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August 12, 2017 18:06

A detailed review of the insulation rockwool, as well as its characteristics

bazvata_roskvool Nowadays more and more people come into contact with a variety of construction works.Someone builds, someone repairs, some remakes.Not escaped this fate and me.His wife was inherited one-story house, but its size, to put it mildly, not really suit us.And since we have decided to live in it, it was a question of expanding living space.

Option big extension is no longer relevant, as the free space on the site was not enough.Therefore, the only right decision - to convert attic space into a cozy attic with insulation.And since the house was built long ago, when there was such a variety of building materials, he decided to disassemble the roof and I do everything from the beginning - to equip the attic with a "zero".

clear that there was a question and of the insulation of its walls and the house roof.I had to think about what material is best to do.I looked at a lot of different sites on the Internet and made the final decision in choosing a heater, a review of which you and read.

Why I chose Minplita «rockwool»

Firstly, is one of the varieties of mineral wool - or rather, rock wool (from basalt).Her structure is fibrous, hence, bending it lends itself well and does not break.Therefore, it will be convenient to mount.In addition, it has one side of the springs (even a special marking applied to it).So, if I'm going to put it in crates of the cell, it will "sit" firmly as after mounting several straighten.Therefore, it is most often used in the framework structures.

attic insulation rockwool

Secondly, group of insulating materials is one of the lowest thermal conductivity.I even found the comparative data.From the table it is seen that plate thickness of 50 mm "holds heat as well as masonry about 1 m or wooden beams 20 x 20. In addition, and soundproof performance on" high. "

Thirdly, this material does not burn.Moreover, if suddenly there fire hearth, it will be a barrier to the spread of flame.And it is for any built very well.

Fourth, moisture «rockwool» practically does not absorb.Then, and especially do not have to wrestle with the ventilation space in the roof area.

Fifth, I liked the fact that it is possible to insulate any surface: roofs, walls, floors, interior partitions.What do I need.After all, it is more convenient to work with one material than different.

Sixthly, plate pretty light, and small sizes.Therefore, I could myself, without the involvement of assistants (and thus, at any time convenient for me) all work on warming to produce on their own.


And most importantly - the price is quite appropriate.

Before batten arrangement, I went for a heater.I choose the right size of the plates.Oriented to the cell size provides reliable design, the size of plates and rack stuffed.Honestly, when installing any difficulties have arisen.Plates formed smooth, no cracks after installation I have not found.

can summarize.Last winter we spent in this house.In the attic warm, and throughout the house temperature is perceptibly warmer.I have noticed that the boiler, we began to use a more "lightweight" mode.Good insulation - a significant savings.Retrieved on itself.