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August 12, 2017 18:06

Characteristics of insulation Ursa , major brands and properties

heater On the need of insulation of buildings and structures Much has been written.The fact that in the last century housing technology did not provide him the full comfort and relaxation.Taking into account the specifics of Russian climate, the apartments in the winter often happened cool in the summer - hot.One of the reasons was the lack of cheap and efficient insulating materials.Since the majority of our citizens live in houses more "Soviet" construction, the issue of housing insulation is not in last place.Today we look at the characteristics of such a popular insulation as URSA.

What gives insulation

  • maintain a comfortable temperature in the premises regardless of the weather outside.Since heating materials have low thermal conductivity, they are excellent insulators.It is their property to avoid temperature fluctuations inside the building;
  • increase the service life of structural elements structures, as well as all items are in it;
  • significant reduction in energy consumption.Consequently, the savings on heating in the winter, in the summer - on conditioners.

URSA is one of the economy, and therefore readily available insulating materials.Its basis is a staple fiber, and it refers to "mineral wool" category.The product is marketed in the form of plates or mats.Available in several grades, depending on the density.

URSA brand

Stamps insulation URSA

M - 11 most commonly used in individual housing.Due to the plasticity easily "fit" in the remote areas of surfaces.It is used for thermal insulation of floors, roofs, floors, utilities.The best way to install - horizontal.

have insulation brand M - 11 - F there is an additional layer of foil taping of aluminum, which acts as a vapor barrier.With this brand do not require installation of a separate vapor barrier.

M - 15 (R - 15) different from the other brands only in size.It is advisable to apply for the insulation of the roof slope, for internal insulation of walls.

P - 20 has a higher density.Recommended for external thermal insulation layer arrangement.Great for decorating interior walls.

R - 30 (- C) considered a universal material.More suitable for industrial use.Letter "C" means that the surface is made pasting fiberglass.

Ursa , Isover

Properties insulation Ursa

  1. good heat and sound insulation performance;
  2. can be used at temperatures from - 69 to + 180 degrees;
  3. elasticity.
  4. fiber diameter of less than 5 microns.This greatly simplifies the installation process.The elasticity of the material ensures its full adherence to the finished surface;
  5. warmer material than, for example, penoplex, foam;
  6. flammability group from the SH to NG (depending on the brand).

Some characteristics URSA

  • density of from 9 to 32 kg / m3
  • thermal conductivity (at 25 degrees) from 0.39 to 0.44 W / mK
  • deformation at a pressure of 2000 Pa of from 40 to 90%

should be noted that these data are reported as generalizing to all brands of products.Each they differ specifically, but are in the specified range.