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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installation of storm sewage for private houses with their own hands

Any moisture flowing from the roofs of buildings, eroding the soil around the foundation and, therefore, appear dirty puddles on the local area.To resolve this problem, use the storm water drain, which allows you to take melt and rainwater from Pridvorova areas of private houses and other buildings.With some information, which I will try to convey, you can mount a sewer with your hands.

It is understood that the pipe for stormwater and used to divert water from the sidewalks or roads, because excess water on the road surface makes it difficult to move and destroy the asphalt surface.

device - storm - sewer

Water does not pass further purification, and immediately displayed in the roadside ditches, ponds or reservoirs.Exceptions are sewage at industrial sites and where possible further contamination of wastewater.

stormwater system consists of the elements:

  1. channels, chutes, troughs.They are used to transport the water collecting it from the surface;
  2. Street inlet - is placed in the lowest place, and is used for water collection point under gutters;
  3. peskoulavlivatel - mounted on a surface water drain channels and are used for the detention of sand and other debris from falling into the sewer;
  4. pipes - laid at a greater depth than can be frozen soil.They have to be connected to an external system of canals, gutters and street inlets;
  5. manholes - to help monitor the performance of stormwater and timely notice to form the gaps;
  6. collector - common sewer, which helps divert water to the discharge point.

storm - water drain

To properly install storm sewers, which will be enough for a single building or site, you must take into account the following parameters:

  • intensity and amount of monthly precipitation in the region;
  • area surfaces on which water collects;
  • terrain, which will host the sewer;
  • pipe storm sewer should be tilted at least 6-7 mm / m.

most expensive, not only in cost, but also installation time will strip all the pipes underground.It is for this reason it is recommended to use tap water for maximum power on all the surface of the tray.These trays should be placed in all possible places, where there is a possibility of flooding of snow or rain water.

In areas of the surface channel connection with a closed pipe system to install dozhdepriemnye wells for the collection of excess debris or sand.