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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make beautiful trim on the window with his hands - detailed instructions with photos

Today you can buy almost everything.But with respect to certain types of casings on the windows (especially decorative) this can not be said - they tend to be made or on-site or in the workshop, according to remove the "standards".Taking into account that such work is not much of a challenge for a good host, let's talk about how to make window frames themselves.

First of all, what is the casing?No more than a frame structure that surrounds the window opening.Its main task - to close the gap between the window unit and the wall.And the aesthetic side of the issue - it is a nice addition to the total wall structure.

Wine - 1 way, such strips are often confused with the barge.First - this is outside the house, and the second - in the room (on the reverse side, along the perimeter of the window frame).

All the houses are different wall materials, architecture, lining.Therefore dwell on the issues of what is better to make casings with their hands, how to use the tool and the like, simply does not make sense - any building or renovating their different nuances, especially when it comes to decoration (carved) items.

Master himself will select the necessary set of chisels, knives and so on.But there are some common elements of the manufacturing process, and that this is to dwell.


Wine - 2 best option is considered to be wood.Although, if only because this frame is much easier to fix and fasteners easier to "disguise".Can not be said about the plastic, as if to fasten screws, then how to hide his head?Given that the strips will be continuously exposed to rain, it is advisable to choose larch.Of all the conifers allocates its ability to increase its strength when wet, and this can not be avoided.

Recommended board thickness in the range of 20 - 40 mm.If it is difficult to choose the width of the workpiece, it is possible to glue the 2 narrow.In this case, experts advise to use adhesive compositions having a synthetic base.

Accordingly, the "tree" must undergo pre-deployment training, which is its special means of impregnation - antiseptic (against rot) and flame retardant (ignition).

should be remembered that the wooden frames require systematic care, including regular and surface treatment.

When choosing paint formulations for "finishing" coat you first need to focus on their characteristics such as moisture resistance.A shade - at the discretion of the owner.

If necessary, create additional insulation of window openings is expedient to prepare the polyurethane trim.

frame Making

There are a few basic rules:

  • frame dimensions must exceed the dimensions of the frame of the window unit is not less than 2 cm on each side;
  • its internal parameters are selected so that the window sash is easy to open at any angle (up to 110 - 1200).

panels can be any form: convex, rounded, but the easiest option for the production - with a flat outer surface.

Wine - 3

battened together using a spike (or through "blind").He is made of dry wood.

use to assemble the panels into the frame adhesives (rigid fixation) is not recommended because of the atmosphere under the influence of casing will systematically change their geometry (thermal deformation), so the connection between the elements must be "flexible".

In some cases (material characteristics permitting) it is advisable to make the back side panels "sampling" (a kind of tape along the longitudinal axis).There is laid insulation.

Specificity mounting

Wine - 4 According to this criterion, all the products are divided into 2 categories.On the telescopic casings have protrusions that are inserted into the slots on the frame.Surface mounted "overlap" and often "planted" on the glue.This technique is more suitable for plastic, not to use fasteners (screws or nails).However, it also has a drawback - as in the need to dismantle the panel, so that it does not hurt (especially if it is not solid, but with a subtle pattern)?

One of the manufacturing and mounting options shown in the figure.The principle is not difficult to understand.

If you want to make a carved architrave, then it is better to choose plastic as working with this material much easier.Pre-made with the corresponding template pattern, which is then applied to the workpiece.


If the materials you plan to use a polymer casings or GRC, it must first be figure out all the additional load which will create such is not easy, design elements.