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August 12, 2017 18:06

How and what materials can insulate the drain pipe in the ground

the question many sewer pipe insulation are careless, considering that the pipes themselves have a high enough temperature that will prevent them from freezing.In fact, everything is completely different, and pipes often freeze in winter.In the best case you will simply cease to operate sewerage, due to overlapping tubes frozen masses, and will have to use the old toilet in the street, like a holiday.Enjoy a little.And in the worst case scenario, a sewage pipe burst because, as you know, the water expands when it freezes, and in this case, the problem is more serious summer visit the toilet - have sewer repair and change of the pipe.

So, how and what is insulated sewer pipe?

Ways of warming sewage

Bury pipes below the freezing ground level

With this method, all seemingly simple - we dig a trench deep enough, so that the pipes were below the level of soil freezing - this depth individually for different climatic regions of our country.At this depth, the temperature is always constant, and the pipes do not freeze.However, in the application of this method can cause problems:

  • not always possible to dig a trench that depth;
  • repair sewer pipes in the event of a leak would be much more difficult to implement;
  • in some regions of Russia will be a very large depth.

Advantages of this method - the lack of spending on insulation.

use heaters Sewer

It is the most common method.As traditional insulation used for insulating materials such as glass wool, Basalt heat insulation material (basalt fiber), polystyrene foam, asbestos and other materials.The main requirements for the heater pipe sewage - the material should have sufficient thermal insulation properties, to provide a positive temperature of the pipeline in the winter.

Installation of insulation on the pipe sewage is quite simple - in the case of special insulation for the sewer pipe put the two halves of the so-called heat-insulated shell, and fixed with a slight overlap with adhesive tape or clamps.

advantage of using insulating shell is that it also can be easily dismantled if necessary, repair sewage.If you are using a conventional heater, it is placed on the side of the foil tube by wrapping it, and also fix the tape.For better thermal insulation pipe can be filled with sand.

warm - sewer - pipe - 1

sewage Heating by a heating cable

This method is used in case of lack of effectiveness of the previous two, for example, in the Far North.Along the pipe heating cable is laid, which provides sewage positive temperature.Of course, the heating cable is laid under the heater, otherwise it will warm the earth, and not a sewer.

warm - sewer - pipe - 2

Actually, it's the main ways of warming of the sewer pipe in the ground.Also I recommend to watch the video on its mounting drain and insulation: