.


All Templates cover stains, achieving the desired color.After that, apply a double-quick-drying varnish.
Collect bed frame, connecting the workpiece to each other with screws.

on supporting bars front and rear wall, place two carrier timber and fasten them with screws.To better support to the supporting joists can be fastened in the middle two feet in height equal to the height of the side walls.


Place the rack on the bearing structure (or plywood, depending on the version), maintaining the distance between them is 4 cm and stepping back from the front and rear walls 2 cm. Screw the rack screws.Place the finished bed mattress.


As a result, you get a classic wooden bed, very durable, environmentally friendly, fit into the interior of your bedroom.If there is a desire and a certain skill, you can decorate a variety of design decorative elements.

Plan and photos of Serjant ( forum)