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August 12, 2017 18:06

How accurately and easily cut the mirror at home

Well, let's begin a lesson on the blog home Top with small truths - "work only can be done qualitatively, when a good tool."Of course, this truth applies to the cutting of the mirrors, which is today, and we'll talk.There are two types of glass cutters: Diamond roller, and a mirror at home can be cut and so, and others.In the diamond cutting portion is a piece of industrial diamonds, while the roller - wheel from a special high-strength alloy.

Surface Preparation mirror

first full mirror surface must be carefully cleaned and rinsed with a solution of soda.If there are traces of spots, the good clear alcohol such sites, or the cut line can "go" to the side, and the glass will be spoiled.Place, which will be cutting, should be smooth to mirror firmly laid on the entire surface.Furthermore, it should not be a solid - podstelit better soft tissue.After that, the cutting line markings.

then to the line you need to make the line better metal.For greater accuracy, you need to prepare the line.To its end (such as adhesive tape) attached two eraser (school eraser).This is slightly lift the line of the mirror surface.This method allows you to control the correct position of the cutting part of the glass cutter and ensures that the glass cutter does not come off with the line on the line.

Keating and Mirror

glass Cutting

clear that the cutting element must be placed strictly on the marked line and perpendicular to the surface of the mirror.With a small clamp to the glass of his lead in the direction of "self."Hurry do not.Pressing and stekloreza movement should be smooth and progressive.If done correctly, you hear the sound of the cut glass, it can not be confused.Scrape or evidence of unfitness tool, or abuse of his position, too strong pressure.With proper cutting on the surface of the mirror will be a thin white line.

as the cut - mirror - 1 When the cutting line is ready, the mirror lies on the edge of the surface (table, bench, stool).Put it needs so that the line slightly protrude.Then, with one hand holding the mirror, and the second should be a little push down - cut off part should fall off.If this does not work, then you need a small hammer to knock the bottom along the line, moving the hammer from the distal end thereof to him.After that, if the piece is not separated, the cutting process must be repeated.

possible, better to buy a diamond glass cutter - he cuts more efficiently, and its life longer.When using it, you need to focus on the label, as it has two angles: acute and obtuse.

When cutting glass is better to use protective glasses.If not, you should not bend your head too low to reduce the risk of broken glass eye.

See more the process of cutting a mirror in the video: