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August 12, 2017 18:06

All methods of tapping into the water pipe without welding - tips and videos

clear that use welding, not everyone can, because your own device rarely anyone there.And those who have it, will not once again turn it on whenever possible, especially in the flat.The case is troublesome, accompanied, usually with red-hot metal splashes, sparks etc.

And do you often tie.That tube replaced, the registration counter supply, then the filter, something to connect (eg, dishwasher).Let's try to figure out how to do without welding and crash into the water pipe.There are several ways, and the use of any of them depends on the specific situation (the junction pipe of the gasket, etc.).

Installation collector

This option is more suitable for private homes, where there is enough of both residential and outbuildings.By the entrance of the reservoir is connected a water pipe.Sam collector has several outputs, each of which the valve (valves) installed.

collectors come in various models with different numbers of outputs.It remains only to connect to any of them the required pipe.You can connect and pipes (for example, washing machines) by using special adapters.By the way, there is the small collectors, which are convenient to install and in urban apartments.


Installing tee

If you want to do from a water pipe just one tap, you can use an ordinary splitter (tee).If the pipes are laid in the water system of metal (for "plastic" welding is certainly not necessary), it's best to find their connection and untwist it.In this place and insert the tee.Naturally, the pipe will have a little push.Or a slightly shortened and cut the thread, and before that, of course, stop the water supply.


Pipe Cutting

can using the grinder to cut a water pipe, once again, to set, for example, the tee.It is necessary to cut the size of the pipe tee, and on both ends of the pipe threaded, as I have already mentioned in this article.You will need a tap and knob.But in this case there is no place in the tubular connection.

Box in a thin tube

It drilled hole.On it is imposed and a special rubber seal with a branch clamp (saddle) - they are sold in plumbing departments.The collar is fixed on the pipe by tightening the screws.

However, if there is such a possibility, it is necessary to change the apartment (in the house) all the metal pipes to plastic (metal and plastic).They do not rust, are much longer, they do not need to paint.That's when welding in general is no longer needed.