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August 12, 2017 18:06

Infrared film warm floors Caleo (Caleo) - Features and Benefits

Sometimes it happens that the repair has finished, but there are regrets that has not done under floor heating in some places.Or there is a need for additional heat source, but do not want to pay for electricity consumption fireplaces.In such cases come to the aid of infrared radiant floor heating Caleo.

Underfloor Heating Caleo - a special film applied to it, elements that emit in the infrared spectrum, and the heat from them is much more pleasant for the body, and space heating - effective.Infrared rays easily pass flooring and heated objects in the room directly, rather than air, it warms already heated furniture and walls.

This action is similar to heat from the sun, and therefore the most safe and familiar to humans.Infrared floor has another interesting advantage - in the room where he worked, the air is ionized.A great alternative to the chandelier Chizhevskogo and advanced models of air conditioners!


worked such floors from the mains, but compared with traditional water and electric counterparts, have several advantages

  • reliable and safe, no need to be afraid of leaks and electrical overloads,
  • the room temperature is easily changed with the help of the thermostat and the control unit,
  • small thickness of the heating element (less than 1mm) allows you to mount a warm floor under the already existing flooring - laminate, carpet, linoleum,
  • even if damaged floor heating elements stops workingonly a broken section, the others continue to work,
  • film, on which the elements - resistant to moisture, heat up to 110-130 degrees, durable and strong, it certainly did not survive a single repair,
  • infrared work floor absolutely noiselessis not accompanied by vibration or other manifestations,
  • oxygen in a room heated by infrared floor, not "burned", in contrast to most other heating systems,
  • lower electromagnetic radiation than the common cable electric floor and even most household appliances.


Technical subtleties

Underfloor Heating Caleo designed and manufactured in South Korea, where the room is traditionally heated by floor heating.The composition of elements Caleo includes a carbon polymer film made of polyester, silver mesh and tonkoprovodyaschaya copper bus, that is nothing, releasing toxic compounds.The system connects to the network with a voltage of 220 V and consumes a maximum of 150 W / m².The width of a single element - 50 cm, and the length varies depending on the scope of delivery.The film itself is heated up to 60 degrees, which can cause damage to the materials in contact with it.

Infrared floor requires a dry installation without the use of glue or screed.Suffice it to disassemble the floor, if it is already nastlano, to spread the floor and collect it back.On the assurances of the manufacturer, all the work will take no more than 2 hours, and use this floor, you can immediately.


solutions for any space

With underfloor heating Caleo can warm almost any room, as produced it in several different ways:

  • Caleo LINE - the minimum set, which is composed of a thermo, terminals, wiresand isolation.The total length - from 2 to 12 m and area of ​​coverage - from 1 to 6 sq.m.
  • Caleo GRID - antiiskrovoy with special mesh for even greater reliability and security.Coverage - from 1.05 to 20 m, the length of strips -. 2.1 to 40 m are produced in sets of two power outputs - 150 and 220 W / m.
  • Caleo GOLD - unique floor heating with the effect of self-regulation that can further save electricity.

All kits are accompanied by detailed instructions and 15-year warranty underlines that the manufacturer does not doubt the quality of their products.