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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose a refrigerator for home , and not to overpay - practical tips

selection Refrigerator - an indispensable attribute of every home.In principle, you can do without a number of other products which habitually "registered" in our homes - the dishwasher, food processor and even the TV - it's not vital.But how to be without a refrigerator, if it is needed is not just a regular and daily basis?Therefore, to the question of the choice of a particular model for your home should be treated very carefully and intelligently.

Because the range and refrigerator, and a huge range of prices (from 5500 to 100 000 and more), the purchase of the device causes certain difficulties.It is no secret that most often we focus on the size and appearance ( "stylish" or not), the recommendations of the seller (advertising) and attractive offers discount "only for you personally" (as the same without it).But is this really what we want?Here and see what and how to evaluate the store, especially as advertisers, and salespeople more cunning, not paying our attention to some of the nuances are very important from a practical point of view.

Outside refrigerator

  • 22 Dimensions .Not only if he "fit" successfully in the kitchen, but also whether it will be possible to carry through the doorway.
  • handles. may be hinged or "locked up."Last preferable for small rooms where there is a risk or bump, or catch on clothing.Available in models in which the door opens when you touch the handle.This is useful if you need to refrigerate something to load, and your hands are busy.If the handles are located on the surface, you need to check the "rigidity" of their attachment.
  • Paint Quality .To determine this, it suffices to examine the "border" between the metal and plastic.This is - the most problematic areas.It is here, if you look closely, you can detect defects.By the way, they are often elementary paint over, and this must be taken into account.On some models, such "lines" closed shut.We must ask the seller to remove it.If the paint factory, quality, the paint is not peeling.
  • compressor manufacturer .Many models of refrigerators - prefabricated and components for them are purchased from different companies.If the compressor is «made in China», the experts advise to "pass."

Inside the refrigerator

  • Status seal .It must be flexible, with no "sagging".Special attention - the corners.In these places, "gaps" should not be.
  • Plastic coating .Any unevenness evidence of violations of production technology or poor-quality raw materials.When you half-press on the trim it must not deform.The presence of the smell of "chemistry" - one more proof of the low-grade material.
  • On insert the shelves, the trays must be find symbols showing the form of the material used (all of them are necessarily "numbered").For example, GPPS, PP or other .If there is - it is the European quality certificate.The lack of such - a sign of a second-rate product, which is available for sale in the "third world" countries.
  • Documentation .What is important is not only the warranty period, but also the conditions of its implementation, a method of communication with the technical support service.


It will then, in the point of sale, will not take much time and is more related to the issue of determining the assessment of defects and product quality.But how to make it meaningful, the optimum choice for themselves and the refrigerator is not to be led by a seller who absolutely does not know the composition of the family, nor the level of its income or preferences, and so on?

To do this, to understand how and what they do are - refrigerators?Therefore, before going to the store should be familiar with engineering solutions implemented in the current models.

Energy class

one recommendation - the higher it is, the better ( from A to A ++ ).These refrigerators are more expensive than the category "B" and "C", but if you evaluate their efficiency in the future, but in view of the constant increase in tariffs, the benefit is obvious.



The best option, if it is located at the bottom of the refrigerator.

First , easier to collect water during defrosting.

Second , reduces the load on the compressor.After all, it is always placed at the bottom, and when the camera is on, he'll have to work with a greater capacity to "deliver" to the refrigerant.This reduces power consumption and increases the life of the mechanism.

optimum volume for the "average" family - the 90-liter model.


Bir - 133 ( 1 ) of the number of cameras can be from 1 to 6.

Single Door Refrigerators are known from the past.A door, for which the common compartment, and a small "freezer" in the upper part.

Two compartments - the most popular model in terms of both cost and functionality.

feature multi refrigerators - the presence of "freshness zone."It allows you to create optimal conditions for storage of products "perishable" category without freezing.Combinations of all the cameras - Various.But the price for such refrigerators - significantly higher than the average.

And of course, capacity - from 4 to 560 liters (the "mnogokamernikov").For 4 - 5 persons is the optimal model for 250 - 300 l.

Everything else - shelves, drawers, compartments, body color and so on - at the discretion of the hostess.There are a lot of options.


Models with one compressor noise is less.But the device works simultaneously on both cameras.

With two - one works for "his" cover.For example, defrosting the freezer, you can turn off only one compressor, the second continues to maintain the required temperature in a common cell.Conveniently, and if you have frequent and long absent from home (business trip, the departure of the cottage, and so on).

defrost system

We need to focus on what is more convenient for the hostess - manual mode "automatic" or "semiautomatic".Defrosting in the first case - a more frequent.For the "machine" - about once every 1.5 - 2 years.The model with the "semi-automatic" - somewhere between the first two.One camera can automatically defrosted, the other - by hand.


  • Manual.The usual temperature control.
  • E / mechanical.Switching - buttons.
  • Electronic.Availability display greatly simplifies the adjustment of the sensor modes and allows for absolute precision in setting the parameters.



The most important thing to understand, and some of them are really necessary or useful it is for a specific user?Manufacturers always something to improve, so it makes sense to mention only the most common:

  • generation of ice;
  • additional equipment / devices (trays, trays, etc.);
  • embedded appliances - watch TV, there are even online;
  • «support» door opening (sound, turning on the warning light);
  • possibility of its permutations (opening left or right).

Comfort comfort, but also its corresponding mark-up should not be forgotten!

Useful tips

part of this "breakthrough" technology is positioned in such a feature of the refrigerator, as the presence of special, antibacterial agents in plastics.About them show a variety of labels such as «Microbes Stop» (although there are other, «Ag +», for example).It is for this innovation will have to pay, and quite a few.Only here, according to experts, such additives "evaporate" in less than a year .These elementary washed away during defrosting and cleaning the inside of the device.It turns out that the money is paid, and the effect is only for a few months?And what he is, is a big question.

On sale is a model built.Their advisable to purchase kitchen small size when ordering headset.But the price is higher and capacity - less.

volume of the refrigerator is "full" and "useful" (in the "L").Last characterizes the ability of the device instead of N-th number of products.Here on this option and should be targeted.

So you do not waste time and nerves, it is necessary to clarify how and by whom technical support after the warranty period?Not everyone will take to repair shops too "heaped" model.And those which do, whether the manufacturer's certification, or you can buy parts through intermediaries in the market?Do they have the relevant technical documentation?Terms of execution of the application?Otherwise, the operation of even the most "pleasant in all respects" refrigerator can deliver a lot of trouble.