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August 12, 2017 18:06

Dimensions corner acrylic bathtubs - interesting beginning repairs in the bathroom

corner tub Question plumbing fixtures sizes will be of interest to all who plan to begin repairs in the bathroom.Despite the wide range of baths made of acrylic, not all products are exhibited in sales showrooms, even if like all other parameters (material, shape, and so on), it is suitable in size.Given that most of bathrooms in our homes, even in the first approximation can not be considered spacious, the relevance of this issue is more than obvious.

What to consider when choosing the size of the bathroom?

  • How much free (useful) space will remain in the room?
  • Will it just this acrylic bathtub put in the room (the question of dismantling the doorways are not considered)?
  • it convenient to use it will be for all family members (including the fact that they are all people of different age, physique and growth)?

That is why some specific recommendations can not be in principle.Therefore, in the selection process of the sanitary articles can be guided to the most common sizes of the angular models of acrylic bathtubs.


Choosing a bath, you need to take into account the optimal height of its installation.For more detail, can be found here.

All linear dimensions are in "cm".

models asymmetric

  1. D (length metered by the very lengthy a side) = 130 - 140. With a width of 50 to 100 the total capacity of this "reservoir"may be up to 200 liters.
  1. D = 150 - 160. The "W" in the range of 70 to 150;to 350 liters.
  1. D - more than 170, "W" - from 100 to 175. When filling the optimum level can hold up to 400 liters.Typically, these models are designed (and used) for two.It is advisable to buy in if a family has a person with excess weight, which in the "regular" bath closely.

corner models (symmetrical)

smallest - Dimensions 110 x 110 large acrylic baths can reach a value of 185 x 185.

Useful tips

  • 150 Sometimes it happens that a bath seems to be in place arises, but "Now, if a little less ... ".If the house is built of aerated concrete, bricks, the problem can be solved, proshtrobiv in the wall (or on adjacent walls) shallow grooves (horizontal).This is a good way out, if we are talking only about some ± (1 - 1.5) cm
  • not all manufacturers adhere to the standard dimensions for the acrylic bathtubs, and it is not only technological errors..Each foreign firm can be and their standards are not running counter to the European.In addition, many companies make products specifically "non-standard" category, to best meet the consumer demand.Therefore, going to the store, it is worth to take a tape measure.Then, the error will not be exact.