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August 12, 2017 18:06

Basic dimensions of the wooden bunks and recommendations on the choice

sizes , lining Interior finishing wood has many advantages, and it says a lot, including on our website "The best house."Any construction (restoration, repair) begins not only with the preparation of an action plan, but also to determine the required volume of purchases of certain materials.The exact calculation of the amount of lining to avoid unnecessary costs and to provide the full range of jobs without downtime due to lack of cladding boards.

count facilitated by the fact that the lining is used for cladding flat surfaces (often bath, balcony), the size of which is easy to determine, by making the appropriate measurements (length, width, finishing with vertical - height).

On sale there are two varieties of such material - ordinary board and the "euro".They are not only processing technology, and sizes, and this must be taken into account.All subsequent numerical values ​​- in "mm".


  • standard width of products - 80, 100, 110, 120.
  • Board thickness - 13,16,19.
  • length - from 500 to 6000.

This product is more expensive.Its peculiarity in the fact that the profile can be of different types - blockhouse, "American", "Softline" and others.


Molded simple

Manufacturers are oriented not on European standards and the domestic GOST.

  • Maximum width - 150.
  • thickness of the boards - 12 to 25.
  • length - up to 6000.


Useful tips

  • Wall paneling with a thickness of 16 mm, experts recommend to use for finishing the outside of buildings.
  • In determining the correct amount of material is necessary to be guided not by the total width of the board, and the utility (without spines, grooves).
  • Do not forget that the production of lining is not confined to large enterprises, which comply with all the standards, but also many small producers (and even "artisans"), for which the "law does not apply."Therefore, the sale often have a board whose parameters differ from those indicated.When purchasing is to check not only the presence of the Seller the relevant certificate for the goods, but also to make the measurements of two or three models to choose from.Particular attention - thickness.If to reveal a mismatch of this parameter, it is better not to buy because the quality dock boards are going to be very difficult (for a better bunk for a bath here).
  • If a finished surface has a complex geometry, in order to facilitate the calculation it is necessary to "break" into triangles and calculate their total area.
  • Given the possibility of marriage or inaccuracies in cutting, trimming boards, you need to make the purchase with some excess of the calculated values ​​(10 - 15%).